Mortal Kombat Vs. Street fighter

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I cannot possibly wait until December 12th for the next update :cry:

The amount of pure hype I have is oozing out of every orifice. Every one.
Sneak Peek of Chapter 2

Juri wakes up geting dragged,in the unknown place but it looks like hell.."huu Where am I?WHO THE HELL IS DRAGING ME!"she looks up to see a dark black ninja draging her with blue eyes
Deep black skin
"WHO ARE YOU!?"Juri Said in a raging Voice
"Not important..Shao khan Wants To see you"Said The mysterious ninja

There's yo peek
Thanks Babe [:

You can't release the rest anytime sooner? The rest of us are dying to read more.
Chapter 2

"You are not needed no more"Says Seth
Theres A Huge Purple Protal Behind Him
"You tried To kill me,Joined that fool Bison.You should Be ashamed of yourself
"no your weak Seth"Juri Says
She's beat up blood coming of her mouth,a black eye Laying on the ground indefeat,"there's no need for you no more juri"Seth says with anger.Seth grabs juri by the neck"see you in hell"Seth says as he throws her inside the protal
"AHHHHHHH" Juri says as she gets throwin Inside the protal
To be continued
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As juri is thrown inside the protal she see demons,dead people and
Evil ninjas"AAAHHH!"juri said with fear
She Falls in a black hole inside the protal"AAHHHH"Says juri falling inside the black hole to see the nether ramle"ahhh i'm in hell seth opened the protal to hell"She says,falling to her doom she slams her head on the ground..But She gets knocked out unconscious.a mysterious black ninja grabs her by her right lag dragging her"must take her to the Emperor he must see you.I feel your power

To be Continued