Official Hip-Hop/Rap Thread

Cannibal Ox, especially Iron Galaxy and Stress Rap.

Also, the lyrics to this song are corny as shit, but I LOVE this beat so I'm gonna post this here and see what people think of it:

Also, I love this rap:

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Oh cool. I didnt notice this thread before. I used to rap in a duo called 2 Dice.
This is a song that featured my guy Vato.

This is a cypher we did later titled Ooo Wee

And now my guy basically had a kid and said he didn't have time to rap with me anymore. So I rap solo.
Brief look at some of the songs Im working on for a project

And this is my newest song that has been recorded. More serious kind of song, that I'm seriously try to steer for. All lyrics written by me, feat. My friend Symone.

Lol... I just finished writing a serious hate rap (for back pack rap) before I saw this. Prolly won't record it, but it was fun nontheless
Everybody needs to check out this dude from detroit, named Danny Brown. He's gonna be huge in a few months. Really ****in dope!