YungQ94's Gameplay Thread

COOKIES!!! *Wait...* He ate it in my face! I hate you :L

Fix the camera angle next time :laugh:
Oh Yung :laugh:

Them videos was cash.
WHIPPIN asses, we was :cool: + :slug:

But who the **** is bblb?
You cheatin on my ass ho ?

Aww man, no Scramble mode footage :(
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I ed up your name I will admit but hopefully Scramble Mode made it on the Replay channel


Oh I was not trolling at all good sir, Dan is the shit! When I got time I'll record my Dan replays for you guys. 2 wins and 1 lose


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What happened was the around 3:34 I did a Psycho Crusher (You can here it) It didn't come out for some reason thus allowing the chance for him to combo me. With my back to the corner I panicked. He roundhouse me. I should have rolled but I must have forgotten about it. I blocked the two punches then tried to tag after that but he kept the chain going thus ending the round
I saw how you lost, silly. Also you drop combos a lot, that can leave you in a bad position if you use a move thats minus on hit.... your opponent would get a free blocked jab alowing him to start dem frame traps. But I haven't watched the whole vid yet so that might've been a 1 off. idk
Can't wait to play with mah boi again.

Full homo of course.
Only reason I was dropping combos was because we were fighting against some pretty shitty connections.

I never drop my shit :mad:
What b,b,b,l,p said. I hit my lp, lp, lk, mk, hk, hk Combo like 98%

That connection was shit. But yes drop combos are something I always work on.

And b,b,b,l,p hopefully we can throw down this weekend :cool:

This thread has been dead for a lie, time to revive this *****!

^ Me ing around. Time for the good part!
^ Static for some reason. It goes away by 2:08 so unless you can't stand static mute the video until 2:08

Oh and Shira?

Damn right I did :cool:
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Aren't you eighteen?

You tell your parents to shut the up when you play.
That is your house now daddy.
This ninja fixing to get me killed :rofl:
nah I'm 17 so I can't thell them to shut the f!ck just yet
I love watching this series btw :laugh:
The way you talk shit about yourself is hilarious.

"Look at that D rank. Straight up scrub" :rofl:
The next vid will have you replacing your carpets :twisted:

I like talking shit about myself over the replays. Makes me lol and makes other people lol

Off to work so enjoy the clip

Last vid of the replays. The last replay is a treat :D
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I was jumping WAY too much.... Anyway cool. Mkray's paul is godlike but its his Marduk that gets me all the time. Marduk is impossible to anti air :laugh: