Mortal Kombat Vs. Street fighter

On a Dark blue Night,Sub-zero Was Training in The Deadly Woods.He Was Punching and kicking Trees.He came To a stop and said to himself"I wonder if there is other Fighters in this world?Well If I find a great unknown Warrior I well Fight Him."He Said To himself in Heroic voice.He keep Training,But herd a noise."hmmm what was that...Better not be that fool Scorpion,or....My Brother."He stops training to look around.He Moves his head to the right..but sees nothing..then he slowly moves his head To the left...To see nothing."its nothing"he continues to train..But after that A Blue Beam Shoots Down on the ground In the southern of where sub-zero is training from."What could that be!"he said to himself
To be continued
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"WHAT IS THAT!"He says With a Surprises Voice."I hope It's Not one of shao khan's planes."he said with a Boarding voice......Hmmm well I well Find out what that is"He Stops training,And walks in a average Speed to the south.The Blue Beam Gets Linear."hmmmm Must Be going away?I need to run fast to see who is up to this...He Starts runing."hhhhaaa"He said While runing.The Blue beam Starts Geting Even Linear.But the noise got louder."what could that be!" Sup-zero said With a wondering voice.He runs even faster...He Sees The Blue beam.He's Closer to it,he stops runing."ok No ones here...But why Is this mysterious blue Aura is here?"he looks at it..To see a man fall out of it."hmmm who could that be?" with a Odd Tone."I well find out!" he said in a Heroic voice."he walks to the center of the Southern see a man unconscious in the center of where the blue beam was.He had a Full white Sleeveless Outfit,Red gloves,Black hair,No foot gear,a red headband

to be continue
Such detail! Please, please at least one more chapter. I cannot wait to see further interactions. Needs more booty. I need to read about booty
The reflection in the TV, is that a bottle of lotion on your bed :rofl:

Have Ryu and Sub fight over booty
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"hmmm who's this man?Odd outfit." sup-zero says
The mysterious man wakes up
"hMmm"he gets up he had Red eyes" POWER I NEED MORE POWER THE DAY RYU.I WELL RULE THE WORLD"Ryu Said with a raging voice."hmmm what you seem to be evil I have to stop u

To be continue (sorry I'm going to X-box 360)