Your Favorite MK4-MKA new characters

This is my list, too.

Although I'm partial to Drahmin as well.

Drahmin is probably the best dark horse character to come out of that whole block. He's got a mummy like appearance to him, and a NASTY club that looks like it could cave in a building, much less a skull. He also has been portrayed as not nearly as weak and groveling as Reptile was and looks like he could beat Reptile to a pulp. They really could almost make him Shao Kahn/Quan Chi/Shang Tsung's enforcer character (the muscle that goes out and take care of business against guys like Jax).

His moveset was garbage (he had identical moves across all three of his stances in MKDA) but with the move set being reduced down basic strikes and supers in this game, its absolutely perfect for him.
Quoted for truth...

Although Shinnok wasn't a bad character, his conflict with the elder gods and his influence on the tournaments in Earthrealm and Outworld should have been elaborated on...

Thanks :)

You also present a good point about Shinnok.
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Hmm ... Maybe Shinnok can have a cameo in MK 9, and be the MAIN villain in MK 10. :-D
I do like Shinnok too, but if they put him in MK 9, I hope he doesn't have the move steals from MK 4.

Since Shang Tsung may not be able to physically morph (due to RAM issues), what about giving him the move steals from MK 4, and giving Shinnok an NEW move set?

What do you think?
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.Quan chi
.Reiko (cool moveset and even more expandible storyline)
Thats all.
Reiko - his design is okay, but his special moves and the combo's they create make him a blast to play
Quan Chi
Hotaru (I don't get why he isn't more popular)
Quan Chi
Kai (MK4 only)
Glad to see there are some Shujinko fans, I forgot to include him in my list. I was drawn to like him in MK:D after going through most of his life in Konquest. I felt attached to him. When I saw that he was treated like a grade F scrub in Armageddon, I was pissed. There was this whole climatic build up with him in Deception, and come Armageddon, he is forgotten and replaced by the personality-lacking Taven. Just one more reason I hate that game.
Reiko- Cool looks, move-set AND storyline, I really liked the Armageddon looks and he beign a Shao Khan general was preatty awesome.
Kenshi- Kinda nice look and nice move-set, but that futuristic-ish suit doens't fit to me.
Li Mei- Easly the most beatifull girl in MK (Sorry Kitana), a mix of her DA and Deception, in both design and moveset would be perfect.
Tanya- If she was made to be Gorgeous and more a FemmeFatale, she would be perfect. Her Deception looks is really cool, just don't like her face very much.
Havik- Cool looks, but thats all...
Mavado- Cool looks, could be a great character if the rubber-band idea was more worked on.(Terible name tough)

The rest... F**** it with them.

Quan Chi
Bo Rai Cho
Hsu Hoa Weapon


Li Mei
Tanya, Kira, Li Mei, Hotaru, Havik and Darrius for sure. Taven, definitely. Taven's the best character since 4, to me. I think he's bland in appearance/story/personality but he's great to play with.