YungQ94's Gameplay Thread

Thanks for the props guys :D. What did you fellas think of that last replay?

Some Live Julia Gameplay finally :D

El Negro Ops mi ninos

Before you guys go to bed

Why did you troll my sentence? lol

More vids!
Black Ops 4
Black Ops 5

And finally some Street Fighter!
Part 2
Final part

So what do you guys think of the videos?
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Why, why thank you :D

I was thinking to myself today that the best COD vids should be live commentary

Watching a COD video without commentary is like watching a GTA video without commentary.

Or at least a GTA video without insane mods :laugh:
I also dislike post commentary of COD. They can put on any replay and talk about whatever the hell they want to get views.

Personally, to hear their reactions would be tons of fun. If they had a decent personality that is
Lol hell yeah.

Shira since your the only one on: name one thing you like and dislike about my commentary


Your humor makes it entertaining. You don't just randomly curse or point out obvious shit like a lot of commentators do.


In all honesty I can't think of anything :laugh:

I've never dropped one of your videos and I haven't been bored by any of them since your commentary+the gameplay makes the entertainment higher.
Ok, nice tech.

We should get some games in in sfxt soon, hopefully I won't be as free as when we played AE again :laugh:
All the grunting in the third video :rofl:

I had to tell myself to stop jumping so much everytime I play Kzaoo's Juri; forces me to play kinda lame, which really isn't too fun for me, but it helps me win at times.
Byrd do I really talk a lot of shit? :| I'll have to look into it cause most of the time I'm just joking lol

I has a question for "the masses", I'm going to do a Dare series in which I play fighting game vidyas with other people's dares, does that sound interesting?