Loose Cannons (The Story line)

thinking about posting the first quarter of it some time later this month still busy on that pic challenge i threw on my self but i'm almost done
You're a man. This is the halfway point by the way.

Gonna be tough to write the first two pages but the other half is definitely planned out.
*At the shipping yard’s gate, an overweight man wearing dull blue overalls sat I n his small cubicle that over looked the street that led to the yard’s parking lot. The man coolly sat in a chair next to a row of monitors as a truck began to make its way to the gate. Once the truck stopped, the driver of the truck showed his id badge and was given clearance to enter. Once the the gate automatically slid to the right, a powerful gust of wind past between the guard and the driver. Both of the workers were baffled at the sudden gust and began to look around for the source. Giving up and shrugging it off, the driver proceeded inside while the guard returned to his position.

Unbeknownst the two, Kilik was long ahead of the truck and approaching the main office building to his left, ocean in front blocked off by a fence and the red cargo pods that Moe had described. Using his speed to quickly jump off the black pods next to the red cargo pods, the young grim reaper laid on his waiting spot to observe the building across. From his position, Kilik was eye level with the second floor of the main building and was able to see within the window of the office. Inside was the familiar Sunglasses Imperial (now with sunglasses back on) from earlier and what appeared to be his boss. The chair was turned to the left allowing Kilik to catch a side view of his target. The Imperial boss was bald, had a thick three pronged mustache and was obviously heavy set yet was built with lots of muscle packed onto his body. The two were having an apparently tense conversation which was not able for Kilik to hear from his position*

Kilik: Scythe do you mind writing down what they’re saying? I need to tell Cev what’s happening before we go storming in like mad men.

Scythe: *Thumbs up his partner and begins writing b reading the two Imperial’s lips*

Kilik: *Taps his earpiece* Cev I’m in position.

Cervantes: *Cuts to Cev and Kasuka who are flying several feet in the air above a freighter and three side boats sailing next to the bigger boat* Alright good work. The shipment is already heading out to sea so we’re going to stop it before it gets too far out in the ocean.

Kasuka: If we aim an aerial attack for the boat’s engine then we will be able to stop it dead in the water.

Kilik: *Over the earpiece* Whoa that’s smart. I would have tried to bring down the whole ship or something.

Cervantes: I’m going to shameful admit that I was thinking the same thing.

Kasuka: *Rolls her eyes* Kilik are you getting ready to attack now?

Kilik: Yeah just about.

Cervantes: Then it’s radio silence from here on out. If you and Moe need help radio it in.

Kilik: *Switches back to Kilik’s position* And vice versa with you two. Good luck guys. *Taps the button again*

Scythe: *Rips off a page of his notebook and hands it to Kilik*

Kilik: Thanks partner. *Begins reading* Ehhm. Good thing we decided to attack tonight otherwise that ambush would have been bad business. *Continues reading* Ohhh. Old Shit Breath thinks I’m dead. *Stands up and folds paper* Scythe, let’s go make a nice first impression to Blubber Man and show Johnny our bad habit.

Scythe: [I wish I had my tux on me.]

*Kilik extends his hand and takes Scythe by the hand then slings his partner onto his back. While Scythe changes to his weapon form, Kilik walks to the very back of the pod to get a running start. The young reaper lightly bounced on his feet twice before he rushed forward on the platform and leapt through the night air. In mid arc, Kilik positioned both feet in front of him to brace himself for the window’s impact. Shortly after, Kilik broke through the glass with both feet colliding with an office desk. Kilik took advantage of the sudden disturbance to spring forward in Sunglasses Imperial’s direction and delivered a powerful right kick to the right side of his cheek sending him flying through the office door and over the railing leading downstairs.

In slow motion, Kilik pivoted off the kick to face the crime boss himself while pulling Scythe off his back with the blade facing down. Time resumed back to normal as Sunglasses collided with some boxes below obviously out of the pending fight. The boss himself stood glaring at the young hero preparing for a fight. The rumored claw was not much bigger than his already huge arm, yet was chrome platted with a huge forearm meant to intimidate his enemies*

Kilik: Well, well, well. It’s really nice to meet a Japanese crime boss in person. Oh! Sorry about that, *Rapidly swings Scythe twice though the air* I meant Ex-crime boss.

*The boss himself clenched up his robotic arm and sneered at the Grim Reaper ready for a fight*

*Meanwhile on Cervantes and Kasuka’s side of the mission, Cev was closing in on the ship flying at a moderate pace just above the ship’s upper deck level trailing behind on purpose. Kasuka shifted her riding position into a trapeze position by holding both of Cervantes’s hands while she hanged in his gripped through the flight*

Cervantes: Are you fine like this?

Kasuka: More or less. It is a better option than miss timing my jump off your back and falling on the deck.

Cervantes: Right I gotcha. Alright, get ready.

*Cervantes increased his speed as both of them sped forward at the ship’s main deck. The first crew member was at the back of the ship and wore dull blue overalls as well. The sailor had a medium built body, slanted eyes and had a black a black sub machine gun strapped to his chest. The guard turned just in time to see the dup charge at him through the air which greatly shocked the man. With Cervantes flying diagonally, he swung Kasuka at an angle for her to do a quick cannonball spin before jutting out her right foot in a perfect Shotokan jump kick motion intended on the gun man. The guard himself tried to get a grip of his SMG but was not quick enough to avoid the kick earning him a strong blow to the chest violently sending him over board the ship.

A few meters upfront towards the right side of the ship, a tall lanky guard turned towards the commotion in confusion of what had happened to his shipmate. Kasuka took advantage of the hesitation and dashed forward in the guard's space before he had the chance to draw his weapon. Kasuka was within range to jet out her left arm aimed for the upper chest and her right arm aimed at his stomach at the same time. The powerful double strike forced the man back far enough to crash into two rows of sheeted cargo putting the man out of commission. The third guard, who was quite farther away near the front of the ship, was able to see the scuffle and began firing rounds at the sudden intruder. Thankfully, Kasuka took cover behind to cargo boxes as the bullets flew past her position.

Cervantes flew above the gunfire and took to the skies before the rest of the guards decided to over his girlfriend with more bullets. Reaching a high enough altitude, Cervantes eyes glowed as he turned back and fortified himself with powerful aura as he rapidly descended towards the front of the ship targeting the engine with both arms outstretched. Cervantes drove through the ship's main deck and lower deck with enough momentum and sheer velocity and enough momentum to take a huge chunk out of the engine before stopping at the hull.*
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*Off in the distance where the train station is a group of on lookers turned their attention to the loud noise*

Small Girl: Mommy what was that boom noise?

Mother: It must've came from the shipping yard sweetie. Maybe they had an accident or something.

Small girl: Ohhh. I hope they're okay then.

*Not too far away from the conversation, Moe looked towards the sea then immediately returned his attention back to the open locket in his hand. His face showed signs of slight anguish and uncertainty obviously conflicted between two choices*

Intercom Voice: Attention please. The next train will arrive in 5 minutes. Repeat. 5 minutes. Thank you.

*Back at the ship, Cervantes walked away from the wreckage waving his hand through the smoke and coughing at the same time*

Cervantes: That could have been better but it got the job done.

First Guard on main deck: What the hell was that!?

Second Guard on main deck: Was that a ing mortar or something?

Cervantes: Ah. It's time to go.

*Cervantes knew if the two guards saw him that he would have to deal with a hailing of bullets. Cervantes went on the offensive and shot through the hole he made with his arms out stretched to chin check both sailors as he made his reentry. Next, Cervantes grabbed both of the sailors in midair with a large aura bag and finally threw both guards out to sea.

A stray guard on the main deck began firing bullets at Cev, yet was unable to hit his mark with Cervantes flying around. Cervantes fortified his aura once more and flew straight at the sailor while the bullets bounced off of him. When the teen was within range, he ed his fist back and smashed the guards face in to put him down for the count. Another guard appeared to continue firing at Cev who put up a bubble to keep the bullets from hitting him. The barrage didn't last long as he saw Kasuka jut out a roundhouse kick to the man's stomach sending him over the ship screaming*

Cervantes: *Releases the bubble field* Thanks darling. I don't know if I could keep up the field after using that much power.

Kasuka: Anytime; although, that crashing through the ship more was rather dangerous. I thought I was going to fly off.

Cervantes: Ha sorry about that. I had to break through all the layers of the ship to get to the engine.

Kasuka: Yes I understand that but it sure- *Eyes widen* Look out!
Cervantes: Huh? Oof!

*Kasuka tackled Cervantes just in time to dodge a wave of gunfire meant for the duo. From their downed position, the couple heard multiple ships surround the bigger boat*

Cervantes: Ahh man.
Kasuka: Sorry.

Cervantes: No, no. Thanks dear cause you've definitely three for three on saving my life today.

Kasuka: *Smiles* All the time and you know it. *Rolls off Cev and positions her back against the wall* That was close.

Cervantes: Yeah no doubt. *Sits up and creates an aura mirror to look on the edge of the ship to see three ships position themselves a couple yards out armed with turrets* Damn. Turrets. That is going to be a problem for me.

Kasuka: For us you mean.

Cervantes: No this one is too risky. I can’t just throw you in the air without measuring the distance and having you get shot . I need you to stay here and- *Before he finishes, a sailor opens the door next to Kasuka looking for the enemy. Kasuka quickly reacted by kicking the metal door back to its original position forcing the guard back inside with a loud ‘PANG!’* And take care of the rest of the guards.

Kasuka: *Looks at Cervantes then back at the door obviously concerned by the decision. However, the violet haired girl made up her mind and leaned forward for a small peck on Cervantes’s lips* Be extremely careful, you hear me?

Cervantes: *Grins* All the time and you know it.

Kasuka: *Nods her head before opening the door to do her part in the mission*

Cervantes: *Tries to look over the railing at the speed boats and immediately gets fired at forcing him to move to the front of the ship in a haste* Whoa! Whew! [This is definitely going to be a tough fight. If I can get to the air then it’s my win. The thing is, I can’t get to the air so easily with that kind of fire power aimed at me. *Sighs* I hope Kilik isn’t dealing with this much trouble on his end.
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okay that was nice, but for some reason cev is starting to remind me alot of freaking lucario i was legit expecting him to pull off an aura storm on the boats :laugh:
thats what i figured

hell most of my fights imma write down in my current episode are batshit insane-like platinum games levels of insane
*Back at the main office building, a young reaper came barreling out of the main office doorway and jumped over the railway before the large wooden desk the Imperial boss launched could hit him. The collision of the doorway made the desk snap in half right down the middle causing one piece to stop at the stairway railing while the latter piece tumbled violently down the stairs smashing into a large red button opening the large garage doorway. Kilik turned his body midair to face the destroyed doorway and landed in a sliding crouching position with his left hand placed on Scythe’s shaft. The boss himself jumped down to ground level to meet the teen in battle. As the Imperial stood to his full height, he smooth out his dark red suit and silver tie before grinning arrogantly at Kilik*

Claw: You certainly picked a right day to die, boy! You have the honor of facing First Division Imperial Leader of Narcotics and Transportation, Daikurou “Claw” Ichimura!
Kilik: *Matches the same arrogant grin of Claw* And I’m Mr. Don’t give a shit about your job title or nickname Jones. You ready to fight or do you need to put on your sports bra first?
Claw: A funny guy, huh? *Pushes a button on the inside of his shoulder to make the arm sound off its activation* Little shits like you need to be learnt some respect towards people more powerful than you! *Clenches fist* And I’m happy to educate.
Kilik: Aww, how kind of you to give me your dieting tips. I knew you had some heart under all that double chin.

*Aggravated by his opponent’s insults, Claw presses a button on his chrome bicep transforming his metal hand into that of a small cannon. Claw rapidly extended his metallic arm to fire a hail of shotgun bullets intended for Kilik’s body. Kilik used his inhuman speed to evade the shot along with two other shots in a sharp diagonal zig-zag pattern approaching the Imperial without the boss realizing it. Once Kilik was in range, he avoided another blast and dashed in for a jumping knee aimed for Claw’s left cheek. The Imperial boss was able to catch the blow at the last second preventing any damage taken yet was not suspecting Kilik to grab the back of his head so unsuspectedly. The hero used his grip to pull his other knee forward to pop claw in the face in a quick motion*
Claw stepped back and shook his head to neutralize the pain while Kilik landed on his feet. The young reaper continued his offense by following up with a right step kick to the stomach, then a right kick aimed at the temple which ended up getting blocked at the last minute. Kilik continued his pressure by aiming most of his sharp kicks around Ichimura’s upper body area.

Claw: [How the hell is this even possible? His constant kicking is actually forcing me back!]
Kilik: [That’s right Blubber Man, get mad. These strikes are meant to wear you down and so you can’t use that arm cannon how you please. Sooner or later you’ll make a mistake and I’ll knock you to the floor for it!]
Claw: [Enough of your damn pressure! Let’s see how you fight with one leg!]

*During the course of the three consecutive kicks directed at the body, Claw pushed a button on the back of his tricep that released a huge blade coming from his wrist ripping through his dark suit like paper. Kilik was ready to land another body blow but returned when he saw the blade coming for his raised leg. He was able to dodge the huge horizontal swing coming from the Imperial boss with a huge leap back to create some distance. Claw turned to the offensive as he rushed forward with two horizontal slashes. Kilik swayed back on the first slash then ducked the second swing but was met with a pending uppercut intended for the bottom of his jaw. The reaper was able to back step at the last second to avoid the blunt damage of the attack, but was still nicked on the chin by the boss’s hard knuckles.
Ichimura Claw continued his offense as he leapt forward with the blade outstretched fixed on impaling the young hero through the upper body. Seeing the blade aimed at his chest, Kilik swiftly took Scythe from his back and deflected the blow. Claw returned to his attack pattern of slashing randomly while Kilik was struck on the defensive by blocking the strong angled swings. Eventually, Kilik was able to parry one of the swings and went for a low kick aimed at Claw’s standing leg. The kick did not crumble the bigger man but it did irritate him causing Claw to raise his arm for a powerful vertical slashing intending to use all of his power into the attack. Kilik saw his opportunity to attack and held Scythe at a horizontal angle anticipating the attack*

Claw: [Idiot! You think a skinny prick like you can stop me!]
Kilik: Heavy!

*Before the mass of metal met Scythe’s body, a loud metallic clank sounded off while Scythe slightly increased an inch in width and length. The blade struck Scythe at full force, but Kilik’s arm had not budged nor was he damaged in the slightest. Kilik took advantage of the Imperial boss’s confusion and quickly shifted Scythe to the left to create an opening. The reaper slightly stepped in with his left foot before raising his right leg at a straight 90 degree angle that delivered a powerful kick at the Imperial’s jaw. Surprisingly, the blow had lifted Claw in the air high enough for Kilik to do a follow up attack. Kilik did a quick angled jump to meet the descending Claw while spinning at a high velocity to gain momentum. Once the reaper reached the airborne Imperial, he swung his right leg around for a devastating downward kick that impended itself in Claw’s face before sending the Imperial crashing into a stack of wooden boxes*

Kilik: *After landing on the ground and standing to his full height* Yo! Mr. uhhhhh, Mr. Narcotic Fatty Fvck? You good? I was wondering if I had to get the oxygen tank for you or something! Ahahahahhaha! Haaa. Seriously though, *Starts looking around the warehouse with his hand over his forehead* What am I supposed to use to tie your big ass up with? Ahh maybe I’ll worry about that later. I better phone the police to come pick up your sorry ass. *Taps his earpiece to send the signal to the police headquarters*

*Despite his loud banter and calling for the authorities, Kilik noticed a glowing red beam coming from the debris of boxes. Without warning, the beam suddenly shot out at Kilik who had fortunately dodged the beam in the nick of time but not without the laser grazing his chest to leave a smoking mark. The reaper returned to his fighting stance with Scythe on his back anticipating Claw’s next move as he rose out of the wreckage looking angry as hell. The Imperial boss’s teeth were gritted in anger as four trails of blood trickled down his jaw onto his tattered suit. Along with one of the bent prongs of his mustache were the multiple veins plastered on his bald head to further emphasize his wrath. The main attribute of the Imperial was his metal arm that had transformed into an arm cannon again with smoke steaming out of the opening*
Kilik: Whoa, hey! *Points at his opponent* Mr. Division of Shit Stains you watch your fVcking language around here! There could be children listening.
Claw: *Swings his arm cannon horizontally* Shut your goddamn trap! This doesn’t make any damn sense! After the Emperor murderized your old squad you think you can just come back and fight us again!?! Ridiculous! Goddamn impossible!
Kilik: *You think beating low lives like you is impossible?*Casual smiles*Ha! Guys like you have a lot to learn.
Claw: What was that?
Kilik: *Stops smiling* It’s apparent that you’re nothing but a low level thug in your organization. You’re nothing but a lap dog for this “Emperor’s” minor tasks and think it means a damn thing. Idiots like you think you’re strong just cause you lead some grunts and can oppress the regular folks right? Well guess what, *Fully looks Claw in the eye* your new tormentors are here to keep you bums in check.

*Claw unsuspectingly dashes at Kilik with his arm switching from its cannon to its blade form again. Kilik quickly withdrew Scythe from his back to meet Claw’s swings head on in another sword fight*

Claw: *Camera focuses on Claw as he weaves and attacks* All of your babbling is getting on my nerves! Who cares about some American gaijin’s opinion about my position, huh!? The Imperials will continue to rule Japan cause we’re top dog! What’s a group of fvcking kids gonna change fighting against an army like ours!?
Kilik: *Camera focuses on Kilik as he waves and attacks* Everything you fvcking moron! An army made up of grunts is nothing to sweat about at all. We’re going to dominate you fools cause we got better teamwork and more trust in one another to get the job done. *While Kilik is talking, the scene switches to Cervantes flying around in the night sky dodging turret bullets before diving into the ocean* To be honest with you I didn’t know how I would fit on a team to take down some wanna be gangsters but its turned out to be great! All of us are working towards beating a common enemy instead of me doing it by myself. *The scene switches again to Kasuka taking care of three sailors with an array of karate punches and kicks* So in other words, *Stops Claw’s blade in the air once more as the two fiercely glare at each other while Kilik grins* put your so called army to the test! We’ll crush you!

*Meanwhile, two of the boats and their entire crew of deckhands out at sea were baffled at Cervantes lifting one of their speed boats in the air with his purple aura heavenly surrounding him. Judging that he was high enough, Cervantes opened his eyes to reveal his aura pupils before he shouted and threw the boat at the two ships aiming to take them both out. The makeshift projectile hit the boat on the left first causing both vessels to overturn into the ocean taking out the armed sailors. While the final boat struggled against the rocking of the waves the gunmen on the speed boat regained their footing not realizing that Cervantes was no longer within their line of fire. Three of the sailors finally looked up to see a rapidly descending Cervantes with his fist reared back vibrantly glowing with purple energy. Once he was in range, Cervantes smashed the floating boat into two pieces sending all three gunmen off ship before plunging into the water.

Elsewhere, in the living room quarters of the freighter, Kasuka was left with two sailors to fight. The violet haired girl was unharmed and had broken a little sweat unlike her opponents who were breathing heavily from the accumulated damaged that they had received. Both workers go to the attack their target simultaneously hoping for a winning solution.

The closest of the two was met with a powerful right straight punch to the heart paralyzing his movements before an second instantaneous blow followed into his other pectoral sending him flying backwards. Not wanting to pass up his momentum, the final sailor swung his fists in desperate wise swings aiming at the girl’s face. Kasuka was casually backing away from the missed attacks making sure to stay clear of his range. The second deckhand, having been fed up with no successful hit, stepped in and sent a straight middle kick intended for the chest. However, Kasuka had anticipated a reckless move at some point and countered with a spinning back fist toppling the sailor in a smooth finish*

Kasuka: *Takes a deep inhale and a long exhale to calm herself* That was a bit extensive. Although, *Looks around at the clutter of beaten sailors on the floor groaning or motionless from pain before smiling* not bad as an ending to this mission. *The violet haired girl makes her way to the top deck and opens the metal door in caution in case of any stray bullets being fired. She whispers at first*Cev? *Uses her normal voice this time* Honey?
Cervantes: *From the sea* I’m here, darling.
Kasuka: *Slightly surprised but approaches the railing of the ship to see Cervantes propped up on an aura set of pillows while waning in the sea with his eyes closed* I see that it’s a job well done then, huh?
Cervantes: Mmhmm. Took care of the ships and the crew. Now, I’m gonna rest cause I am beat.
Kasuka: Aww I’m sorry. I’m also sorry that you have to go get all of the beaten guards out at sea and pull the freighter back to shore since you took out the engine.
Cervantes: ….. *Opens his eyes* Damn.
Kasuka:*Slightly giggles at her boyfriend’s workload* Don’t worry I’ll gather up the guys on the ship so that you can tie them. Besides, *Looks to the warehouse to the distance* we have to go check on Moe and Kilik.
Cervantes:*Appears on the top deck with enlarged hands dropping nine or ten knocked out sailors on the ship* You’re right. Although I am confident that Kilik will keep themselves safe. And if that bum Moe sticks to his word, then it should go more smoothly.

*Kasuka gave a light shrug and turned towards the warehouse still worried about her teammates as the camera pans out*
*Back at the train station near the sea size, Moe still had the locket in his hand opening and reopening it before the Intercom Voice returned*

Intercom Voice: Attention all passengers, the train is now arriving, please stay clear from the edges until the train has made a complete stop. Thank you.

*All of the waiting passengers stood as the train slowed to a complete stop. As the doors opened to the new set of passengers boarding the train, Moe slowly rose to his full height while gazing at the opened locket*

Moe: *While walking, Moe seemed to be the only one in slow motion while the other passengers rapidly move around him* [I’ve been so uneasy lately. Feels like every step I make is in the wrong direction, like walking closer to the end of the road as I move up with the Imperials. Meeting those three today made it even worse to raise my anxious state tenfold. What they said…in my heart I know it’s the right thing to quit the Imperials, but I’m already too deep in it. Being the boss’s right hand and quitting on a gang like that would be suicide. If I left they would hunt me down for sure. But, if I stay…] *Kilik’s voice* [Then you won’t be pushing dope or taking over territories anymore. You’ll be taking lives.]

*Moe stops near one of the doors with a seemly dim white light flowing out of the entrance while he was still in thought as the world continues to pass him by*

Moe: [What am I supposed to do? Why does my decision have to be now?] *Brings the family picture to his eye level as he gives a seldom gaze at it*[Mom…]

*Before he realized it, Moe was his seven year old self again crying over his mother’s bedside unable to handle the news of his mother dying within the next month. As the doctor and his father left the room, the young Moe continued to cry while his mother gently touched the top of his head to soothe her son while a streak of light covered her eyes*

Moe: I don’t want you to leave mom! The doctor said that you’ll die and I don’t want you that at all! I want mom and dad and me to stay together forever! I-hic, waaaaaaaaaaaaah!*continues to heavily cry as he buries his head against his mother’s thigh*
Moe’s Mother: Moe, *Continues to rub her son’s short spiky mom of hair* I’m not going anywhere from you or Papa.
Moe: *Steadily calms down with his sobbing and looks at his mom* Huh? B-but the doctor…
Mother: Yes I heard im’. The doctor says I’m physically dying, but *Pokes Moe in the chest and smiles* I’m always beside you in here. And when I’m gone, I’ll still be looking army big strong Moe as he continues to grow.
Moe: *Silently stares at his mother amazed by her own words. He sniffs up some mucus building up in his before he continues talking* I…… you’re never been wrong Mom, so I believe you.
Mother: That’s good to hear.
Moe: But what am I supposed to do when I grow up without you, Mom? I… I don’t want to be something to that’ll make you unhappy Mom.
Mother: Hmmm. *She takes a moment while thinking of an answer before she pops up with an idea*Moe, you know what would make Mommy very happy to see?
Moe: *Moe’s facial expression brightens up in anticipation to her answer* What’s that?
Mother: *The woman leans forward to reveal a surprisingly young woman in her early 30’s with her long brown hair resting on her shoulder while smiling with a kind expression at her only son* A great man. When I’m gone, I want to see my big Moe become the greatest man ever! You think you can do that for Mommy?
Moe: *Continues to stare in amazement before smiling with a huge grin with one tooth missing from his smile* If Mom wants to see a great man, then that’s what I’ll be! Just you wait; I’ll make you the happiest mom in heaven when I grow up!
Mother: *Rests her hands on her lap and continues to proudly smile with a tear down her cheek as the flash back begins to fade with her final words* I’m sure of it.

*Suddenly, Moe’s eyes enlarge in a great realization causing the world to spin rapidly around himself. Resuming back to the present, Moe realized that he had his answer*

Business Man: *Staring at Moe from the packed inside of the train confused on the boy’s motive* Um you might wanna get on the train man. The next one doesn’t- *Moe performs a quick turn and dashes off to run up the stairs* Hey!
Moe: *Now outside striding alongside the sea, Moe wipes the building tears from his eyes thankful for finding his answer* [Mom, I’ve been a big fool all this time. I completely forgot about your words and my promise.] *The big man completely wipes his tears and looks forward with new determination in his eyes* [I’m going to set things straight! My road to becoming a great man starts here!]

*Back at the warehouse, Kilik was still engaged in a close quarter knife fight with the Imperial boss. As the blades clashed and clanged with each fighter parrying and attacking, Claw was beginning to slow down due to the accumulated damage built up during the fight*

Kilik:*Uses a two handed horizontal block to stop another vertical slash while smiling manically* Hey you slowed down there Mr. Slim. Don’t tell me a little guy like me actually hurt you, that might inflate my ego!
Claw: *Profusely sweating and gasping for air*Shut… Shut your mouth!

*The Imperial boss raised his arm in another vertical chop in hopes to inflict some injury to his opponent. However, his chopping attack only met the ground due to the young reaper expertly executing a spin to his exposed left side. Continuing with his momentum, Kilik swung the back side of Scythe’s blade to smash the living weapon into the bridge of his enemy’s nose. The force of the blow sent Claw careening into a box before crash landing into another pile of boxes. The boss’s nose was broken and bloody as he shakenly attempts to press another sequence of buttons*

Kilik: *Takes notice of this and places Scythe on his back* Normal. You know as one sided as this is, *Gets into a squatting position and leaps to one of the top corners of the warehouse away from the Imperial* it’s time to finish things off!
*Kilik used the power in his legs to push off from his position at a high speed in a straight diagonal line with his right leg outstretched for a damaging right kick. Before the attack collided, Claw pressed the final button before the attack had connected hard against the Imperials face dragging the boss across the ground. When the two stopped against the wall above the office, Kilik still had his right foot on his cautiously waiting for a sign of resilience. Once the moment of silence passed without any signs of movement, Kilik began to lower his foot to the floor. However, as soon as his shoe passed the boss’s pupil, the Imperial’s face twisted into a monstrous snarl completely surprising Kilik. Kilik was unable to react as Claw gripped the young hero’s ankle with his natural arm and swung him to the other side of the warehouse. The force of the throw sent Kilik through two medium sized boxes before crashing in the inside of a large box.

Kilik had taken some damage from the throw, but not a truly harmful amount as he walked out from the destroyed cargo. As a thick cloud of smoke drifted into the air, Kilik’s eyes widen at Claw’s newly formed body. From the reaper’s position, Claw’s body had grown into a more hulking figure in contrast to his already large build. The boss’s muscles looked just as hard as his chrome platted limb. The suit’s jacket and dress shirt were completely destroyed leaving only his suit pants barely holding together by the seams. The freshly transformed boss pulled a small syringe from his distinguished large deltoid and flicked it away before turning his attention to Kilik*

Claw: As embarrassing as it is to admit it, you made me use my trump card. With this experimental sports enhancer injected into my veins, I’ve been given new speed and strength in spades making it impossible for you to damage me now! Be glad that you’re the first one to witness me in this sort of state, cause right now, *Takes his nose with his normal arm to fix it with a sickening crack and smiles confidently at Kilik* I’ll be the one to put you back in your place!
Kilik: Tch. *Takes Scythe off his back and resume his fighting pose.[This is gonna take longer than I thought. He might have newfound power or whatever, but he is till injured. If I keep going for his head with Scythe and my kicks, he’ll go down after a while. Of course this could have been over sooner if Moe stuck around.]
Claw: *Takes a step forward and immediately stops to see a figure at the standing at the entrance* Is that? … *Grins even wider and roars in laughter realizing * It looks like my right hand man decided to finally show up! Since my back up has arrived, do me the honors and die you fvcking shrimp! *Presses the button on his tricep and produces the giant blade once more as Ichimura charges at Kilik to finish the battle*
Kilik: *Kilik cautiously turns his head to confirm that it was Moe standing at the entrance obviously panting from a long run. After another moment, Moe clenched his fists and sprinted towards Kilik as well* [Well speak of the devil, looks like he’s found his answer. Now who’s it for…] *Kilik looks into Moe’s eyes and sees the look of a resolved man* [Hmm.] *Turns his head back to the charging boss with a slight smile and whispers something to himself] Good choice.

*Kilik stepped to the left of the damaged box and used a vertical blocking motion to make it appear like he was on the defense from the boss’s incoming attack. When both Moe and Claw came within 5 meters of the anticipating Kilik, he quickly shifted to the left to clear the path for Moe*

Claw: *Unable to follow the sudden turn in Kilik’s motion, the Imperial awkwardly attempted at stopping his run with a slide*[What!? Idiot! Why aren’t you stopping!?]
Moe: OOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *At the last possible moment before Impact, Moe used the velocity from his swinging arms to lower his right arm at weight level. At the point of contact, Moe took advantage of his boss’s bewilderment and dished out a meaty right uppercut under Claw’s chin promptly lifting the bigger man off the ground. Ichimura Claw sailed over a group of cargo boxes and crashed landed back into the same spot before Moe let his fist back down*

Moe: *Pants for a few seconds before turning to Kilik* You still believed in me… even after I stayed behind…
Kilik: *Looks at Moe and shrugs before resting Scythe on his right shoulder*Well I had my doubts but when you showed up and ran towards us like a maniac I figured it wasn’t just for you to knock me on my ass.
Moe: Hmph. Luckily you were right. And just for the record…*Looks to the upper right of the warehouse to stall his slightly embarrassed sentence* Thanks. Plus, this is only the beginning.
Kilik: What?
Moe: *Turns his head back and says with a confident smile* Starting from now, I’m going to walk the right path alongside you, Kasuka and Cervantes. I aim to become great no matter what, *points his finger at Kilik*and I want those closest to me to witness just how magnificent I’ll be!
Kilik: *Gives off a blank stare at first then puffs his cheeks* Pfffft hehehehehhehe.
Moe:*Lowers his finger and scowl’s a little bit* C’mon man don’t snicker at a man’s goals.
Kilik :Hahahahaha. Nah man I ain’t laughing at your goals. Hehe, I’m laughing at how you picked a horrible ass time to be cool while Double Chin over there chargers his laser.
Moe: Laser?

*Moe turned his attention to his boss to see the downed Imperial with multiple streams of blood running down his jaw, a crazed gnashing of his teeth and his arm cannon ready to fire a kill shot at both of the teens*

Moe: Are you kidding me!?
Claw: ROOOOAAAARGGGH!! *Shoots a medium sized ball of red laser energy*
Moe: Oh! *Promptly grabs Kilik by the back of his hoodie and dives over a set of boxes to take cover from the destructive projectile as it sailed out of the warehouse at a blistering speed* A laser!? Why didn’t you tell me that he had a laser!?
Kilik: Because I didn’t use to work here dude. You’re the one who should have told me if the guy had a damn laser in his arm.

*Suddenly, both teens’ duck as multiple shots pierce the wooden boxes that they were stationed near. With the bullets shredding the box with ease, Moe quickly reacted by grabbing Kilik by his entire body before tucking the reaper under his arm and running to a large box for more cover*