Who did you beat challenge 300 with?

I did it with Scorpion. Mileena gave me the most amount of hassle before Shao Kahn. Goro and Kintaro aren't so bad once you get a strategy down :)
I used Cyrax on my 360 and beat all the other challenges on my 360. I never started the challenge tower on my ps3

E L E everybody love everybody!
ps3, mk9 ultimate, play with kratos
Como eu faço para desbloquear "shao-kan, goro e kintaro"? no PS3
eu Estou no lv 300 da torre dos desafios, so falta terminar esta missao.
e possivel terminar a ultima missao com o "shao-kan"?
ps3, MK9 ultimate, play with kratos
How do I unlock "shao-kan, goro and kintaro"? in PS3
I'm lv 300 in the tower of the challenges, so need to finish this mission.
it is possible to finish the last mission with "shao-kan"?