Who liked Mileena at first?

Yes or No?

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In MK 2, I was all about Kitana. I think it was the steel fans. Pretty much I've been a Kitana fan. But in Deception, I was all about Mileena. I'm pretty sure when Kitana comes back, I'll be all about her again. But one thing about Mileena that I like is her messed up face. Call me crazy but I always felt, if you wear a mask, there should be a reason for it. And Mileena has MORE than reason. Kitana..., I don't know what her deal is.
LindaGranger said:
Call me crazy but I always felt, if you wear a mask, there should be a reason for it. And Mileena has MORE than reason. Kitana..., I don't know what her deal is.

Well, in MK2 it actually made sense because she was an assassin. After that... uh, I dunno. She was actually maskless in MK Gold, and my guess is that they just decided to give one of her costumes in Deadly Alliance a mask so it was reminiscent of her older costumes (for the hardcore fans, I suppose). But yeah, if that costume in DA wasn't just for the nostalgia factor, it doesn't make any sense at all for her to have a mask. They might just always give her costumes with and without the mask in future for the hell of it.

Of course, there's always the possibility that they kept it 'cause masks just look damn cool.

When i first started playing Mortal Kombat...i only liked Kitana in MK2. When i saw Mileena later on in MKG i started to like her because Kitana had huge nostrils in that game which freaked me out. And finally, when i saw her in Deception, i instantly liked her and she is my primary choice to fight with.
I didnt like her in the earlier games cos she always seemed to be a rip off of Kitana whose ma fave girl character. In Deception tho i really liked Mileena cos she had her own moves nd her alt costume was cool!!
Mileena was and continues to be my favourite female Mortal Kombat character (my favourite male character is Rain). She was fast, she had a good move set and my favourite weapons are sais so I was a little sad when I saw her ending and it turned out she was a Tarkatan clone. Around MK Gold she got a little... actually a lot dodgy but by Deception all was forgiven, well except the fact that while her eyes got more "human" she was still a freak but I still love her as a character because she is so complex and partly because she causes so much controversy
I hate playing as her, even though she's crazy easy to dominate with in mk2.

Story wise I think she has one of the best. I like her for that.

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I always thought she was the coolest and hottest girl out of all the games. I STILL think so. And when I saw her in the 2011 game, I was stunned. She looks incredible. She is WAY hotter than Kitana and Jade.
All this talk of Mileena in MK2 prompted me to load up MAME again, funny how games from not too long ago get boring but MK2 always is fun to play.
meeeeeeeee . Mileena has been my favorite MK character ever since i started playing it . i learned all of her moves , combos and fatalities before any other characters
There are a lot of characters I honestly never used. Mileena was one of them. So was Kitana, Baraka, Raiden, and Jax. I mostly stick to the ninjas. But I also occasionally use Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, and Cage. However, despite never using half the MKII and 3 rosters I always liked Mileena as a character. When I would fight her in arcade mode it was entertaining, and her fatalities were always gruesome. I even like her new outfit. But she's not what I would call my "favorite". She's one of the few villainesses in MK so I just kinda have to like her just for that.
Never cared for Mileena.

Never will.

She has a freaky mouth and is retarded.
Holee shitt bst char evr! :roll:
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I always loved Mileena:) Her freaky MKD's image doesn't matter for me as in MKD everyone is freaky and i don't like MKD:) In MK2, MK3 and MK9 Mileena is cute:)
she's the only female that stands out other than sheeva
kitana,jade, sindel and sheeva i just find boring gameplay wise
I've always liked Mileena. She is my fall back main after Sub-Zero. Gameplay wise she's really diverse and has a lot of great tools to zone and decent mix-ups. She's just fun to play. And to me she's always been the most attractive of all the fictional female characters in MK. Especially now! And even when I see chicks do Kos-play the chicks dressin up as Mileena are just more attractive to me. Sorry Kitana and Jade fans! Just my opinion.