Your Favorite MK4-MKA new characters

Kobra? Seriously? What is there to like about that guy?

I like Kai though!

I don't know. I just always liked the dude. He is pretty kool. I think he is a better version of Ken. Kobra isn't a pussy like him;).
And Kai is your only favorite?
Quan Chi
And I guess Kai, Fujin, Sareena and Havik could be ok with work but the rest are just poor substitutes for better characters or just that never really seemed to fit in Mortal Kombat and they can take a flying leap off the cliff with Jarek or at least as they are now. I suppose some could be saved at a later date but Bo' Rai Cho and Nitara are the worst in my opinion This isn't Primal Rage (even tho I liked it) we don't need a farting puking joke character and this damn sure isn't Twilight. No vampires I don't care how popular they are they have no place in Mortal Kombat. They need to stop inventing races they have a base to work from.
Shinnok, Fujin, Quan Chi, Bo' Rai Chi, Kenshi and Drahmin were by far my favorites from that era.

Reiko, Kai, Hsu Hao and Havik were ok. I didn't hate most of the rest, but I won't miss them if the never show up again.
There's so many to hate its hard to pick out the few bright spots. But...


Quan Chi

Drahmin - (second best henchman concept next to Reptile. I don't consider Goro, Kintaro, Motaro as henchmen).


Mavado - (He's Omega Reddish, but his hooks are quite unique and if utilized more could give him more depth move

Nitara* (the * means she'd need both a complete design and story overhaul)

^^^^^^ - The only characters they should be considering for DLC for MK9 from MK4 and beyond

Hotaru and his stupid flag can absolutely fall off a cliff. The rest of the ones not named can follow him. Yes that includes the two most generic characters that Boon and Midway ever conceived: Taven & Daegon.
Quan Chi, Havik and Hsu Hao, regardless of what people say I think Hsu Hao could have been pretty good if they actually tried with his character. Maybe I'll try drawing him etc and see if i can show people what I mean.
I'm very surprised to see someone who likes Kobra, he is the main character I bring up when talking about how terrible new characters can be.
Quan chi



and Onaga . . . . They could've done so much more with this character. His look was horrible but his back story would have been great if flushed out. Same goes with Shujinko
I have to add I like a lot of things about Daegon. If he had a different story and was in a different game I may even like him but I hate the MKA story and feel the there is no need for the Red Dragons. The Black Dragons are awesome and all ready have a archenemy in the Special Forces. But I did like his moves and his look and hell even his name.
Quan Chi
Nitara (Not really)
Li Mei
Kobra FTW! (He is one of 2 references to street fighter)
Bo rai cho

I hate Jarek, Hsu Hao, Shujinko
Kenshi, Kai, Reiko, Tanya (prefer her moves from 4 but her costume from Deception), Fujin, Bo Rai Cho, Quan Chi, Frost, Drahmin, Hsu Hao, Kira (but only the pigtailed costume, her more mature costume lacks irony), Dairu, Hotaru, Havik, Shujinko, and the Armageddon version of Meat is pretty cool.

I more or less like every character from MK. The only ones I ever took issue with were Mavado, Jarek and Chameleon, and even they could be made to be cool. I hope to see a lot of the later characters make a return in MK9 as dlc, or in MK10. I think a good number of them would work better in a 2D plane anyway.