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Kitana Lex Luthor Liu Kang
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The Flash Wonder Woman Darkseid
Shao Kahn

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    Raiden: God of Thunder, Protector of Earthrealm. Ageless and wise beyond measure, he is the defender who rallies Earthrealm's mortals to fight against the forces of evil. When his brother, Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld, finally invaded Earthrealm, only Raiden and his Forces of Light stood between slavery and freedom. As Earthrealm merged with Outworld, Raiden held the line and fought back against the emperor, defeating him and freeing Earthrealm. It seemed that peace was finally achieved, but the battle for Earthrealm had only just begun.


    As the inter-dimensional conflict ended, Raiden returned to Earthrealm, only to discover that exposure to his homeworld's sun weakened him greatly. The sorcerer Quan Chi offered Raiden a jade-colored stone that would replenish his power - in return for his sworn allegiance. Where Quan Chi acquired this stone is a mystery. Raiden must now decide between servitude to an evil sorcerer... or mortality.

    Special Move

    • Vicinity Blast: D,B+A2 (Hold A2 for bigger blast)
    • Lightning Bolt: D,B+A1 (Hold A1 for bigger blast)
    • Projectile Cancel: D,F (Cancels Vicinity Blast & Lighting Bolt)
    • Energy Teleport: D,B+A3
    • Lightning Shock: F,F+A2
    • The Superman: F,F+A4 (Also in air)

    Pro Move

    • Energy Teleport Fake:
      D,B+A3 + D,B+A3
      (+ No wait, note direction changes)
    • Double Vicinity Blast:
      D,B+A2 + D,B+A4
      (+ Wait until first blast hits)
    • Lightning Shock to Energy Teleport:
      F,F+A2 + D,B+A3
      (+ wait until Raiden almost punches victim)


    • Fatality 1: D,F,D,U+A2 (One Step Back)
    • Fatality 2: B,F,F,D,A4(Close)

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