Who did you beat challenge 300 with?


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It took me a while to finally beat it. I kept using Quan Chi but in the end I beat it using Nightwolf. His decent combos, reflect/absorb move, and his dash move all came in really handy
Kitana w/ three tries. Mileena is the only problem I have since she beats me until I have a silver of health left.
Raiden on my fourth try and it wasn't until then that I knew I had to fight Shao Kahn! Luckily he went easy on me.
Scorpion took me like 5 tries. ( I tried with Stryker, Kratos and Smoke before that and failed a few times)
I used Scorpion. Mileena was a problem because of quick kombos after the powerful Shokans. When I kicked Mileena I spammed Shao Kahn with spear and teleport because I had only ca. 30% of health
Smoke. Once I decided he was going to be my main and I practiced with him all the time it was pretty simple. His Shake ability makes Shao Kahn relatively simple to beat even with low health. Just bait him into using his projectiles and it's all over. Before that I tried with Raiden by spamming his teleport and torpedo.
nightwolf. goro and kintaro were easy mileena was a pain in the ass. but shao shao went down like a sack o puppies. took me about 15 tries haha.
This is for everyone out there trust me on this one use kitana and use down forward Y or triangle on ps3 and just spam the hell out of it back to back non stop I'm almost got a flawless victory on everyone using this it was super easy!!!
Did it with Scorpion after like 5 tries with other characters, and I'm not even a Scorpion main haha but my mains Mileena and Kitana couldn't do it.