Loose Cannons (The Story line)

That's not true!
Certain railgun had some dude deck a chick straight in the mouth.

Damn was it nice.

The violence will probably make uo the first ten minutes of this episode
Well shit that be me sometimes
Forgot to mention this but renna is an avid gamer wonder which LC characters would like or better yet you
Kilik: *Keeping up with the bike’s speed, he trails behind the Imperial on a seemingly straight path in the alley* You’re mine now, shithead!

Ex-Sunglasses: Not even close you foreigner!

*Ex-Sunglasses clenched on the brakes , turned his bike to the right side and stopped in front of a dead end. Unfortunately for Kilik, he was unable to stop like the bike resulting with him crashing into the back side of the vehicle and flew through the air to crash into a set of plastic trash cans*

Ex-Sunglasses: Heh, stupid foreigner. Let that remind you that you and your team are fighting an uphill battle. You’re nothing but trash against the Imperials! *With his last insult, Ex-Sunglasses revs up his bike and speeds off in another direction*

Kilik: *Stands up with some trash on his upper body* Don’t get y, pendejo.

*Brushes off a crushed juice carton off his right shoulder and starts to head for the top of the building using his acrobatic jumps off the walls*

Kilik: *After reaching the top of the building, Kilik looks towards the afternoon city setting north of his vision* I’ve been going about this all along; the only way to catch a rat is to take the sky like a hawk. *Smiles as he notices the sound of a motorcycle north of his hearing* Come on Jerry, I’m hungry for some rodent!

*Using his speed, Kilik sprints off the roof and jumps from roof to roof following the motorbike from above. Seeing that the alleyway was a straight path and heading for the intersection, Kilik jumped ahead preparing to cut the Imperial off. With the final roof in sight, Kilik used a burst of speed to jump on the edge of the building and soars through the air just in time to land in the middle of the insertion just as Ex-Sunglasses exited the alleyway. The Imperial was clearly surprised at Kilik’s arrival but hit the accelerator on his bike confident that he would dodge him like last time.

Nearing the collision however, instead of doing a jump kick like last time Kilik side steps to the left and did a low right reverse spin kick to the bike’s back tire on his bike. The move caused Ex-Sunglasses to roll several times on the asphalt while his motorcycle slid across the ground. Both the Imperial and the bike crashed against a light pole on the other side of the intersection while Kilik made the walk to the grounded thug*

Kilik: Fighting an uphill battle sure seems kinda flat if I have to deal with shit breaths like you. *Kilik stops when the Imperial pulls out his gun and points it at the Grim Reaper* Really? You know that shit doesn’t work on me right?

Ex-Sunglasses: Yeah I can tell now. If you had noticed before jumping in the middle of the street like a manic then you would know it’s a pretty busy during the afternoon.

Kilik: *Looks around with his peripheral vision and notices the pedestrian’s staring and vehicles avoiding the two behind him* Well you saved the day again Captain Obvious. Tell the kids why that’s so important before I take you back to the warehouse for another curb stomping.

Ex-Sunglasses: Well its important because now you have to save that man over there. *With precise aim, Ex-Sunglasses takes aim towards Kilik’s left and fines at the kneecap of a middle aged business man who collapses on the ground in the middle of the street*

Kilik: Damnit!

Ex-Sunglasses: Damnit is right, Shorty. Not to mention that the truck over there just got a flat tire. *Before Kilik could kick the gun out of his hand, the Imperial fired a shot at the front right tire of a moving truck 600 meters out that swerved to gain some control. However, due to the driver speeding in the first place, there was no stopping the big metal vehicle to crush the downed civilian*

Kilik: (Me and my f!ckin’ mouth!)

Ex-Sunglasses: Good luck hero!

*It was a decision between stopping the Imperial from leaving or saving someone’s life. Since this is a PG rated show, Kilik sprinted towards the downed man clenching his knee when the bus was 300 meters away. Not wanting to spread human all over the pavement, Kilik gripped the man’s collar with both hands and tossed him towards the sidewalk just as the truck made contact with Kilik’s body sending him flying several feet from the truck’s front bumper. The driver was able to put the vehicle to a stop before completely rolling over Kilik’s battered body. Face up bleeding from the head and nose and losing consciousness, Kilik’s last memory before blacking out was the sound of Ex-Sunglasses revving up his engine and leaving the scene*
*Back at the warehouse, the 2 on 1 brawl was well underway, although the two outnumbered Moe, the muscular thug was able to fend off their blows as the attacked one by one when an opening was available. Kasuka was up to attack next after Cervantes was shoved back after a failed left hook. Kasuka ran at full speed with her fist raised ready to strike Moe up top. Moe was ready to block her blow as he put up his guard near his face yet as Kasuka arrived in Moe's space, she lowered her fist and sent a strong right low kick to the back of his leg. After tilting to the right, Moe lowered his guard enough for Kasuka to sneak in a powerful left straight to Moe's cheek. Although the blow found its mark, Moe had not budged in the slightest. Much to her dismay, Moe gripped Kasuka’s obliques hard and launched her to the nearest wall knocking the breath out of her as Kasuka's back collided with steel.

Moe was about to make his way over to Kasuka's weakened position yet was stopped by several purple chains wrapped on his left wrist and arm. The owner of the chains was Cervantes who had a glowing fist extended with the chains protruding from his hand. Cervantes yanked the chains in his direction making Moe stumble towards him but was able to regain his footing before he fell. Once the muscle bound Imperial was able to stand properly, he pulled with all his might hoping to bring Cev closer into his
range. Unfortunately for Moe, Cervantes had baited him to pull the chain so once Moe pulled Cervantes flew forward at a fast speed. Unable to react in time, Cervantes was able to forcefully stomp Moe on the chest with both of his feet causing the bigger man to slide back a few feet from the attack. Once on the ground, Cervantes dashed forward with a lunging overhead right punch while Moe equally dashed with his own fist ready to meet Cervantes in the middle. The two fists collided and both opponents glared at each other as their fists tried to overpower one another. Suddenly, Cervantes created a purple bubble to enclose Moe's wrist and used it to squeeze the body part hard like a snake. Moe was caught off guard enough to allow Cervantes to deal a fierce left hook with his free hand. He followed up with bringing his left fist back into Moe's other cheek and finished with a strong body blow to the ribs. Cervantes next attack was a powerful left straight that hit Moe dead center on his nose making the big man reel his head back in brief pain. Cervantes intended to deliver another left straight but Moe caught the attack with his huge left hand. It was another overpowering session between the two with Moe seemingly getting the upper hand.

Cervantes decided to use his purple aura grasp on Moe's other hand to gain some sort of leverage. However, Moe was not about to let Cev attack again and reared his head back for a crushing head butt. Realizing the attack that Moe was going for, Cervantes shielded himself with a bubble surrounding his head. Cervantes tried to mentally image steel to protect his head but the attack was so powerful that it shattered his aura protection like glass. Stunned and stumbling backwards, Cervantes was unable to block as Moe sent a forceful right boot in the middle of Cervantes’s pectorals. Moe charged forward to finish off Cervantes as he brought his right foot down attempting to crush Cervantes’s chest. Fortunately, the teen was able to roll out before Moe was able to do any damage. However, Moe followed up with a vertical kick that caught Cervantes in the stomach causing the teen to spit out some saliva before he flew a couple of feet backwards.

The muscular thug was ready to finish off Cervantes this time but was interrupted by a jumping right kick aimed at his upper back by Kasuka. Turning around to meet Kasuka with a right straight, Moe had missed completely yet Kasuka found her mark with another right low kick to the calf. Learning from his mistake from last time, Moe guarded his face anticipating another left straight punch. However, the purple haired girl followed up with a left low kick to Moe's other calf causing Moe's stance to falter as he felt his left leg crumble slightly. Fed up with Kasuka's offensive, Moe retaliated with a fierce left punch but was reflected to the side by Kasuka's own left forearm. Rolling the arm into a wrist clamp, Moe was wide open as Kasuka drove her right fist straight into Moe's diaphragm causing the big man to cough up some spit of his own. As Kasuka's fist was buried into Moe's chest, a miniature blue explosion erupted that sent Moe several feet away and made him land face up near the garage's entrance*
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Cervantes: *Appears next to Kasuka while holding his stomach* What the hell was that?

Kasuka: That was my chi; I was training all summer with my grandmother to use my energy as a weapon for situations just like this. I'm surprised you're still conscious, are you okay?

Cervantes: Yeah fine as I'm gonna get. I got a strong body dear: though I didn't think that guy would test it out today.

Kasuka: Yeah, it was like getting blindsided by a Humvee.

Cervantes: Exactly *Looks over to Moe who begins to groan and move about* We need to bound him before the police arrive so that he can be taken to jail like the rest of them.

Kasuka: What? We can't do that?

Cervantes: Huh?

Kasuka: I know it sounds ridiculous but Moe can't be taken by the police. Or rather I won't let them.

Cervantes: ... *Sighs and shrugs arms in a confused motion* Kasuka your friend nearly crushed my skull in today. And now you want to help him? *Squints his eyes* What is he to you?

Kasuka: *Looks him straight in the eye* He was my first friend I made in Japan when I came back here. And if you're assuming a romantic relationship, then no, it never got to that point. I just care for him as a friend. It's just... when I was fighting him just now, I feel like it’s my fault that he ended up like this.

Moe: Your fault!? *Both Cervantes and Kasuka jerk towards Moe's booming voice. The duo stood upright against the kneeling Moe preparing for a potential attack* Was it your fault that I had an alcoholic dad to live with? Was it your fault for being teased for being a bloated slob!? Was it your fault when I didn't have any money to buy lunch!? *Slams his fist in the ground and slightly staggers to a standing position* You had nothing to do with what happened, Sis. All of this is my life filled with the choices or mistakes that I make.

Kasuka: *Equally raises her voice* It may be your life but I still care about you Moe! Why couldn't you just confide in me what you were going through?

Moe: I didn't want to get you involved. I'm on a bad road Kasuka, the type of path that hurts people. *Cracks his neck with his left hand* Even the people that are close to me.

Kasuka: *Opens her arms* Moe I will not stop until you stop this foolish behavior! How many times do I have to tell you that you are not like them! You can ch-

Moe: Save it Kasuka! If I have to break you to get you stop coming after me then I will! *Gets into his stance with ferocious intent in his eyes*

Cervantes: *Steps in front of Kasuka meeting Moe with his own intimating glare* I know it's personal for you two but I'm not going to let your "friend" do whatever he wants. This ends now!

Moe: Then let's finish it!

*Moe pushed off with his right foot preparing to charge at the duo for a second round until he felt a cold object nail him in the back of the neck as he was halfway near Cervantes and Kasuka. Moe stopped in his tracks and whipped around to find the owner of the ice bag on the ground. He found nothing or rather nobody which was strange and alarming.

Turning back to his main battle, the first thing he saw was a small black figure in the middle of a low diagonal spinning motion. What happened next was a blur to Moe for he felt a powerful strike hit him on the right side of his jaw snapping his head to the right as well. Before he realized it, his knees and vision gave out on him as he blacked out onto the warehouse floor*

The black figure stood to it full height to reveal Kilik in a dirty hoodie and equally dirty track pants. Regardless of clothes, however, Kilik's face was unscathed*

Kilik *Turns to Cervantes and Kasuka* I should have definitely taken that tour yesterday. Do you know how long it took to run around most of the city until I found this place again? And forget about asking for directions, jeeeeez. Well *motions his hand to the down Moe* at least we beat the first boss! Still don't see a treasure chest though.

Cervantes: *Kasuka was still stun by Kilik's move to respond but Cervantes started to walk towards Kilik with an agitated look on his face* Kilik. *Places arm on the back of his friends neck and leans on him* Do you know what I've been doing for the past ten minutes?

Kilik: Well judging from your dirty clothes, blood streak and irritated mood, I say you've been getting your shit stomped in.

Cervantes: Exactly! *Administrates a chokehold on Kilik obviously mad at this point* Me and Kasuka were practically getting our lunch money beaten out of us and you just come to show like some hot shot! Do you even realize the struggle we had to deal with!?

Kilik: Cev please! Calm down!


*While Cervantes and Kilik bickered over the incident Kasuka lightly biting the top of her thumb in thought*

Kasuka: [I'm sure Cervantes might have missed it but I saw it so clearly. To us that much speed and momentum in a short amount of distance to deliver a kick like that took dead on precision. To be able to knock out a guy like Moe in one hit, Kilik knows exactly what he's doing.] *She turns her head to Moe still thinking to herself* [Then there's this whole ordeal with Moe. Now that I have some time to think I'm not sure what to do. I can't go back on my words after talking big like that. I know I can help him but how...]

*Kasuka's thoughts were interrupted by far off sirens growing near the warehouse*

Kilik: Oh good the cops. *Stomps on Cervantes's foot who immediately clenches it in pain* Well besides that asshole I had to chase and the other dude who bodied Cev with a door, we got 9 guys bagged plus their lead boss! So woo! Go team.

Cervantes: That's not their boss Kilik, he's in the same group as these other Imperials.

Kilik: What!? This mountain of muscle is just a grunt!?

Cervantes: Yuuup.

Kilik: This guy looks like he eats buffalos for appetizers. Hell my entire body is the size of his arm!
Cervantes: Yeah and he wasn't to pleasant to fight against either. Forgetting all that we still have 10 guys caught plus shutting down a warehouse on the first day. That sounds like a good start to me.

Kasuka: We also rescued one guy as well. *Walks up next to Cev and Kilik*

Cervantes: Who did we rescue dear?

Kasuka: Him. *Points to Moe still lying on the ground*

Cervantes: *Displays an annoyed expression* Are you serious?

Kilik: Moe? You and this guy are on a first name basis? *Dramatically puts the back of his hand under his chin* Is this an old lover perhaps?

Cervantes and Kasuka: No.

Kilik: Good cause a forced love triangle by the second episode would be complete bullshit.

Cervantes: *Turns his head back towards Kasuka* Dear I just don't get it. What could you possibly see in this thug?

Kasuka: *As the sirens drew closer towards the building Kasuka turned her head to look at her childhood friend before she spoke one word*


~Loose Cannons~
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*Once the local police arrived at the scene with one prisoner truck, an ambulance two squad cars and a third brown squad car without the traditional paint and siren. A feminine figure stepped out of the car with a long light blue dress shirt, a black tie, black slacks, black dress shoes and a dark brown trench coat to complete her attire. The woman was petite with hair dark enough to be considered blue while her face displayed a tired expression. Lighting up a cigarette she produced from her coat pocket, the detective made her way through the bustling scene*

Uniform Officer: *A medium build officer with normal short black hair* Detective Vapores! *Meets with the detective before she enters the garage*

Detective Vapores: Officer Hideki. What's the status of the situation?

Officer Hideki: Well ma'am we’ve acquired a large amount in narcotics and weapons that will have to be weighed back at the station. Along with that the team that Mr. Raj sent in took care of 9 Imperials. We're getting the thugs processed for transportation at the moment.

Detective Vapores: Excellent work officer. Where is the group right now? I have a few things to discuss with them.

Officer Hideki: *Points to the ambulance further to the right of them* Over there, Detective.

Detective Vapores: Thanks. Carry on.

*The detective made her way towards the ambulance while passing through several Imperials being led into the prisoner truck. Arriving at the back of the truck, the detective saw from left to right Cervantes with a white bandage on his head, Kasuka next to Cervantes holding a bottle of water in her hand, Kilik eating ice from an ice bag and Moe with his shirt back on while placing an ice bag in the middle of his diaphragm*

Detective Vapores: Hmmmm. *Takes a drag out of her cigarette and puffs out the smoke* Looks like those nine guys really made you work on it.

Cervantes: *Sneaks a look at Moe* More or less.

Detective Vapores: * Mmm. *Looks at Kilik* Wait a minute. I heard through my radio that you got hit by a truck near one of the business intersections. What are you doing here?

Kilik: *Bites the ice in his mouth and reloads another in his mouth* Through the power of creative writing and heavily fortified plot armor.

Detective Vapores: Huh?

Kilik: I'm just messing with ya. Didn't you get to read my file, detective?

Cervantes: *Everyone including Vapores were shocked at Kilik's reveal* Detective?

Detective Vapores: *Takes the cigarette out of her mouth and lightly chuckles* What else was I expecting from the guy who took out the Texas Crime Syndicate? I didn't even get to show you my badge yet.

Kilik: Well you are a dead giveaway after knowing about my disagreement with that truck. The other guys around here could give less of a shit about that.

Detective Vapores: Heh. I guess my attention to detail got me in trouble again. *Reaching inside her coat, Vapores pulls out a black wallet with a silver badge attached to it* Detective Mari Vapores, I'm officially and unofficially you're designated authority to your team.

Cervantes: That means that if we need something we come to you?

Mari Vapores: A very good assumption. *Puts badge back into her inner coat pocket* I mostly play clean up whenever you guys tag these Imperial jackasses and I'm the officer you come to for clearance on some of your bigger missions if you ever get that far. Despite all that let's get along wonderfully.

Kasuka: You also said unofficially, what does that imply?

Mari: That means if I'm not available you can go to another officer. I have two boys to take care of so my schedule is unpredictable after office hours.

Kasuka: That's understandable. *Holds out her hand* It's very nice to meet you, detective. We're in your care.

Mari: *Shakes her hand and let's go* Likewise Ms. Kasuka. And if I'm not mistaken you're Cervantes and without a doubt you're Kilik.

Kilik: Alive and kicking.

Cervantes: That's right but how-

Mari: Mr. Raj sent three separate reports about the new team that I was working with so I know exactly who you are. Which is quite disturbing, *pulls out another cigarette and lights it* because there was no file for you at all. *Motions her head at Moe*
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Moe: *Silently stares at the detective*

Kasuka: *Sense the immediate tension and jumps in* Well actually the reason for that is-

Mari: Because there is no file. *Puts cigarette in her mouth as Kasuka and Moe feel the danger in her words* Or rather, there is a file but it’s more like a charge of assault, Moe Higashi.

*Cervantes was stunned at the information but opted out of displaying his shock. He merely grunted in disapproval while Kilik chewed more ice*

Mari: Now I'm no detective but what's an Imperial doing with you three instead of a squad car?

Kasuka: About that... Moe's actually a part of our team!

Mari: Hm?

Kasuka: H-he's been undercover, And um, he's been helping us out before the mission today. Right, Cervantes?

Cervantes: *Frowning intensely* Well. *Feels Kasuka sneak her hand to squeeze his own and sighs at what he was about to do* Before we arrived on the scene Raj informed us that a member of our team would be there to help. When things got heavy, Moe helped us out.

Moe: *Stares in disbelief at what was happening*

Mari: *Blows out some smoke* If he was a part of your team why didn't he let us know when he was being processed for an assault charge? It would have been the perfect time to let the police know that you were fighting on the right.

Cervantes: Ah... that's true. Well...

Kilik: I'm pretty sure Moe here left his super hero license in his other shirt pocket. *Throws away the bag of ice and wipes off his hands on his hoodie* I'm sure that Moe was caught with other Imperials around him when he got arrest. Being smart and not blowing up his cover he took the fall no problem. Besides he's still underage, he wouldn't go to prison that long anyway.

Moe: ... That's right. I was with two other guys in the same room. If I gave up my identity there, I would have been a dead man by next week.

Mari: *The detective took the time to examine each teenager in the back of the ambulance. Cervantes and Moe were unmoving in their poker faces, Kasuka was slightly sweating at the top of her forehead and Kilik looked completely uncaring while he waited for Mari's next statement. The detective took another drag and chuckled* Sorry about our officer's then. It would be a shame if you four had lost a member already once you've started. *The group seem to have breathed a sigh of relief at the detective's word* Well you're all here, what's the next step?

Kasuka: We've apprehended the schedule that we were sent here to get and took out the Imperials in the warehouse. *Pulls out the paper in her pocket and hands it to Mari* Their next transport is tonight at 7:30.

Mari: Hmmmm. *Flips up her coat sleeve to check her watch* It's 5:39 right now. Getting to this location by train would take about 30 minutes. Not to mention that the next train would be leaving 15 minutes after 6.

Kilik: Basically we've got the option of letting them operate tonight or got there and shut them down.

Kasuka: Given that each option has its consequences, I think that it's best if we attack.

Kilik: Me too. We won't move till you give the go ahead Cev.

Cervantes: But... *Looks towards Kilik who grins and then looks at Moe who merely shrugs. Placing his right fist on his mouth, Cervantes gets off the truck's backside and walks to the right* If we retreat for now we'll be able to come up with a better plan, but the Imperials will also be ready to hit us just as hard. The better choice would be to attack them before they regroup yet we don't know how good their security is.

Kilik: Speaking from experience everyone will be strapped with some sort of gun along with in place cameras for someone on the inside to patrol the perimeter. However, the beauty of opened space places like a shipping yards are the glaring blind spots that they have! Though we would only know if SOMEONE had gone undercover to notice those spots.

Cervantes: *Everyone picks up on his verbal alley oop while Cev smirk's and continues off of Kilik's comment* That's right. Moe you've already been a biiiig~ help, you wouldn't mind helping for this next part right? It's not like you got anywhere else to go right?

Moe: *While Cev gets elbowed in the ribs, Moe makes a "tch" noise and regretfully looks all over the place obviously annoyed. Having stared at the ceiling for a few moments, Moe returned his head back to its normal position with his mind made up* Sure thing.

Cervantes: Mm. Then its settled, *Takes off bandage and throws it in a bag on the wall* We better catch that train before they ship off for tonight. *Gets looks of approval from both Kasuka and Kilik*

Mari: Hold it. What did I say about asking for clearance on important missions?

Kilik: Umm. Can we go to stomp a mudhole in these Imperials? Please?

Mari: Of course.

Kilik: That worked?

Mari: Mmmhm. All you have to do is ask for the go ahead as long as it doesn't interfere with in progress police investigations. And you frankly, everyone on the agency are tired of dealing with these Imperial bastards. If we can stick a boot up their ass then we'll take every opportunity we can.

Kilik: Amen.

Cervantes: We better get going to make that first train. It was nice meeting you Ms. Vapores.

Mari: It's just Mari from here on out. You kids be careful.

Kasuka: Of course, thank you. *Walks off with Cev*

Kilik: As he's walking by* You're gonna need more cars when we call you later.

Mari: Hm, wouldn't doubt it.

*Begins to take a drag out of her cigarette until Moe walks past her staring at the detective. In mid-drag, Mari stares at Moe until the bigger man broke eye contact and began walking towards his new found group*

Mari: [Why would these three lie for an Imperial? Or maybe they're trying to recruit him into their ranks.] *Turns towards the seemingly empty warehouse. Blows out smoke from her mouth and smiles slightly. [Maybe those kids know something I don't. Well whatever their thinking, they better be right to trust him.] *Throws cigarette onto the ground and grinds it out with her heel before leaving in her own vehicle*

~Loose Cannons~
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yes yes very nice and good way to touch up on some backstory i think this may have cured my writers block

I bet they're not gonna ask for clearance on every mission as well
Heh, well being self aware is healthy.

But that's not a bad thing is it :oops:?
I'm trying to make it casual and not in your face sort of thing.
*We find our group of teens and Scythe currently on a train heading to their next mission. From left to right sitting in seats opposite of each other were Cervantes and Kasuka on one side and Moe, Kilik and scythe on the other side. Scythe was actually drawing on his notepad while wearing a black button down short sleeved shirt and tan khaki shorts with brown shoes*

Moe: *Tapping his foot impatiently and crossing his arms clearly annoyed at his current situation* This doesn't make any damn sense.

Cervantes: No kidding.

Moe: Sis what the hell was that back there?

Kasuka: *Taps her finger on her chin* You could call it... *Raises finger* Improvised kidnapping.

Moe: *Groans loudly* I meant why did you even bother saving me back there? Now y'all are caught up in a big ass lie with the police. Not to mention that my gang will have no problem with telling those stiffs exactly who I am.

Kasuka: I've already told you that you're my friend Moe.

Moe: I know... I just can't understand why Powder Head over here vouched for me too.

Cervantes: (Powder Head?) As much as I didn't want to lie for your sorry ass, I did because... I'm a fool who respects his girlfriend way too much. *Blushes as he turns his head to the lower left*

Kilik: *Kasuka smiles happily and Scythe clenches his hands against his cheek with heart pupils in his eyes* Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!

Moe: Hmpf. *Rolls his eyes* I guess that's fine. But, you. *turns towards Kilik* I don't even know you yet some foreigner butts in and helps out too. What're you planning, huh?

Kilik: *Cervantes and Kasuka look at him as well* I thought it'd be a good idea to have someone like you on the team.

Moe and Cervantes: What!?

Kilik: Think about it: we have someone with inside information on these punks and as a bonus we get someone obviously physically stronger than all three of us combined.

Moe: You're crazy, that whole part of the same thing was just a bluff!

Kasuka: But what if it wasn't?

Moe: Sis?

Kasuka: Moe if you join us this would be the perfect chance to turn your life around! *Touches his hand (much to Cervantes displeasure)* No more gang violence or being a grunt. You will become a part of something better. Something... to make your mother proud.

*Moe shoots a death glare at Kasuka yet the violet hair girl only stared at her friend meaning every word of what she said. With his fighting attitude extinguished in one stare, Moe relaxed his body and looked towards the ground knowing that his friend was right*

Kilik: Besides you weren't a real Imperial anyway. Best to burn those bridges before they get to long.

Moe: *Turns to Kilik obviously annoyed* Are you kidding me man? If I wasn't so pissed off I would actually laugh at your little joke. I'm an Imperial alright, just ask your friend over there.

Cervantes: *Leans forward and produces a dull purple glow* Hey now. No need to pick a fight on a train. Don't want to let all these people se- *Kasuka pinches Cev's nipple before he could go any further immediately shutting him down*

Kilik: The ironic thing is that it wasn't a joke. Where I'm from and what I've been through, you ain't it.

Moe: Ain't what?

Kilik: A killer. * The train itself got quiet as the (train) passed through a tunnel on the railway*

Moe: How-

Kilik: You may be a lower level lackey for now but if you start proving yourself to your bosses then you'll move up to enforcer or whatever the f!ck it's called here. Then you won't be pushing or taking over territory anymore. You'll be taking lives. And eventually, you'll end up dead too.

Moe: *During his silence Moe gazed at Kilik with a confused expression unsure on what to say. Unable to respond to the weight of Kilik's words, Moe turned his head to the lower right and gritted his teeth*

Kilik: Now Moe, *shifts his position to look out the window* I've seen a lot of murderers and scummy looking dudes over the past few years and I gotta say you're nothing like any one of them. *Sports a toothy grin* You're just like us.

*Before the squad of people could prepare themselves, the train stopped causing them all to slightly jerk out of their seats. While the other passengers exited the train, the team exited as well until Cervantes cellphone sounded off as they got onto the platform*

Cervantes: *Takes the device out of his right breast pocket on his jacket and looks at the caller id* Oh it's Principal Raj. Ah damn, I forgot to tell him that we were going after the Imperial shipment after the warehouse.

Kilik: It would suck all types of ass if we didn't get the okay from the Principal after coming all the way out here.

Kasuka: Do you need my help, Cev?

Cervantes: No I should be able to handle this on my own. I'll be back when I'm done. *Goes next to the pillar a few feet from the group*

Kilik: *While Kasuka found a bench to sit on to readjust her bandages on her hands, Kilik hops over and casually sits next to her* Upa. *Whispers* Hey, Kasuka.

Kasuka: Hmm?

Kilik: *Scratches his cheek* Do you think that whole speech was enough to convince your friend? That's the first time I've ever tried that. I'm more of a, hands-on guy.

Kasuka: I can tell, heh heh. But regarding Moe, *glances in his direction to see him crossing his arms with the top arm's hand resting under his chin in a thinking position* he's taking all of our words into consideration which is a good thing. He's smarter than he appears so he will come to his own conclusion eventually.

Kilik: Ah, okay. *Leans his head back on the bench's back for a moment* At least he didn't immediately say bump this and decide to suplex us all.

Kasuka: Isn't that the truth. Anyway do you mind if I ask you a question?

Kilik: *Brings his head back to normal position while Scythe sits himself down next to Kilik: Go ahead and shoot, Kazuya.

Kasuka: *Blinks* [Kazuya?] *Shakes he head* What took you so long that you almost missed the train? I understand that you had to get Scythe but that was a close call. Did you get lost?

Kilik: Ohhh. *Rolls his eyes* Getting lost was part of it but the main reason was because of this old fogey here. *Points at Scythe who in returns smacks him with the back of his hand in a straight punch motion* Oof!

Kasuka: How?

Kilik: *Rubbing cheek while Scythe crosses his arms* I told this ancient exhibit that he had to be dressed just in case I needed him for today. What happens when I get home? This guy is in nothing but boxers eating like six tubs of ice cream on the couch! Which is weird cause I don't know where he got the funds for such a snack!

Scythe: [I memorized your credit card information.]
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Kilik: Gah!? We just got to this country you old man and you're already committing fraud!

Kasuka: *giggles* I think it's kind of funny how you keep calling him old when he's so young.

Kilik: *Whips around towards Kasuka* Young? Pffft *Puts his right hand on top of Scythe's head* My partner here is three thousand year old.

Kasuka: *Pauses with a still smile on her face* Huh?

Cervantes: *Returns in front of the trio* Good news everybody, Raj gave us permission to take control of the ship. We better get a move on.

Kasuka: *Stands up kinda shaking and grabs Cervantes sleeve slightly* Cev.

Cervantes: Yes, darling?

Kasuka: *Points to Scythe* 3000 years old?

Cervantes: Oh yeah I meant to tell you that! Haha, sorry honey but that's the truth alright. I even remember when he use to be so impatient to turn two thousand years old when he was two thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven years old (2,997).

Kasuka: *Slumps her shoulders and looks at Cervantes's clearly baffled at his nonchalant manner*

Cervantes: Heh. *Puts his hand to his mouth in a whispering motion but speaks regular* If you ask him nicely he'll show you the panties of Cleopatra.

Scythe: *Writes frantically* [No!! Don't tell people about my personal collection!]

Kasuka: *While the boys are laughing* You guys... are downplaying that someone is actually immortal... on this planet.

Kilik: Nah man. There's like 60 other people like Scythe. Although he is one of the oldest weapons out here. Emphasis on old. *Scythe attempts to jab Kilik in the right thigh but he swats it away without looking at his fist*

Kasuka: ... *Still unable to process mind-blowing fact*

Cervantes: It's okay, dear. I had the same look on my face too. *Checks watch and whistles* We better start heading over to the shipping yard. 15 minutes left and we haven't even planned anything yet.

Kilik: That's why we brought that hulking mass of person along with us. *Walks over Moe and slaps him on the left shoulder slightly startling Moe out of his thinking* Hey buddy ol’ pal! You ready to plot against your recently old employers?

Moe: *Looks at him in an irritated manner* Sure, whatever. *Brushes past Kilik to walk towards the mini huddle*

Cervantes: *gives Moe a long look before continuing* Our boss more or less gave us a strategy to use to kill two birds with one stone. Having told him about you, he suggested that we separate into two groups of two people. One group will go and take care of the Imperials on land and the other group will put a stop to shipment itself.

Kasuka: I think Moe and I should pair up to take care of Imperials on land. We're capable together and with Moe's knowledge of the hidden spots in the security system we'll be able to quietly take them out.
Moe: That's where you're wrong sis. It would have been a good plan had it not been for my boss being here to overlook the shipment.

Cervantes: An Imperial crime boss!? *Scratches back of his head* Damnit that definitely complicates things.

Kilik: How tough is he?

Moe: No one really knows. All I know is that he has a gigantic metal hand that he rests on his desk to intimidate the rest of us and potential clients. And personally I don't want to get on his bad side neither.
Cervantes: No one exactly asked how you felt about his mood swings, we're getting this done. And personally I don't feel at ease with you pairing up with Kasuka to take on someone who's strength even his grunts don't know about.

Kasuka: Are you saying I can't handle myself Cev?

Cervantes: Come on you know I'm not saying that, dear. I'm just saying-

Kilik: That he’s afraid that you'll get hurt. Cev I can read ya like a book and I'll be ever so helpful and pair up with our friend here.

Kasuka: You? Why?

Kilik: Cause! *Places hand on Moe's shoulder* We have to establish an important friendship with our new squad member. Not to mention that if we do his loyalty mission right we'll be able to romance him later. *Moe brushes Kilik's hand away in mild disgust* Also I want to cause beating a crime boss on his home turf sounds too killer to pass up!

Moe: This isn't some joke! You'll be going up against a guy who could possible crush your skull with that hand of his! Normal people wouldn't want to fight someone like that.

Kilik: *Matter-of-factly points at Moe* I ain't exactly normal, kid.

Scythe: *Casually writes* [Not exactly sane neither].

Kilik: That is true. Point is me and Moseph are gonna pair up.

Cervantes: Fine... just be careful.

Kilik: Of course mother.

Cervantes: Kasuka and myself will take care of the ship then. We'll take them from an aerial point to catch them off guard. Kilik when you enter the building let us know over the ear piece to get them really confused. If you need backup just call us.

Kilik: Gotcha.

Cervantes: Good. We better get going Kasuka. *gets to the edge of the open space station and kneels with his arms reaching back*

Moe: ... what the hell is he doing?

Kasuka: He's my ride. *Pokes Moe in the chest* Be safe... and join us. *Walks past Kilik* Thank you for understanding.

Kilik: Anytime. *Watches as Kasuka hops onto Cervantes back as the duo flew through the sky heading towards the sea* Alright young man we have adventure afoot! You ready to go?

*Turns around to find Moe clenching his fists at his side shooting Kilik with a ferocious stare. Moe slowly brought up his hands ready to fight Kilik yet the teen stood sill nonchalantly despite the tense situation. Kilik looked at Moe, then Scythe who waited for Kilik's movements then back at Moe and smiled while shrugging his shoulders*

Kilik: So you still have to think about. That's cool man, no need to pick a losing battle. Lightest. *Picks up Scythe by his collar and attaches him to his back while he walks past Moe* I'll leave you to your thoughts. *Stops before he gets to the stairs* Just do me one solid and tell me how to get the drop on your boss.

Moe: ... *Relaxes and gets back in his stance* If you take a left out of this station and keep straight, you'll find a gate leading to the shipping yard. If you can get past the workers at the gate, go to the right and get on top of the red cargo pods that lead directly to my boss's office.

Kilik: Cooooool. How many guards do you think I might run into.

Moe: Maybe 15. Maybe 20. If you do what I said then you'll only have to deal with him in his office. He sits in there alone cause he said that he doesn't need any protection.

Kilik: good. *Starts to head up the stairs* You might as well stay here if you don't want to mix your next train. I'll cover your disappearing act. Although, *stops* If you don't come in 30 minutes then you'll let your entire life slip into hell. Heh heh, you might even miss the chance to beat your boss’s ass. *Continues up the stairs*

*A far out still shot shows Moe alone the station before multiple citizens strolled into the place. Having not said a word, Moe takes a seat on the closest bench and puts his head into his hands*

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