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  • Can you make me a sig with these picture:


    With my name on it and a cool background! And aslo a matching avatar, with my name.
    Well, thanks for redoing it, and for Fon i just ddint like how the "O" Looked like a wierd "Q" so anything that looks cool, but the letters are readable..
    And can you use a different font, and instead of Zelda put a picture of Mileena, either from Mk Armageddon or Deception...
    well in that case just make me a mileena and zelda sig
    zelda from legend of zelda: Twilight princess
    mileena eaither mk 9 alt or armageddon
    with my name on it make it look really epicly cool!
    hey!! :D it's been awhile! i got two lovely pictures for an avatar & signature! i felt like going for a Wonder Woman theme XD do you think you can add my name and a glittery red border on both, but only use from the waist up for the 2nd picture, i want to make that my signature :3 you can add some special stuff too if you like! (i really liked the shine in the last signature you made me!)

    alright, here you go!! :) i also took the liberty to edit some of the background out. she should be on the right side, you don't need to crop, i like her face a lot! and if you can, add a pretty border, something that "sparkles"

    alrighty, here it is. can you MOD it pink, or do you want me to do it?
    & idk what to use for the background, but i did find this pretty picture. can you put my name & "Painful Beauty" somewhere? oh & can you edit "Kitana" out?

    You can turn it in on the sixth. I'll be cutting it off a midnight pacific time. I guess that technically makes the cutoff the seventh, but nobody likes technicalities. Unless they benefit me.
    My phone also doesn't notify me about wall posts, so don't worry about the late respond :). Of course man, tweak it around as much as you need and get as creative as you want. It's good to see another AC fan! Take all time you need! And don't worry about the massive post. Thanks in advanced!
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