Loose Cannons (The Story line)

Ichimura Claw: *Now with a machine gun barrel blasting rounds while maintaining his crazed expression* You traitorous fvcking leech! How dare you turn on me!?Don’t you have any sense of fvcking loyalty!? Don’t you remember the guy who paid you, you ungrateful bastard!? Fvck!
Kilik: *Casually leaning against the box with his hands in his hoodie’s pockets while Moe slightly flinches at every fifth shot* Fvck this guy talks too much. And that’s coming from me.
Moe: Yeah he always had a bad habit of having these long winded rants whenever he was angry.
Kilik: Well let’s go shut his ass up. *Leans Scythe on the box and takes off his jacket to reveal a regular black shirt* Say Moe, you’re for real about teaming up with us right?
Moe: *Turns his head to Kilik* Now what sort of question is that? I came back didn’t I?
Kilik: True. I just wanted to make sure you were down with my crazy ass idea.
Moe: Hmm.*Smiles* Crazy sounds like a cakewalk.
Kilik: Hehehe. *Grins as well*Good answer, teammate. In that case, *hands Moe the hoodie while pacing Scythe back on his body* When that tub of shit reloads we’ll take him out with the oldest trick in history. Here’s how it goes so listen carefully…

*A few moments after the conversation between the newly formed duo ends, Claw’s machine gun arm finally stops shooting with an audible click. The Imperial quickly pressed a button located on the inside of his bicep to reload the gun within a few seconds to continue his bullet assault. The boss began to fire again before a dark blur jetted into his right field of vision causing him to immediately react by shooting at it a split second after its arrival. His bullets shredded the target to pieces bringing a curled smile to Claw’s face before he realized that what he shot was Kilik’s black jacket. Dumbfounded by his mishap, Moe used the boss’s hesitation to use a two handed boost launching Kilik high into the air. Kilik used his speed powers to supply more jumping ability to his legs allowing the reaper to reach the ceiling further confusing Claw. The next step in Kilik’s plan was to push off the ceiling’s surface heading straight for the Imperial’s position. Claw finally recovered from his shock by firing his arm gun at the airborne reaper yet was frequently missing his mark with Kilik curling into a spinning ball to avoid must of the bullets. Once the hero was within range, he unsheathed Scythe from his back and popped out of the ball with a huge two handed diagonal slash that thoroughly severed Claw’s mechanical arm in one slice. Kilik reached the ground before the arm loudly clanged to the ground and placed Scythe back on his body*

Claw: *Gripping his now sheared arm*No! My arm! You goddamn little-*Gets interrupted by a fierce knee strike sending his chin towards the sky* GAARRRGH!
Kilik: Do me a favor and shut the hell up. Hey, Moe! Get ready to finish things up!

*Kilik back dashes from the staggering Imperial before he bolts back to the front performing a short cartwheel in front of his opponent. However, instead of landing on his feet, Kilik pivots his body to face the Imperial before reducing his weight into a half formed ball. The young reaper then used his already moving momentum to push off his hands launching his entire body feet first into Claw’s unprotected face. The flying Imperial helplessly dangled through the air before a running Moe leapt into the air to intercept the body (much to Claw’s surprise). Using the moving energy from Kilik’s rising dropkick, Moe gripped the Imperial’s waist over his head and brought down the entire mass of the man’s weight onto his upper back in a destructive power bomb. After all of the commotion ended with Claw getting slammed, the entire warehouse fell silent*

Kilik: *Sees Moe rise up to his full height* Hey, so is that guy done for real this time? I swear if that’s not his final form I will boot him in the dick.
Moe: *While panting he looks over the open mouthed unconscious body of his former boss before turning to Kilik* He’s finished for good this time.
Kilik: Cool, in that case, *Raises both arms in the air* Woooooooooooooooo! First organized crime boss stopped in Japan! Scythe hit me up with some high fives! *Scythe turns into his human form to happily double high five Kilik above his head, turns around to meet the reaper for another double high five, then gives a low double high five before ending it with a jumping chest bump. The duo landed on the ground with Scythe bouncing his body to an imagery beat while Kilik stood proudly smiling with his wrists perched on his waist*
Moe: …Okay then..
Kilik: Sorry about that man. Me and Scythe decided to do a victory dance once we beat our first crime boss in this country. Since you helped you can get a complimentary chest bump free of charge!
Moe: *Blinks then broadly smiles*I think I’ll take that offer.
Kilik: Alright yeah! *Flies in for an aerial chest bump with Moe yet immediately bounces off Moe’s muscular frame* Shit! *Rolls on the floor before stopping with him lying on his stomach*
Moe: Oh whoops! *Scratches the back of his head and sheepishly grins* My fault little man.
Kilik: *Pops back on his feet* Ay! *Points* That’s Senor Little to you, you hulking maniac.
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*After finishing his statement, Kilik and Moe hear a loud crashing noise outside the warehouse making them cringe in sudden ear pain. The duo go out to investigate only to find a large freighter crudely parked on top the once in place wooden docks. After the ship stopped in place, a fatigued Cervantes came from the sea lazily dropping the anchor back into the water while an irritated Kasuka hops on the deck with her hands on her hips walking next to her tired boyfriend*

Kasuka: Didn’t I tell you to be careful with stopping the ship!? You took out the docks and almost half of the warehouse!
Cervantes: Lady! I just got done pulling a 200 million ton ship! These buttheads are lucky that I even brought them back to land!
Kasuka: Hmmf, whatever. *The couple stops in front of the awaiting team*
Kilik: So I take it the whole ship stopping thing was a success.
Cervantes: Hah, it sure is.
Kasuka: Yeah it could have gone better without the whole potential dying by shipwreck… twice.
Cervantes: *Frowns and sticks out his tongue which is instantly snatched by Kasuka’s right index and thumb* Ah!?
Kasuka: *While gripping Cev’s tongue*So you guys took down the boss? We saw a laser shot travel past on our way back.
Kilik: Oh wow it traveled that far? Well I hope it didn’t hit anything cause I ain’t paying for shit.
Moe: Everything went smooth. It took a while cause of me but overall, *Gestures his head to the downed Imperial* We got the job done.
Kasuka: That’s great to hear. *Redirects a frown towards her struggling boyfriend* Do you have anything to say, oh defiant leader? *Let’s go of Cervantes’s tongue who was beginning to get teary eyed*
Cervantes: *Rubs his jaw to soothe the pain* Great job everyone, with this kind of turn out I’m sure Raj is gonna be pleased at how our first mission went. In the meantime we tie up the knocked out boss and call the police to get here.
Kilik: Oh yeah that shouldn’t be too long now since I pushed it earlier. *After finishing his sentence, a series of audible sirens are heard from the distance* Well smack my mom and refill the damn, they’re here already.
Cervantes: *Extremely confused along with everyone else* What the… what the hell even was that?
Kilik:*Sheepishly shrugs* I just wanted to say something dumb to follow up with my sentence. Heh.
Scythe: [Keep that sort of thing at a minimum you hooligan.]
Kilik: Sorry sir.
Moe:*Slightly chuckles*
Kasuka: *Picks up on Moe laughing and smiles as well* It’s good to hear your laugh again Moe. Does that mean you’ll join our team?
Moe: *Stops chuckling before individually looking at each member of the team before beaming once more* You guys gave my support from now on.

*Kasuka smiles at her returned friend along with Kilik who grinned at Moe’s second official declaration of support. Almost simultaneously, both Kilik and Kasuka turned to Cervantes for approval on Moe joining the team*

Cervantes: *Frowns at both his teammates and then crosses his arms* Oh do whatever you guys want.

*Both Kasuka and Kilik along with Scythe cheered while Cervantes secretly snuck in a small grin as he glances away from the group. At the center of it all, Moe was the happiest out of the three. He warmly smiled at his new position on the team before looking up towards the sky searching for his mother’s face in the clouds. The thought of his mother caused Moe to reflectively pull out the gold locket to glance at the picture of his past*


*Fast forward a week later, Moe’s hand is still shown in the same position holding the locket however this time the background shows a school locker containing his uniform jacket and school bag. The shot zooms out with Moe having grown more of a crew cut hairstyle than his usual shaved head and a red tie loosened around his muscular neck while having no shirt on his build. Moe stood there in prideful silence as he stared at his mother’s smiling face sure that he was steadily making her happy once more*

Moe: [And it’ll only get better, mom.]
Kilik: *Knocks on the door before yelling behind it* Yo Moe we better get a move on if we want to bust those Imperials near the train station!
Moe: Oh right! Give me a sec, bud. *Places the open locket in the locker before closing it and hurriedly ties his red tie with his black gloved hands. The teen’s battle attire was complete with black pants, black boots and no shirt as he smiled during a freeze shot of him adjusting his tie while walking out of the club room’s bathroom* Time to get to work!

End of Episode 2

You know after writing and typing Episode 2 up like a madman for the past week, I gotta say that it was worth it.

Welp, hope you guys liked it
Badass conclusion to a badass episode really came in hard with the fight scenes and flash back

can't wait to see what else you have planned for this series
Thanks my good man Byrd.
I got a good start on how I want to start episode three but let's save that for next year.
Loose Cannons Episode 3 – Renegade

*Well past midnight in the bustling night life of Tokyo, two Imperials in black tailored made suits were on the run from something dangerous. Both Imperials were dashing through a dark building hallway with the lights cut out leaving only the moonlight as an illuminated light source. Each Imperial was equipped with black Beretta PX4 compact pistols but were in no position to use while on the run. The two criminals finally reached a lobby section of the building with large windows expanding the moonlight to a normal lounge area with tan couches and chairs. Both Imperials were nearing the exit of the lobby area with the glass doors insight until a flurry of bullets erupted from the shadows drawing closely towards their feet. The duo avoid the hail of projectiles by throwing themselves in opposite directions by taking over behind two separate brown work desks and take cover to regain their breathes*

Spiky Slick Back Haired Imperial: *Mid-twenties with a scar over his right eye* this guy is relentless! *Checks his gun to see how much ammo he had in the clip (which was a lot)*
Red Curly Afro Imperial: *Also mid-twenties with a black mole on his right cheek* No ordinary man should be this good with a damn piece. He took out everybody in a matter of seconds.
SSBH Imperial: Just calm down. He only got the advantage on us cause he took out the lights for the building. We just have to keep are shit together, calm down, *Shrugs in the opposite direction near the dark hallway* and deal with this one guy.
RCAF Imperial: *Ready’s his gun* One guy is enough trouble for a building of gangbangers.
SSBH Imperial: Just shut up and get ready.

*Both gangsters quiet their voices and breathing to strain their ears to listen in the dark for any sort of movement. The thumps of shoe fabric alerted both of the Imperials that the lone intruder had entered the deserted lobby area. The suited criminals briefly made eye contact with one another before breaking from their makeshift cover and opened fire at the single figure with their black side arms. Four shots from each Imperial’s gun was enough to signal that they had not hit their target. Instead, the rumored vigilante was above the line of fire due to the assist of a gray grappling hook. The figure used the momentum from his device to swoop down in a downed angle to kick the SSBH Imperial in the face. From the RCAF Imperial’s perspective, both of the figures had landed yet one person was still standing. His silver trench coat swayed as he stood with the Imperial still under his boot. RCAF Imperial raised his gun accordingly, but the vigilante was seconds faster as he shifted in his direction to shoot his opponent in the knee cap making the criminal falter.

The entire ordeal was too fast for the Imperial to catch the face and firearm of the victor. He was able to see from his downed position that his suited partner was angrily shouting at the figure before a shot erupted into his stomach followed by a split second shot to the right side of the temple to put the gangster out of commission. A moment after the Imperial remained motionless on the ground, the trench coat waved as the vigilante turned towards the red head. This time the criminal was able to see his opponent; the silver trench coat swayed with each step showing off his bits of his black undershirt yet the most intimidating factor on the vigilante was his charcoal mask with silver markings and white eye sockets that glowed in the illuminated moonlight. The mask and its vessel moved closer with the eye sockets of the mask set in a firm gale until it reached the Imperial’s position. The Afro gangster was tense with fear as the mysterious night watcher raised the barrel of his dual set of silver Colt 45 pistols in the Imperial’s eyesight. In a low, stern voice, the figure coolly demanded*

Tell me what you know.

*Cue non-existent intro music*
Damn I thought these folks didn't kill and 2 minutes in some cannon fodder gets their shit blasted
Good intro regardless
Hey man, some people take care of the bad guys with kicks and punches. Others resort to projectiles.

I'll write a suitable chunk of story in my notebook for the rest of this week
You know, I did my job right as a writer. Cause who said they were dead :roll:
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These are criminals who have beaten up or killed innocent people so potential brain damage is kinda, well, justified.

Besides, no need to get too technical in a fictional universe, ya feel me?
*Currently, during the well-lit daytime, we find most of our young heroes attending history class with their ever dominant homeroom teacher, Miss Sergeant aka Mad Dog. The class was quietly listening to their teacher read off a passage describing early Japanese history before World War II. The camera then respectively lands on each of the Loose Cannons members while Miss Sergeant continues reading. Kasuka was attentively following the passage like a model student would, Cervantes had his arm propped on the side of his chin lazily following along, Moe, (who had grown a short spiky crewcut in contrast to last episode's shaved head look), was winking and making flirtatious eye signals to a few rows next to him, Kilik was using all of his concentration to draw something in his notebook and Scythe was asleep in a downward dog position with his mouth open back at home*

Miss Sergeant: Now then, *audibly closes her own light blue medium sized textbook and begins walking to Moe's desk in the second row before stopping in front of the oblivious muscular student* I know for most of you that early history is outdated and painful to learn with all ten percent of your brains, yet I would at least prefer students to pay attention during class. Is this correct, *Voice goes from indifferent to scarily low* Moe Higashi?
Moe: *Finally aware of his teacher's presence, Moe slowly turns his head (Frozen mid in mid winking and smiling mind you) before seeing the homeroom teacher with a murderous death stare awaiting him* [HNNNNAAARGG!} *Reeling from his mini heart attack, Moe immediately scrambles for his textbook on his desk before propping the piece of education upright in a reading position and staring hard with determination at the material as if he was paying attention the entire time*
Miss Sergeant: *After Moe finished his panicked theatrics, the Mad dog raised her teacher's edition high into the air before violently bringing it down on Moe's cranium partially splitting his skull in half. The large student opted to clutch is head in agony rather than yell out his constrained scream* your book is upside down Mr. Higashi. *Her voice returns to its normal tone* Try to establish a proper work environment before you come to class.
Moe: *Looks at his book and realizes his mistake with his hand rubbing his head* Ahh right. Sorry ma'am.
Miss Sergeant: *Continues walking up the rows until she stops at Kilik's desk which is in the middle of the classroom in the third row* I also expect my students to identify the difference between art class and history class. I would appreciate such an example from one of my newer students.
Kilik: *Finishes up his drawing of what seems like an outline of a city map before a question mark appeared over his head curious as to why a shadow had descended on his work. Turning his head in the appropriate direction, he nearly coughed up his heart with his mouth wide open when he saw the same death glare Miss Sergeant gave to Moe burning in his direction. Using his inhumane speed to pull out his textbook from his book bag, the young reaper rapidly flipped through pages in his book while sweating profusely in his seat* Art class? Hehehehe! That’s just crazy! *Settles on a page while nervously smiling*
Miss Sergeant: *Gets uncomfortably close with amore darken death stare* Are you calling me a liar?
Kilik: *Continues to sweat intensely* Now who would speak such slander about you, teach?
Miss Sergeant: Hmph. *Returns to her normal distance without easing up on her glare and opens her book* Assuming that you have an idea of which idea you are in, when did the Meiji restoration period begin? You have four seconds to answer.

*The tension was set in the classroom. Kilik frantically scanned the contents of the page before seeing a particular a date knowing that he had only one attempt at the answer. One second remained; Heaven or Hell?

Kilik: *Severely drenched at this point with one eye open to read the answer* Is it… eighteen sixty eight? *Closes both eyes weary of the result*
Miss Sergeant: *Briefly glances at her book and lightens her stare as she turned on her heels and walked towards the front if the class* Be thankful that your guess was correct, Mr. Downing.
Kilik: *Immediately dries up and clenches his fists in victory* [YEAH!]
Miss Sergeant: Yes, congratulations on your fortunate hearsay. I will further praise you on the test we have next week considering your triumph today in lucky deduction will take you far I’m sure.
Kilik: *Lowers his fist along with his head as well* Damn.
Miss Sergeant: *Glances at the clock placed above the classroom’s doors to see that there were two minutes left in the class period. Moving towards the front again, the dark-skinned instructor continued to speak* Finishing up this section, we will move forward to the next historical period tomorrow. It is in your best interest to review this chapter and be sure to complete the objectives at the end of this section. Lastly, Mr. Vapores!

*In a lighting fast motion, Miss Sergeant closed her teacher’s edition of the book and launched the newly converted projectile with a downward swing from her arm. The book flew past the room and destructive collided with the classroom’s back wall. While the piece of literature was half implanted in the wall the perspective slowly zooms back to reveal that the book was thrown between a male student’s bent arm. The perspective continues to move out to show a slightly pale young man with dull standing, spiky blond hair wearing a terrified expression. The student’s left arm had been providing support to hold his head in an upright sleeping position yet was clearly wide awake at the moment*

Miss Sergeant: I am not interested in your nocturnal ventures Mr. Vapores, however, I would highly suggest you schedule enough time for sleep over other activities. Otherwise I’ll start aiming towards your skull more. Are we clear?
Mr. Vapores: *Nods his head once and speaks in a low nervous voice* Y-Yes ma’am.
Miss Sergeant: *After the male student’s confirmation, the school bell rings to signal the end of class* That is wonderful to hear. I expect few interruptions next class period, you are all dismissed.
*With the class coming to a close, the perspective moves towards the clock above the classroom door while the sounds of students are heard packing up their materials. The perspective transitions tour main group of heroes as they stand in front a row of vending machines. A lone flavored milk drops down into the open slot which is picked up by an awaiting Moe. The strapping freshman opens his bottled drink and downed the beverage in one gulp before tossing it in the recycling bin*

Moe: I don’t know what’s worse between this teacher or the Imperials on the streets.
Kilik: Easy, *Sits down on a nearby white bench* it’s obviously Mistress Sergeant in there. You can at least beat the other punks into unconsciousness with a lower percent of getting your head cracked opened.
Moe: I mean yeah but I don’t see the point of constantly riding our asses for the smallest of things.
Kasuka: *Standing next to the vending machine* It may be small to you, but it’s obviously a big to former military personnel. *Adjust glasses* Besides, you clearly been the one causing the interruptions instead of her instigating them.
Moe: Aaaw c’mon Sis…
Kilik: Nah she’s right. Especially the first time when you came here and thought you were hot shit. Hehe, that was priceless.
Moe: How was I supposed to know putting your feet on the desk before class was a bad thing? All I know is I thought that, that history book was gonna chop me in half when she hit me with it.
Kasuka: Mm. Disregarding that you should definitely stop trying to disrupt class otherwise minor concussions will be the least of your worries.
Cervantes: *Leaning on the window next to Kasuka* Yeah you could be showing up in the morgue. You know, if she decides to leave a body, Hahaha.
Moe: *Sighs* I wouldn’t put it past her. Then again, she might put you two in the ground before me.
Kilik: Yeah, well, hopefully I’ll come back as a sexy zombie or something.
Cervantes: Whoa, wait! Don’t compare me to you two bums because I’ve been a model student for these past two weeks. *Points a thumb at himself while giving a smug smile* Frankly speaking I’m in a league of my own.
Kilik: *Turns his head with a look of mild disgust* … No, you fraud. You’re in the same tier as us cause during these hour long classes I’ve seen you turn the page at least three or four times. You’re probably day dreaming about mountains of food or videogames you adolescent boob.
Cervantes: *Posture begins to falter* Uhhh, well…
Kilik: Oooooh and don’t even get me started on how late you start your homework Mr. Morning Of.
Cervantes: *Thoroughly surprised along with Kasuka* Oooooo, you bastard! How could you do this to me!?
Kasuka: Cev, *obviously annoyed* “Morning Of” better not mean what I think it means.
Cervantes: Awww you see what you did, Kilik? You destroyed my creditability right in front of my dearest, sugar bun whom I love very much. *Gives a big grin and an innocent look in hopes to distract Kasuka*
Kasuka: *Clearly unfazed in her glaring* Don’t try to butter me up Cervantes Vasquez.
Moe: Damn. That’s the full name meaning you’re at the point of no return, boss.
Cervantes: *Looks defeated before sighing and you placing her hand on Kasuka’s shoulder* Listen if you’re going to lecture me can it wait till we get our lunch and get to the rooftop? I can’t get chewed out on an empty stomach.
Kasuka: Mmm. *turns her head away and crosses her arm* Fine. But expect an earful mister.
Cervantes: Yes, dear. *Kasuka begins to walk off with Cev in tow until he starts to walk backwards to talk to Kilik and Moe* Also just a reminder, Raj wants a meeting today before we go on patrol.
Kilik: Gotcha, we’ll be there. *Cervantes and Kasuka disappear around the corner prompting Kilik to stand up and stretch* We at the usual spot big man?
Moe: Count on it Senor Little. I just need to get my lunch from the club room so I’ll meet you there.
Kilik: Alright, Sounds like a plan.

*Transitioning perspectives once again, we find Moe walking in the hallway empty handed while whistling a happy tune. The teen casually walks by two female students and winks at them causing them to giggle and blush. Opening the door to his next classroom, Moe found Kilik blissfully enjoying a pink bento lunch box along with an enormous stacked pile of other brightly colored boxes*

Moe: Whoa!
Kilik: *Smiling happily with both cheeks full* Oh Moe didn’t see you there! Come, come! Come sit for my feast!
Moe: *Puts a desk near Kilik’s desk still surprised out the amount of food on the desk* Did you cook all of this?
Kilik: *Swallows some food* Nah. Why it’s from my fan club of horny secret admirers.
Moe: Bullshit.
Kilik: I said the same thing but the proof is obviously on my table. *Transitions back to Kilik walking to his locker while he’s still talking to Moe* I was just casually walking to my locker cause some pink note said, “I made you lunch!” When I got there’re, my locker was damn near about to explode cause something big was behind the door. *Insert image here*. Of course with my supreme detective skills I thought it was a bomb or an agitated puma. *Insert classic cartoon bomb followed by attacking puma*
Moe: Pffft, the possibilities.
Kilik: Exactly, you understand. Anyway, being the complete man that I am, I open my locker and behold it was thine lunch boxes! *Proceeds to hold both of his hands towards his pile as if he was presenting a new car*
Lunch for days!
Moe: *Whistles* An impressive amount too. Must be nice to eat a girl’s cooking.
Kilik: Must be nice? *Takes three box lunches and puts them on Moe’s desk*
Moe: *Gasps and his eyes begin to water* For me? Seriously!?
Kilik: Hell yeah kid. Gluttony is a sin ya know.
Moe: Oooooh what a time to be alive! *Opens the lid of an orange bento and grabs his wooden utensils* Thanks for the meal! *Begins devouring the lunch*
Kilik: Yup, yup. *Grabs his own green box and begins eating as well* I’ll be honest thought, I wasn’t expecting something so nice this early. The fans I mean.
Moe: Opening a pink bento now since he had finished the first box* They probably made these lunches cause they thought you were cute. It was pretty common for girls in to do that in junior high if they liked another guy.
Kilik: Yeah maybe. I just like to think of it as an upgrade from Mexico.