Mortal Kombat Vs. Street fighter

I can't keep up with all of these huge chapters. So much reading material. I must download this to my Kindle. Thank you
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The Aura Turns Red Around ryu
"the name is SUB-ZERO" Sub-zero Runs at Ryu."HAHAHA"Ryu Keeps in place"SHORYUKEN!" Sub-zero Runs at him,But Ryu Uppercuts Sub-zero.His Hand Truns Red As well.Sup-zero Falls Down"what was that move?"said sub-Zero Confused"he's strong"said Sub-zero
13 points to Griffindor.
Best chapter yet man. I sometimes read and ask myself "is this real life?" because I get so involved in this tale of two souls.
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"you well know your place"said ryu,Sub-zero Gets Up off the ground"why are you fighting?" Sub-Zero Says,Ryu Runs At Sub-zero,and punches him in the face.Sup-zero Spins Around,He Snaps out of it."ok i'm geting mad"Sub-zero Said.He Uses A Ice Beam And Freezes ryu,He runs at ryu,But ryu Unfreezes And Jumps up,Sup-zero Jumps up and kicks Ryu,Ryu Falls hard on the ground
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Ryu Frontflips Back up,Ryu Puts His hands in a back dragonclaw Way...A Red Fire Ball Charges up.Sub-Zero Looks At it.Sub-Zero charges Up a ice Beam."AAAAHHHHH METSU HADOKEN"Ryu Says in a raging Voice,The Hadoken Is red and flamely
Ryu Shoots it out of his pulse."AHHHHHHHH" Sub-zero Shoots a A Glaciate Of ice At Ryu's Metsu Hadoken,there Powers combined as The Ice Beam Over Ways the Hadoken And freezes Ryu Again

To be continued
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Sub-Zero Runs at ryu And slams his Frozen body to a tree,Ryu Brakes out of the ice"hahahaha" Ryu Says.Sub-zero Pushes Ryu on the Tree Harded,Sub-zero Punches ryu in the stomach And Face.Ryu Pushes Sub-zero off of him,"TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU"Ryu Says.Ryu Jumps Off the Ground And Spins His Body And puts his feet Out
"hMmmm?" Sub-zero Said
Ryu Kicks Sub-zero's Face
Ryu Keeps kicking him
Sub-Zero's Ninja mask falls off

To be continued
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"MY MASK...YOU WELL PAY!!!" His Right Eye Has a Huge Scar on it.His hair looks Like Crystals
"ROARRRRRR" Sub-Zero says With Angry His ice Crystal Hair Gets longer
His Arms Get covered in Hard ice"I WELL WIN"Sub-zero Freezes Ryu And runs At Ryus Frozen body And Throws Ryu in the air,Sub-zero Jumps up,Ryu's Body Unfreezes But its to late For ryu to Do Something.Sub-zero Is by ryu
"YOUR EVIL!I WELL DESTROY YOU"Sub-zero uses Snake Moves And Jabs ryu's Body 19 times.Sub-Zero punchs ryu's face and slames him on the ground.Sub-zero Falls Down on him
He Feels ryu's knocked out
To be continued
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Sub-zero gets off of Ryu
He Checks His pulse on his right Arm it beats"his not dead...HMMM?"Ryu's Hair get Black again"His aura Seems to be Light But when we where His Aura Seemed dark?Odd I well Show him to Smoke Maybe He now's this mysterious young man"He Garbs Ryu And walks off


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