Who liked Mileena at first?

Yes or No?

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Mileena was my favorite character in MKII. She was the only character I could do special moves for. I'm not sure why, but probably because I was too young and sucked at the game. Every game afterwards, I pick her up and master her all over again.
I really like Mileena, she is so fast in this game its awesome. I really enjoyed seeing her being used during EVO. just yea wish she had normal teeth LOL
i liked Mileena up until i saw her MK2011 vignette back in January or February, they screwed up her story & Kitana's.
Mileena's been my favorite character since a long time because she is original. The whole perfect body and ugly teeth... ugh, I just love her! I'm glad the had to stretch the memory, and decided to add her.
Hate her. Just because I remember playing mk2 on my super Nintendo as a kid and going through the ladder, trying to beat shao kahn and the only non boss person that would just kick the s...crap outta me was her. Especially when she was later in the ladder. Hey I wanna jump at her...nope telekick to the face. Do I wanna walk towards her and punch or kick her? Nope roll or telekick to the face. Wait and uppercut her? Nope get thrown or somehow miss and get uppercutted myself. Jump backwards? Nope, air sai or Tele kick to the face.

And I think this childhood scarring has affected my fights with her in this new game. I just can't beat her.

And I think she had one of the worst fatalities, that gawdawful nail spitting one.
The first Mk i played was shaolin monks, but the first main game was deception, and i always used MILEENA!!