Mortal Kombat Vs. Street fighter

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As juri was being dragged unconscious The mysterious black ninja Says"Her aura is powerful...Shao kahn well be pleased." Juri wakes up to her her leg geting dragged"who's dragging me!Unhand me."Juri Said with a raging voice."nope your going to be my masters slave"The black ninja said
"TO HELL I'M NOT"Juri said kicking all over the place trying to break free"you can't kick the darkness" The black Ninja says
Juri Kicks him but dose not work"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU..WHO ARE YOU!?!? juri says
As the mysterious ninja Drags juri he say"the name is noob saibot"

To be continued
Good stuff. I could really picture Juri's anger in my head. Write 1000000 more chapters plz
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"so who's this shao khan guy by the way?" Juri said to noob
"He is the ruler of outworld And he wants Earthralem,he wants to emerge To two ralems...As noob explained to Juri all about Khan and his ways,Juri gets this evil grin on her face"he sounds like my type of people...But where am I?"Juri said with a frown.Noob looks at her and closes His eyes lets go of her leg and says"Netheramle"noob said whill looking back at Juri with his eyes open."ooohh this is not called hell...because That fool....Forget it...Why did you let my leg go?Juri said"because i know you won't run"Noob said to juri"your evil and I know that..and come on we are close to the protal to outworld"Noob said in a demanding voice,Juri looks at him and says"ok ok lets go".As they continue to walk,Juri see a yellow ninja

To be continued
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I laughed my ass off!

You put dragonball z to shame

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My god, Sub-Super Saiyan. My favorite chapter yet. Get some honeys in this piece. BONER!!

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lol! Good story bro!
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"who's that ninja"Juri says pointing in the air
"what there's nothing,are you tricking me"Noob says with a hardy Voice.She looks around The yellow suited ninja is gone."hmm ya I might be seeing Stuff..That fall was hard.maybe i'm seeing things"Juri says with a voice of mystery.They continue to walk To see the protal"There it is"noob said to Juri.The protal was green and green smoke on the outer Rem."are you sure thats the protal?"juri says to Noob in a Impishling sounding voice."yes thats are protal"noob says in a Modest sounding tone.As they continue to move closer A Yellow Ninja Is by the protal"THERES THE NINJA"Juri Says in a surprised voice
"That's Scorpion!I won't let him go to outworld"

To be continued
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You know, I hate it when people take the craft of writing, and absolutely butcher every aspect of it with the singular goal of creating a work that would make the devil cringe. If you're going to deface literature, find something that can't get any worse, and butcher that...


... I hear that Twilight has a pretty big fanfiction body.
Toxic I gotta let you end a little secret
Half of those words will not be understood by the "author" so you're wasting your breath
Toxic I gotta let you end a little secret
Half of those words will not be understood by the "author" so you're wasting your breath

Ehh... You're probably right, but I can't help myself. When I went through a spiraling depression not to long ago, I would lose myself in my novels and notebooks as a coping mechanism, a way to escape from the world and pretend that everything I depised about myself no longer existed. I took solace in the written word, and for a little while, I held my books closer to me then even my dearest friend. So I get understandably upset when shit like this not only shows up, but receives praise! I know that it's mocking praise, but it's praise none the less...

I really shouldn't be ranting here though... Not the right place...