Who did you beat challenge 300 with?

Surprisingly enough, I did it with Jade. Her EX boomerang works wonders against the Shokan bosses, and she's got some solid overheads to counter Mileena. I also did it with Nightwolf and Sektor, but Jade was the first
I beat it with Smoke smoke bomb, jump kick, air throw = win. I don't care if I spammed it wouldn't let me get my health recovery after I won a match.
i just beat it my first time with freddy then kenshi! trying rain next (not skarlet, she's good and all but that scream is annoying)
Havent beat it yet....... :(

This is what I did it worked for me, let goro kill you about 10-15 times, every time he kills you just keep hitting retry at the end when it says failed. Every time you retry it should be getting easier until you can beat it. I used scorpion because his flame move is unblockeable and it's easy to spear then and start a combo.