Who did you beat challenge 300 with?

Nightwolf is cheap in that challenge. All you have to do is spamming lightning with Goro and Kintaro - as they don't jump and lightning is unblockable, it's an easy win. Also, if they happen to send you a projectile, use Nightwolf's absorb to gain life. Mileena is the worst, and Shao Khan is pretty easy with Nightwolf.

Overall, a VERY easy challenge to beat IMO
Ermac. Found some other challenges harder. 3 Goros and Quan Chi and Shang Tsung for some reason.

Found 299 very annoying - beating Goro taking no hits!!

I also found the challenge beating baraka, sindel and khan hard, but mainly because i can;t play shang tsung at all.
As much as I hate Scorpion, I picked him and won against all of them.
His juggles are so easy and the Computer seems to always fall for 111 Spear
i tried it with nightwolf with lighting....but they keep using that armor BS....guess i need to work on the timing then?
i did it with sektor hes not as hard as extreme ladder kahn my hardest challenge was where your quan chi and you have no arms fightin stryker took me ages hahah
Did it with Cyber Sub, Reptile, Sub, Raiden, Ermac, Noob and Rain. I kinda started using it as Practice mode plus. XD can't seem to do it with quan chi, I'm not quick enough with him.
I used Stryker and it only took 4 tries. After pwning the 3 Shao Kahns with him, I knew if I could at least make it to him, I'd win. It's exactly what happened. First time I saw him, is the time I beat that challenge. So glad that tower is done lol.
I beat it with sheeva her jump stomp really came in handy against goro and kintaro I heard there was a kombat that turns you into kintaro if anyone knows send it in