Your Favorite MK4-MKA new characters

MK4- Quan Chi and Reiko. Actually, every newcomer was awesome in MK4.
DA- Drahmin and Moloch (more so as a concept)
D- Ashrah, Havik, Hotaru
A- Daegon and Taven- I especially enjoyed the konquest mode with the brothers and the entire new meaning it brought to the expanded MK universe. Plus, the konquest got to flesh out a lot all the encountered characters
Absolutely Kenshi too (imo).
What they did with him for his 3 gameplay variations was pretty awesome.
I wish that he could have gotten more story development in MKX aside from "dead-beat dad," though.

Agreed, his design extremely cool in mkx. I hope there will be a sstory part between Kenshi and Daegon in MKXI..
i pretty much love every MK character and the deception konquest mode is proply what made me so invested in all the characters and their backgrounds. MKX intros are the best too, so much lore!!!! (Shujinko, Sub Zero, Kenshi are my fave characters in mk universe)

Quan Chi: amazing villian! cant believe he died in the new timeline, BUT hes a dood that will kill ur whole clan and family, manipulate you into thinking someone else did it for years THEN when you get ur whole clan back from the dead he takes ur son right in front of you and ur entire clan, thinking hes gonna get away with it! and his voice along with his threats makes him such a badass!! one trivia kinda thing that makes him especially awesome is the fact he started out as the lowest tier of demon in the netherrealm and worked his way up

Shinnok: didnt really like him in MK4 because he didnt have any of his own new specials but in MKX he is soooo cool cause of his threatening demeaner and the power he commands even scares raiden, he finally felt like he is the devil/ruler of the netherrealm. but raiden brings his unkillable head to emperor lui kang so he probly wont be as badass in the next installment haha!

Fujin: his concept is badass, raiden attains elder god staus so he has to hand the gaurdian of earthrealm job to another kombatant. but fujin i felt didnt have enough dialog or background to him. they missed a huge opportunity to make him a fan fav in MKX but hes unplayable for no reason

Reiko: i think he is a badass mainly because of what he does in MKA when he halts taven to protect his emperor that he himself wants to overthrow but serves loyally still because he knows he doesent have the power yet. also i do actually like his fighting style and his crazy special move where for some reason he gets shao kahns helmet and headbutts with it. i actually dont remeber ANYTHING about him from MK4 except his shitty fatality

Tanya: kano and her are synonymous with betrayal. she screws jade, sindel, and kitana over soooo hard and she from edenia's like them. she is sooooooo hot in MKX. she fights like a beast in MKD. she always trying to look out for herself to the point where she pledges herself to the dragon king but plans to betray and overthrow him from the begining. dumb honestly

Meat: DUMB! but kinda kool they let us play with the sprite they use for the aftermath of fatalities

Kai: such an undeveloped character i feel like there is no reason to like him. he has fire powers, is a shoalin monk, trained with liu kang and kung lao, and is given raidens staff for his travels around the world to soul search. thats like his whole story. i wish they wouldve did something with him in MKA but they gave him a pretty kool new design and let him just sit in the character selection screen with no dialong or supporting facts to justify his apearence change cause its pretty drastic change in clothes and hair style

Jerek: i like his story, kano is missing so the next best black dragon has to step up and be a peice of shit haha. he was trained by kano so uses all his special moves making him kind of a horrible character, design/creative wise at least. they might as well have put kano himslef in MK4. the only thing thats kool about jerek is ripping out peoples hearts like kano (one of the best fatalities) and his develpment was good enough to show him to be obviously short tempered and insanely cruel

Kenshi: BADASS! his story is the shit, his moves are the shit, and his costumes are always the shit too! i could write/talk about kenshi for hours. the only thing you gotta know for sure is: he is a telekinetic blind samurai, might as well be a jedi! his MKX ribcage fatality is soooooo xxxxed and you gotta see it

Bo Rai Cho: i always loved his character and story it makes him such a badass. he taught liu kang the flying kick, kung lao the whirlwind kicks, trained li mei bacuse she tried to take on the deadily alliance with no training, he is unble to fight on earthrealms behalf for being originally born in outworld so he's trained earthrealm warriors for hundreds of years. he is protective of all his students except liu kang bacause he was his best student. i dont understand why he gets soooo much hate from my fellow MK lovers of course he has comedic special moves and fatalities and not everybody laughs at or enjoys the same comedy but the creators have always put something in for laughs. like i dont hear people hating on friendships or babalities nearly as much. plus if you know about chinese drunken boxing its definitely hilarious to see how they put real techniques to the extreme such as spitting ur wine at ur opponent to cause dissorientation converts to throwing up on the floor to cause slipping

Frost: good development in my opinion i love seeing poor sub zero (who is super moral and a defender of earthrealm) have to struggle with a student who has such cryomancy prowess (which of course he loves) but craves power and the grandmaster of the lin kuei title. she awesome special moves without stealing too much from sub zero too. she won the tornement sub zero held to recruit and reform the lin kuei and he got interested when he saw she had the same power as him, he eventually discovers his and hers ancestory allign. poor kuai liang tries to teach her to be moral and powerful at the same time but in vain, she just too power hungy

Blaze: so sweet how they brought him in from MK2 but in deadily alliance he was pretty damn plain. they increased his badassness in MKA when he was at the top of the pyramid and revealed to be in waiting for the prophecy to occur so he can be killed by one of the argus brothers. he was a kinda crappy boss, definitely not badass or threatening as onaga or shao kahn, his final stage was way better than theirs tho

Drahmin: he looks like a horror movie character and has the most basic moveset making his jabs even powerful. he dosent have much to him, but he dosent really need much background he is just an oni that grew very powerful (ultimate henchmen pretty much). but he does have a badass part in his story where he and moloch are sent after scorpion by quan chi, they find scorpiion and kick the shit out of him eventually throwing him into a black hole/void where scorpion is faced by the elder gods and they tell him that he is thier champion

Li Mei: crazy inexperienced very brave. her little outworld village was enslaved to tear apart their homes to be used for building shang tsungs palace. naturally she hates the deadly alliance and crazily attempts to kill them before being saved by her master bo rai cho. her flipping heel special moves are super useful in battle AND she has thee most brutal hara kiri look it up now if you have not seen it. also her being triained by shujinko too makes her more badass

Mavado: red dragon second in command and hates the black dragon clan. kabal who was one of the best black dragon memebers was seemingly killed by movado and he jacked his hooks. he is very intelligent and disciplined but one of the only MK kombatants that has no super powers or enhancements. i dont really like him cause he a little too plain and wish we could have seen his and kabals fight. but hes super cunning and brutal so he fits in this universe

Hsu Hao: totally horrible design but he is unique as hell when he fights. he dosent fight like an average huge guy and his fatality where he lasers off the whole top half of somebody is awesome. just like bo ri cho i see nothing but hate for this guy but i really cant defend him

Nitara: she is a deciever that i wish would have interacted with more people than cyrax because their story was super interesting. nothin much to say she was never really around, though i wish she was because i always hate to see a wasted MK kharacter

Mokap: purely comedy but also some amazing trivia. carlos pesina is the person/character we are controlling and he is the one (in real life/game dev) that gives us all the fighting styles, winning animations, and was the original raiden! but mokap is johnny cages movie specials effects friend. his ending is so funny and dumb. him having 3 fighting stlyes also made him a badass to play as

Moloch: i like how he a damn beast kombatant but man is he easy to beat in MKDA it got on my nerves how easy he was. but he literally an overgrown oni quan chi locked up just so can put kombatants in with him. kinda plain

Shujinko: my favorite mortal kombatant! i would be typing forever if i talked about him

Onaga: such an epic first appearence!!! he made 3 very powerful mortal kombatants team up and they didnt stand a chance at all. his kamidogou have to be destroyed to get rid of his imortality. very badass concept of course huge dragon king that shao kahn betrayed to steal his thrown like thousands of years ago. always loved him as a final boss because he definetly has the looks and the strength but shao kahn is hard to trump in the over lord and emperor of all outworld vibe. they are kind of at a tie for me shao vs onaga is a fight i would LOVE to see!

Havik: such a kool character! he super nice guy even though he looks so damned scary and evil. if you lie too him he would like you because it counts as the seed of chaos to him, he is perfectly willing to train anyone in the ways of chaos. crazy ass moves where he heals himseld by snapping his neck from turning his head all the way around. something that makes him seem more theatening and evil is that he has 1 fighting style each from both of the deadly alliance. playing all of the games makes waiting and finally playing the next one so much more excitingly badass

Ashrah: loved her story but pissed there was no clear answer to her fight with noob saibot (at least i dont remember). lowly demon finds an enchanted sword and started killing off other demon thus making herself into an angel type fighter hoping to escape the netherrealm when she finally kills the highest class of demon. i cant believe people starting freaking out back when deception came out that ahrah was speculated to be a chick raiden and that it would ruin the game or some shit. she is total badass honestly and has never even talked to raiden

Hotaru: such a hardcore asshole man, he fights pretty badass and has lava bullets. he is the keeper of order in the orderrealm you cant break ONE rule in front of him cause they all have severe punishment no matter how small. him and havik are pretty much opposites but while hotaru is so busy keeping order in his realm havik visits and starts little murders, or supplies weapons too the citizens, or just chaotic shit just to him and of course to create chaos. he is so fanatical is his believe and quest for order in all realms that he allies himself with onaga just cause he can see that onaga has really good chance of uniting all reamls under his rule thus creating order. kinda wish there a little more of him but its pretty sick he draws first blood in the battle of armageddon cinematic

Kira: love her movet she just kinda plain lookin and has an underdeveloped story kinda or more like she was unliked and so got zero spotlight in MKA. if you study her she is a black dragon prodigy. she mimics kanos moves and fighting stlye like crazy and she looks so young

Dairou: the only things to like about this guy is his wing chun fighting style (which is my favorite martial arts) and his badass tombstone drop which hits across stage very fast. he has a very forgettable motive and background

Darrius: same as dairou completely forgettable story. but when he fought with his panther style, i cannot deny it looked so right on him

Kobra: he sucked ass as a fighter but his burning fist was badass as hell, his heart swallow fatality was badass, his brutal story was pretty short but pretty convincing and interestingly modern for a mk character

Taven: loved playing as this guy, he a half god half edenian full powerhouse. what really sucks is the game that he is in really limits his potential. because MKA divided all the fighting styles between all characters giving them only 1 each and to make it worse he only had 4 combos in his gold dragon style. his special moves were completely awesome tho all of them

Deagon: the story of the 2 brothers is freaking awesome just wish he had a little more spotlight cause the brothers are pretty well developed characters. that if they made an appearence most mk fans would be OH SHIT. he has too much story to talk about

Cassie Cage: i think she is insanely hot not just cause her face and bod but her personallity as well. who would have thought the annoyingness of johnny cage would make a chick seem just cuter. i love her shadow kick combo, her selfie, her realtionship with her MORTAL KOMBATANT PARENTS, but i hate her guns being used as specials and the story she debuted in was kinda shitty and unrealistic kinda (i hate when sub zero sends them off when he shouldve went to stop the possesed kombatants all of which are way to good of fighters for the new kid kombatants to take on but SOMEHOW jaqi takes jade kitana and kung lao all at once! retarded). but the after the cedits ending made up for everything!

Erron Black: such a badass lookin and soundin mofo! he is a dood that took forever to get to mk, a cowboy mortal kombatant the concept is purely badass. he is just sooooooo damned cheap tho the first 2 months of MKX every body just spamed his easy ass change ups and xxxxed up slide. but damn i wish he was a little more than a henchman or perhaps the best henchman ever cause he looks way to kool to be as lame as he is in the story. also not enough spotlight!

Takeda: his concept is awesome being the first playable shiryai ryu besides scorpion as well as kenshi's son making him the son of a telekinetic samurai trained by an undead ninja i just dont like his personallity because of what he has to live up tp, he fights like a beast but i would have liked him way more if he wanted to be just like his master scorpion. think about how many lin kuei we have had over the years cyrax, sektor, smoke, frost, and 2 sub zeros. but they took the chance with his character being the only like unserious/jokey ninja despite being trained by the most hardcore of the ninjas

Kotal Kahn: freakin loved how in his raidens and bo rai chos endings combined make you root for outworld for once. thats damn good story telling but im not defending the lack of substance or creativity the MKX endings are guilty of. he got so much development that nobody else had time for any of theirs especially erron black. kotal kahns an honorable blooddrinker nuff said

Kung Jin: never really liked him too much cause i always felt like they were trying to bring in too much family i mean its kung lao freakin cousin not his brother or his ancestor The Great Kung Lao. besides that his fighting style is pretty sweet i remember poeple who picked kung jin would pull like a never ending combo never giving any openings but his fatalities sucked balls

D'Vorah: damn good henchwoman freakin loves betrayal and the way she moves her head when she talks is so weird. kinda wish she got a little more spotlight cause she is pretty damned interesting character

Ferra/Torr: definetly not enough spotlight in the story but such a weird ass character very MK but not enough info or lore yet

Jacqui: i feel the same way for jaqi and kung jin, so uncessecary. they could have thought of more original characters OR let us have rain, fujin, tanya, and tremor because its THEIR characters that we've played as in past games WITHOUT paying extra! and only sell the horror movie characters!!!!! i mean how many people actually care about or want to see jax be a protective dad/dumbass farmer! he's an american badass bionic armed shit talkin massive military man, that would protect and follow sonya into hell. anyways i feel like there is no reason to like or care about jacqi except to see her and cassie cage interact

Triborg: such a lazy way to include 4 characters! but i guess the variation system limited how actual characters they could include. BUT he sounds so badass and fights like a DEMON when he is smokes variation

Tremor: he debuted in a shitty MK shooter game but came back for MK9 vita and now in MKX he has some of thee most badass fatalities and has a unique fighting style that fits him. his interactions at the begining of battles are awesome especially the ones with johnny cage and raiden you gotta see them

FINALLY i just gotta mention that i believe Emperor Liu Kang is gonna be one of the best villans and final bosses ever. because of how much of a good guy he used too be, how powerful, and good at fighting we know he is. its gonna be a hard fought battle for whoever is the champion of the Mortal Kombat tournement in the next game. unless they throw us another twist like where nobody can defeat the emperor and he wins again but for the netherrealm this time
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but this time we actually saw him in all his new evilness. its more likely than its ever been. now that they showed us the concept in game they just need the feedback from the fans. but who else can possibly fill shao kahns shoes when it comes to powerful badass final boss status
but this time we actually saw him in all his new evilness. its more likely than its ever been. now that they showed us the concept in game they just need the feedback from the fans. but who else can possibly fill shao kahns shoes when it comes to powerful badass final boss status

- Raiden was also shown as being Dark Raiden at the end, so it could be that or perhaps Shang Tsung comes back like in Ermac's MKX ending.
With Shao Kahn, Quan Chi and Shinnok out of the picture and no one to tell him what to do, perhaps Shang Tsung will come back even more powerful and ruthless than before.

-Perhaps Kotal Kahn gets power hungry and wants to invade the other realms.

- Perhaps a more evil new villain emerges.

There's all sorts of possibilities.