Your Favorite MK4-MKA new characters

Kenshi is by far my favorite, really enjoyed playing as him and I found his backstory very interesting. I also liked Frost a lot.
Quan Chi, Mavado & Reiko were also quite good.

Don't really hate any of the characters, maybe because I haven't played Deception or Armageddon yet, but as a whole they aren't anywhere near as inspired as the 2D characters.
-Reiko - my third most favourite character after Sub-Zero and Cyrax.
-Quan Chi
-Hotaru ( in my opinion he has the potential to be a great character, just needs a little bit more elaboration )
-Kira ( the idea behind her is good )
Quan chi even tho he was in sub zero's mythologies.
thats pretty much it i never really liked the new characters or any of the female characters.
Havik, Quan Chi, Hotaru, and Kenshi are great.

Other ones I like: Shinnok, Onaga, Mavado, Drahmin, Sareena, Kira, Moloch, Daegon, and Darrius.

But all of them have potential and shouldn't be given up on. They need further development.
Kenshi. That's about it for me, lol. I didn't think the rest of the new characters were great, except for Mokap and Meat because they were a laughing stock,lol.
I like Bo Rai Cho the best(as can see my avatar is also his pic), he is an important character...the grand-master! Kenshi was good too, nice storyline, design and MK9 made him even better gameplay wise. Taven, Fujin, Havik, Reiko(MKA) and Ashrah were all decent characters that can be further developed. Hotaru can be better, just remove the stupid flags and give him more moves(just 2 for one character is just pathetic). I don't need to mention Quan Chi too. He is already in MK9.
Quan Chi
Drahmin (not his gameplay, but his background)
Darrius (his design and initial background as Mavado's successor as leader of the Red Dragon; I don't care for him being the leader of the Orderrealm resistance)
I like Jarek but only because I like Kano's cannonball lol, other then that he really is a pointless remake.

They even gave him Kano's "Heart Rip" fatality.
That's a BIG NO-NO, in my book. ;)

It's not just Jarek though, I felt equally pissed-off when they gave Sub-Zero's MK 1 fatality to Scorpion in MK: Deception.
I was just thinking "Really, you guys couldn't get any more creative than that?"
I liked Hsu Hao.. :laugh:
No but I liked Drahmin and Hotaru. That's about it.
Ashrah was kinda cool, too.
Kai - African American/ Nepali, ex military Shaolin monk who can control fire = badass!!!!!

Mavado - His grappling claws were an interesting concept, perhaps it will have more offensive uses in the future games than just evading.

Others include Havik, Hotaru, Drahmin, Quan Chi, Shinnok and my favorite, Shujinko. :p