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  • Aww, man...nothing yet? :-o
    Will you at least give me short answers at a time? :))))
    Ok. I'm dying to know what you think!! So please hurry!
    Will you answer on the topic discussion?
    After answering the first question and beginning the second, I just realized how much info is spread all across the Mortal Kombat universe. It's a lot, lol. I'll still be answering them all, eventually, but this is just a heads up to let you know it might be a while.
    Not at all. If I worked at NRS, I would've been fire back in 2013 for predicting the Living Towers and NPC Fights in MKX, lol. But I write a whole lot of MK Fanfiction so I wanted to do a lot of research to make the stories different and (to some extent) connect with what actually happened in the MK Mythos. And when I tell you I learned a lot, I really did. So much so that I hate the story in MKX because they retconned so much stuff to the point where it almost feels like an actual full reboot rather than a Revision. But I can answer them here or on the post, whichever one you'd like.
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