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Aldo Moreno

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I'm going to be honest with everyone here, I LOVE Drake as much as I love Z-Ro. Those two are my favorite rappers in the world. In fact, I listen to those two most of the time. I never posted his music here because I didn't want to get attacked but **** it! This is my favorite song from Drake as of now:

Major Logan

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Z-Ro's new album, "Meth," is the shit!



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Let me show you fools some REAL hip-hop:

And some serial murderer stuff also:

Even though I posted these already. I must reiterate the greatness.


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Sek's Old School Hip-Hop Emporium

Time to give you kids an education on all those beats you hear sampled in current hip-hop songs:

Kurtis Blow: The Breaks (on SOUL TRAIN no less)

Afrika Bambaata: Planet Rock

jj fad: Supersonic (in case you think Fergie has any originality at all)

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock: It Takes Two

Run-DMC: My Adidas

Beastie Boys: Paul Revere


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Re: Sek's Old School Hip-Hop Emporium


Also, Beach is awesome.

.......and, finally, Iggy Azalea.

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BAdass Liu Kang

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To be honest on watch the throne i only like otis after discovering kanye west's old stuff on graduation and late registration. My favorite song of kanye is "Heard Em Say"


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smoke some kush to this sh*t

i love big and pac but DMX has been my favorite rapper from the start. i was proud of him when i saw him perform at the bet awards he sounded real rugged like he used to, even his bark is back haha. it seems like he's cleaned up and getting his act together, some dude tries to pass him some champagne and he says "get that sh*t out my face, i only f*ck with that Hennessy cognac",lol thats some real sh*t cant wait for his new album!

this is him performing on new years
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