Loose Cannons (The Story line)


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Loose Cannons Episode 1 - New Beginning Part 1

The warehouse ablaze with intense flames was hot enough for anything from a distance to feel it’s intense heat. Any sane person would not dare to approach such a hazard yet from above in the hovering aircraft there stood two brothers arguing on a complex issue.

"Where is Max!?" Yun shouted towards Kilik.

"He’s in the warehouse! He said to leave without him!"

"Max will not have enough time to get out of there alive. He's crazy!"

Yun was right of course yet words would do nothing for this situation. Leave Max to his death or… A decision was made in Kilik’s eyes. "Must be a family thing cause so am I." Kilik said before he threw himself off the hovering aircraft much to his brother's pleads and shouts.

The pilot for their get a way shouted to Yun, "I gotta get out of here before this place blows! Not to mention your brother here could bleed out any second now!"

"Just hold on for a minute damnit! You wait until both of my brothers come back on this ship." Yun said as he glanced to his other sibling Luke with his unconscious demeanor and bandage covered eyes. ‘Both of you make it back in one piece damnit.’

Into the flaming warehouse Kilik tumbled onto the hard concrete floor. Somehow he was able to put a hole big enough for him to slip through with the remaining energy in his body.
Kilik looked up to view his older brother Max slicing the arm off of the pyromaniac Inferno with his dual samurai swords Yin and Yang and then finishing the enemy with a twin decapitation slice.

Max heard the crash, of course, behind him and turned to see Kilik approaching him barely walking. "Kilik what's your problem!? Get back on the plane and le-"

Before Max uttered the word leave, Kilik sprung forward and punched Max with a fierce right. Not giving Max the chance to recover, Kilik grabbed his brother's combat vest, threw him in the air with the energy he could muster and performed a launching kick to his older brother's chest sending him flying through the hole he had made upon his arrival. 'Two for two. I think my aim is getting better, heh heh...'

On the outside, Max was near the plane as Yun reached out and grabbed his vest from behind pulling him into the plane.

"We have to go back! Kilik's still down there damnit!"

"What!? But-"

Both brothers scrambled to the aircraft's opening to look for any sign of their younger sibling. Both Max and Yun finally laid eyes on their brother's face through the smoke and he was... smiling.

'Being so young and to die is really a shame, I'm suppose to believe that I'm invincible; untouchable even. But in the end I die like any normal person, hilarious really. After all I've done, the good and slight mistakes within my life that I made and I go out like this? Hahahaha, how hilarious.

Maybe... Maybe this is how heroes are supposed to die. Knowing that it’s the end, that they had a good run. Knowing that you can die with a smile on your face because you have earned it.

Before the white flash and heat of the explosion engulfed Kilik's form, he heard his name shouted from above brother’s by his . At least the ones who loved him would miss him. Max would be his proof that he died doing one last act of heroism.

However, after the explosion, Kilik was able to hear his name called by something, no, someone else. Someone he had no idea about, until he opened his eyes.

That was the starting point of a completely new path for the recently young appointed Grim Reaper.


*Kilik had opened his eyes forgetting where he was at first. Blinking a couple of times, he realizes that he was sitting in a plane. First class if someone wanted to get technical*

Kilik: (Just a dream) *Squeezes the bridge of his nose* (I haven’t had that dream in forever. Wonder what caused it. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all those airplane peanuts before I passed out)

*Looks to his right to see if his trusted companion Scythe was still at his side. Thankfully, his little buddy was still sleeping there, his little boy frame and weirdly shape Scythe hair antenna bouncing up and down as he slept. For a hell spawn weapon fit to take people’s lives he was pretty damn adorable*

Kilik: *Stretching his arms above his head and scratched his brown, shoulder-width hair. Suddenly a cough signaled his brown eyes to fall on the hot blond blue uniformed flight attendant with two puff balls for a hairstyle* Ah! You must have came to remind me about the drop zone coming up right… *He peered at her name tag (and cleavage) where it displayed in bold letters Janet* Janet.

Janet: *With a rather bored expression like she hates this job or something* Sure thing. The pilot has given me instructions that your time to jump is in five minutes. Use the hatch on the bathroom’s ceiling and make sure to close it so that other passengers do not fly out. Also-

*Kilik had stopped listening at drop zone. The General, God take his soul please, had already covered this in the briefing. He was more interested in the Janet’s uniform*

Kilik: (Hot damn that cleavage! If I wasn’t taken already I practically live between them tits. Of course I come out for food and video games cause that’s just human nature. Oh shit did she stop talking already?) *Sure enough when he looked up Janet had developed an annoyed look at Kilik*

Janet: Take a picture why don’t you.

Kilik: I left my camera back home. Mind if I draw them instead?

Janet: *A wave of fury passed through her eyes yet it quickly diminished with her slowly breathing out of her nose* Thank you for flying our airlines, have a safe fall *under her breath* and drop dead.

Kilik: *Janet starts to walk away* Actually I can’t drop dead sweety, immortality won’t let me bite the dust so easily.

*Janet stopped and gave Kilik (who had a smirk on his face) an ugly look before disappearing behind the curtain*

Episode 1 - New Beginnings

Kilik: (Of course she didn't believe me, that will change soon) *Starts to lightly shake Scythe awake from whatever dream he was having* Yo, Scythe, time to wake up little buddy.

Scythe: *Rubs his eyes and yawns yet no noise comes out of his mouth. Opening his wide red eyes Scythe smiled at his partner and began to scribble on his notepad that he normally carries around* [Are we here?]

Kilik: You bet. Come on boy we gotta get to the top of this hunk of metal. Do you have to go to the bathroom or anything? *Scythe shook his head no* You sure? I swear if you leak any type of fluids on me I’ll kill you, wait for you to heal, then drop you on your head.

Scythe: *Scribbling* [That’s cute, was I supposed to quiver in my shorts?]

Kilik: *Grinning* Oh you, alright let’s move.

*Both Kilik and Scythe head to the bathroom ready for their jump*

Kilik: Wait a minute! Go ahead to the bathroom Scythe, I forgot my hoodie; don’t want to freeze before I make my big entrance. *Goes back to his seat and grabs the black hoodie to cover up his already black T-shirt with a skull on it. Custom made thank you very much* Hey there Mr. Marshall, keep up the good work.

*The bald headed beefcake nearly spat out his soft drink onto the other seat. Blowing an official of the law’s cover was a personal favorite for Kilik. Air Marshalls were no exception*

Kilik: *In the bathroom he sees Scythe sitting on the toilet swinging his legs* Ok, for this free fall I’m going to need for you to turn into your true form.

*Scythe nodded and reverted into a red glow illuminating the form of a (you guessed it) a Scythe. Placing Scythe onto his back, Kilik opened the hatch of the door as instructed on the door and was met with the sudden explosion of wind. With no fear in his heart, Kilik bounced off the bathroom’s sink onto the hatch opening climbing outside of the plane. Of course, the rope and harness to tie to his waist to keep him on the plane were all there. Putting the harness over his waist, Kilik kicked the door close and held his toe in pain.

On cue, the camera linked to the airplane’s pit appeared with the gray haired and mustache pilot on the screen. Why couldn’t he grow a sweet mustache like that?*

Pilot: Hello Mr. Downing *Author's Note Last name may change, still unsure* I-

Kilik: *Waves his hand dismissively* My Granddad was called Mr. Downing. Please call me Kilik.

Pilot: Hehe ok, Kilik. *Coughs* We are over your destination as of right now. *Kindly tips his hat* Thank you for flying our airlines and good luck.

Kilik: *Two fingered salute* Thanks Captain Sweet Mustache. *Stands up against the wind despite the strength of it. Raises Scythe prepared to cut the rope*

Pilot: Uh! Kilik where is your parachute!?

Kilik: Parachute? What’s life without a little excitement? *Laughs and swings Scythe sending him flying into the air. Attaching Scythe back onto his back Kilik rocketed through the clouds blocking his face from the cold-water mixture within the clouds. Coming through the other side of the cloud Kilik was greeted with the sun shining on the foreign country, his new home and playground, Japan* (I haven’t even set foot on the ground and I’m already loving this place, hehehe*

~Loose Cannons~
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*Two students, a male and female, casually sit on a bench in Fujisaka High School’s courtyard eating a box of cookies as the first school day comes to a close*

[Male Student – Cervantes Vasquez; Wearing standard male uniform consisting of a black uniform jacket, white dress shirt, blue tie, black uniform pants and brown dress shoes]

[Female Student – Kasuka Hanako; Wearing standard female uniform consisting of a black uniform jacket, white blouse, dark blue tie, blue tie, brown shoes and a pair of light blue glasses as well*

Kasuka: Alright Cev, I know you said wait until he gets here but tell me what he’s like.

Cervantes: *Eats a cookie* Well, he’s reckless, blunt, straight to the point, dependable, and a hard worker nonetheless. Also not to mention he loves Hispanic food like a new found drug.

Kasuka: He seems like

Cervantes: Unpredictable?

Kasuka: That’s the word. I don’t know what to think of him now.

Cervantes: I say you should not have any expectations when it comes at Kilik. His unpredictability is something we need along with his experience. Besides he’s my best friend, I’ve known him for most of my life you know.

Kasuka: True. Maybe I’m just worried. I mean this is all new to me, stopping crime with just the three of us seems a tad bit unbelievable.

Cervantes: *Places his hand on Kasuka’s* Hey, as unbelievable as it sounds I’m certain we’ll do fine. Besides, with you and me fighting side by side I wouldn’t have it any other way. *Smiles a warm smile*

Kasuka: *With a slight blush but then smiles back* You sweet talker you. Thank you.

Cervantes: Of course, *returns his hand onto of the bench*

Kasuka: *Takes the last cookie before throwing it in the trash bin next to them* Anything else I need to know on our new teammate?

Cervantes: Yeah- Kilik tends to curse.

Kasuka: *Raises her eyebrow and frowns* Often?

Cervantes: Well… *Rolls his eyes* yeah.

*Back to the sky where Kilik had just dodged a speeding jet almost killing him*

Kilik: Hey watch it er! I know where you live so don’t think I won’t come your shit up!

Scythe: *Shaking his head with a smile on his face*

Kilik: *Pulls out his cellphone* Hmm wonder if I can get a signal up here. Oh sweet there it is! *Pulls up Cervantes number and calls*

Cervantes: *Cell phone rings* That must be Kilik now. *Answers phone* Hello?

Kilik: *In a sitting down position with his legs crossed* Yo Cev what’s up man! Hey what’s the name of the school again?

Cervantes: Fuijisaki. Hey why is there so much wind in the background?

Kilik: Dope. Now what’s the color of the roof?

Cervantes: *A confused expression on his face* Um it has a blue roof.

Kilik: Ok, are you outside or inside?

Cervantes: Outside on a bench with my girl.

Kilik: Awesome, hopefully I’ll land in the right spot, later! *Hangs up*

Cervantes: Land? (I thought I was meeting him at the airport).

Kilik: Alright Scythe I see the school, you ready to make one hell of an entrance!?

Scythe: *Enthusiastically shakes his blade yes*

*Kilik closes his arm and legs resembling a missile speeding towards the ground*

Kasuka: What did he say?

Cervantes: He asked me the color of the roof.

Kasuka: That’s an unusual question. *In her peripherals she sees something coming towards them* What is that?

Cervantes: *Looks in the same direction as Kasuka and suddenly gets wide eyes* No way.

*Kilik was coming in so fast that when he first bounced onto the ground and had to bounce again just to prevent himself from breaking his legs. Doing a side flip over a bench, Kilik saw Cev and his girlfriend both with surprised faces as he sailed over them smiling. Nailed it. Performing another backflip with no hands Kilik finished his entrance with a skidding spin and pointed at Cev and Kasuka*

Kilik: That dismount was perfect! Can I get a feedback from the judges? I’m so ready to get the gold.

*A wind gust passed through the smiling American and two confused students on the bench*
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Cervantes: *Coughs into his hand and stands up* Perfect?! That was a 6 at best! And believe me that’s just being generous!

Kilik: *Drops his arm in disbelief* WHAT!? Fool do you have any knowledge on the gymnastic arts!?

Cervantes: Of course! And to my judicial eyes that was a 6 at best. If you don’t like it take it up with the committee! *Crosses arms and turns head*

Kilik: *Runs over there in a split second stopping in front of Cervantes* To hell with the committee! I will write an extremely angry letter to your country’s leaders! You better empty your wallets cause I’m suing everybody here! *Throws his hands up here to carry out the expression*

*Both of the boys then stared at each other in a standoff type of matter leaving Kasuka completely confused. Suddenly both faces brighten up and the two start laughing and hugging in a friendly way*

Cervantes: Ah man it is so good to see you again!

Kilik: Damn Straight Cev! *they break the hug and bum fists* Wow you looking kinda professional in that uniform Cev.

Cervantes: Thanks man. Hey, your uniform is back at my, well, our apartment so now you have the chance to look this suave. *Thugs on his uniform suit’s collar and grins*

Kilik: What are you talking about Cev? I look damn good in these sweatpants and hoodie. Putting on that uniform would be overkill. Hehehe. Anyway, is this your girlfriend next to you? *Points to Kasuka*

Cervantes: Yes it is! This is Honoka Kasuka. She must have forgotten to introduce herself since all of her matter is probably blown to bits due to that stunt you pulled.

Kasuka: *Mouth slightly open with disbelief in her eyes = confused expression* Huh? *Shaking her head to bring her back into reality. Stands up from the bench and thrusts her hand forward* So sorry about that! I’m just… not use to people falling from the sky like that. Welcome to Japan Kilik…

Kilik: *Shakes her hand* Kilik Downing but I prefer Kilik. *Stops shaking and starts examining it instead*Hmmmm.

Kasuka: *Looks at Cev who merely shrugs* Something wrong?

Kilik: You have some really strong hands for a girl. Your knuckles feel like iron. Do you practice karate by any chance Kasuka?

Kasuka: *Smiles a little* Yes, I have been practicing karate and judo ever since I was four. How could you tell?

Kilik: My Grandpa. I’ll never forget his punches. *Let’s go of Kasuka’s hand*

Kasuka: (He seems knowledgeable about the martial arts. I would like to know how). *Notices that Kilik does not have any luggage* Where exactly are your bags anyway?

Kilik: Well I- *Cuts off by a loud stomach growl*

Cervantes: Hm? Airplane food not cutting it little buddy?

Kilik: Yeah Scythe is probably starving since he slept most of the time.

Kasuka: *With a confused look again* (Both of them are talking to his weapon?)

Kilik: *Notices Kasuka’s confused expression* Oh yeah I forgot to introduce Scythe. *Stands Scythe on the ground as Scythe turns back into his human form* Kasuka this is my little partner in crime fight, Scythe!

Scythe: *Pulls out his notebook to the first page* [Hello!] *Notices Cervantes, smiles and scribbles something down* [Cev it’s good to see you again.]

Cervantes: *Bumps fists with Scythe* Hey little man. Kilik isn’t treating you too poorly now is he?

Scythe: *Writing something down* [He beats me behind closed doors. I had to wear long sleeves for a month because the neighbors got suspicious.]

Cervantes: *Sees Kasuka mouth open and at the ready to pass out* Hahaha he’s kidding Kasuka.

Kilik: Yeah Scythe is a weapon. *Casually taps one knuckle against Scythe’s head making a distinct tink noise* Mere punches and kicks can’t harm him. Besides if I hit him he wouldn’t be alive right now. *Smiles a smug smile*

Scythe: *Raises one eyebrow and writes something* [To women and kids you probably hit like a plush toy at best.]

Cervantes: Pffffft hahahaha!

Kilik: *Blows a breath of air* One day Scythe I will have a comeback at the ready.

Scythe: *Smiles and starts to write until his stomach growls louder than before. Erasing want he had, Scythe scribbles on his note book once more* [Please tell me there’s a restaurant nearby.]

Cervantes: Yeah there’s a great place where we can sit and eat.

Kilik: Well then Executive Navigator, lead the way!

Cervantes: What a fancy title for a tour guide. Kasuka you coming?

Kasuka: *Rubbing her eyes with her fingers* Yeah just trying to understand all of this.

Kilik: Take your time, Kasuka. You’re going to need a seat for the rest of it anyway. *Cev starts to walk first followed by Kilik and Scythe*

Kasuka: (The rest of it?) *Puts her glasses back on and catches up with them* [This is going to be quite the experience.]

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Oh yeah. I'm sure my team could handle it. Whenever this crossover could ever happen ya know
*Within the city of Tokyo, Japan the four patrons sat down in a café ready to order*

Maid Waitress: [Light purple maid outfit cause I lack imagination. Also red short hair if ya wanted the details] Alright 5 Osaka bentos will be here shortly.

Kilik: Oh actually miss that’s just for him. *Points to Scythe who smiles in return* I’ll have the Mega Parfait.

Maid Waitress: Oh, um ok. And for you two?

Cervantes: I’ll have some lemonade please?

Kasuka: I will have the chocolate parfait.

Maid Waitress: Ok your food will be out shortly. *She takes the menu and heads off to the back*

Kilik: Ok I know you’re both over-filling with curiosity so go ahead and fire away with the questions.

Cervantes: Actually I don’t really-

Kasuka: Why did you come all the way to Japan to fight with us?

Cervantes: Whoa. [Straight to the point huh?]

Kilik: Because the States have nothing else to offer crime wise. All the big organizations that I took care of either disappeared or moved to start small in other countries.

Kasuka: Ok but why come here? Why not live peacefully and let the people here handle it?

Kilik: Ha! It’s not in my nature to sit still for too long. I’ll admit, I thought about it but there are three reasons why I can’t just quit. First reason, it’ll be too boring. Second reason, your principal, well, our principal now, Mr. Raj has requested my help to this little shing dig?

Kasuka: And the third reason?

Kilik: *Leans forward* The third reason is-

Maid Waitress: *Somehow carrying the table’s order in her hands. A tray for the parfaits and lemonade in the left hand while the right hand carried the bentos stacked on each other* Your food is here! *With expert speed the waitress hands out each patrons food and utensils* Please enjoy your meal. *Bows and goes to attend to another customer*

*Cervantes began to drink his lemonade while Scythe began to dig into his first bento with the chopsticks provided*

Kilik: Before Kasuka takes her first bite Kilik speaks up* The third reason is because I am the Grim Reaper.

Kasuka: *Closes her mouth and drops the spoon back into her parfair* But that’s-

Kilik: Crazy? Maybe but it is the truth.

Kasuka: *Looks toward Cervantes who is calmly sipping his lemonade* Did you know about this?

Cervantes: Of course, I knew before I moved here. The only reason why I didn’t tell you is because I wanted Kilik to tell you.

Kilik: True, you wouldn’t have believed it coming from someone else.

Kasuka: I don’t believe now. How do I know its not just a title to scare the bad guys?

Kilik: Well then, maybe showing would be better than words.

*Grabbing a utensil napkin with a fork, spoon and knife, Kilik took the knife and looked at it. Shrugging it off, Kilik flipped the knife so that the blade was pointing at the center of his hand. With great force and speed, Kilik drove the knife into his hand making the blade pierce through the other side of his hand. Kasuka had a look of absolute shock and horror sketch on her face. Cervantes simply turned his head and sipped his lemonade*

Cervantes: *Sighs* [He just had to do the knife in the hand trick]

Kasuka: Why did you do that!?

Kilik: To prove that I’m telling the truth. *Trying to pull the knife out of his hand* Hold on, it’s stuck in there pretty good.

*Kilik grunts and gives it a firm tug freeing the knife from his hand drawing several drops of blood on the table. Kasuka, with a reaction of disgust turned her head with her eyes closed*

Kilik: Hey you have to look otherwise you’ll miss the proof.

*Out of fearful curiosity, Kasuka opened one eye and looked at Kilik’s wound. At first it was nothing more than an empty hole with blood spreading down his arm. Then Kilik’s arm defied all sense of reality. His wound began sealing itself repairing the damage caused by the knife. Restoring both muscle and skin, Kilik’s hand appeared brand new with the exception of the small trickle of blood down his forearm*

Kasuka: *Amazed* Wow.

Kilik: Mm-hm. Do you believe me now or do I have to cut off my arm to totally convince you?
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Kasuka: No, no that’s fine. Um, didn’t that hurt? You didn’t scream or shout at all.

Cervantes: Trust me Kasuka; Kilik has been hit with more dangerous shit than butter knives

Kilik: Amen to that. *Cleans off the knife with a nearby napkin* But to answer your question it does hurt. Recovering from wounds has this annoying burning sensation for me. Not to mention that larger injuries take a while for me to heal as well. But since my footwork and speed is God-like I don’t get hit too often.

Kasuka: Super speed? Is that natural?

Kilik: Yup. *Takes a bite of the parfait* By the Messiah this thing is great! Where has this creation of greatness been all my life? Mmm.

Kasuka: How is that possible?

Kilik: The goodness of this parfait?

Cervantes: No the super speed.

Kilik: Oh of course. My Grandpa told me that my ancestor was granted powers beyond the abilities of mankind to defeat a demon tyrant. Didn’t believe it at first until Grandpa showed me this Japanese mythology book with him fighting what I think was the Devil. I asked my boss and he said that it was a grim reaper that went rogue.

Kasuka: That’s amazing. It kind of reminds me of chi in a sense.

Kilik: Mhm. Anyway enough about me, *puts his spoon into the big empty glass* what are these thugs like? Must be pretty dangerous to call in a badass like me,

Cervantes: Stupid yet dangerous attention seekers. Everything they do is in public showing straight anarchy. Their crimes normally range from petty theft to things even more vulgar. *Looks at cellphone* I’m sure Prinicpal Raj will go more in depth with it tomorrow. *Pulls out his wallet and frowns* (Not enough money, shit) Uh.

Kasuka: *Rests hand on Cervantes’s arm* Don’t worry Cev I’ll pay for today.

Kilik: Nope, I got this bill. *Pulls out wallet*

Kasuka: You just got here, please let me pay.

Kilik: Thanks but this is is partially my way of saying that we’re friends from here on out. Besides I have to pay for the blackhole that is my partner.

Scythe: *Shrugs as he sets his chopsticks onto the empty stack of bento boxes*

Kilik: Not to mention that I have the financial funds to cover this meal. *Whips out a shiny black card*

Kasuka: A black card? You must be really wealthy for your age huh?

Cervantes: Pfft okay lawyer’s daughter.

Kaskua: *Shoves Cervantes playfully*Shh.

Kilik: Haha, making bad men and their corrupt organizations disappear has its perks like getting paid the big money.

Cervantes And buying groceries for your best friend.

Kilik: You have to put out first.

Kasuka: What!?

Cervantes: HA! He’s only joking Kasuka.

Kilik: Yeah because its not like I WANTED you to put out or anything!

Cervantes: You've been here for at least two hours and you’re already acting like a typical anime archetype.

Kilik: Hey you’re right! I’m starting to like this country more than the states already!

*After paying for their food, the group exited the restaurant to an already sunset evening in Japan*

Kasuka: Well Kilik, is there any sites you want to see before it gets dark?

Kilik: Nah not really. Think I’ll turn it in for tonight after that long flight.

Cervantes: Alright but something’s been bugging me.

Kilik: What’s that home boy?

Cervantes: Where’s your stuff? Suitcase, clothes, other main needs.

Kilik: Oh! Well its being flown or shipped here but was planning to buy basic things until it gets here.
Therefore, direct me to your porn stores!

Cervantes: *Sighs and shakes head*

Kasuka: *Gasps and glows red*

Kilik: Hahahaha! Man your face was priceless Kasuka. Phew, I’m sure you’ll get used to it.

Kasuka: *Coughs into her hand* Hopefully.

Cervantes: Then again we could still go for um, research. *Before Cev can even react, Kasuka tightly grips
one of his nipples tightly* Ow! Ow!! Kasuka it was a joke!

Kasuka: *Let’s go and sticks her tongue out at Cev* Keep your perverted thoughts to yourself, dear.

Cervantes: Oh hush you loved it. *Mimicks Kasuka’s voice* “But Cev that position is embarrassing!”

Kasuka: Damnit Cev why would I say that! *Attacks Cervantes off screen*

Scythe: *Writing* [What a cute couple.]

Kilik: I agree Scythe, reminds me of Tiff and me. *Suddenly starts tearing up* My baby!

Kasuka: *Turns her head to Kilik while pulling Cervantes cheeks* Tiff?

Kilik: *Wiping his eyes with his wrist* Yeah one of my female companions back in America I thought about hooking up with before I moved here.

Kasuka: *Let’s go of Cervantes cheeks finally* Sorry to hear that you had to move without her.

Kilik: Eh don’t be, it's a complicated situation anyway. Plus its like a 7 - 10 minute run from here to California.

Cervantes: *Rubbing his face* Yes well maybe you’ll have enough free time to visit her considering our line of work. It’s going to get real busy once we start tomorrow.

Kilik: *Smiles* Can’t wait.

Cervantes: Good to hear. Anyway, let’s go shopping for this man's basic needs. We gotta be in tip top
shape this year in school Kilik because Japan's education system is no cake walk.

Kilik: *Sarcastically* Oh boy more education. Whatever, *Crosses his arms and looks confidently out to the distance* I’m not going to back down from your academic challenges Japan so bring it!

Scythe: *Also crosses his arms and nods*

*Cervantes and Kasuka smiled as the four began walking to the nearest store to get supplies. From a distance the sight seemed to resemble a long promising friendship*

Cervantes: *Camera still in the distance* Oh yeah I have to get revenge for that Kung Fu Death Grip on my nips Kasuka.

Kasuka: Hah! You better not even think about pinching mine because-

*In mid-sentence Cervantes brought his hand in a low arc and connected loudly with Kasuka’s butt*

Kasuka: Ah! Owwwwwwwwwwwww!

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*The next morning approaches! A sleepy Cervantes in a white T-shirt and blue striped pajama bottoms rubbing his eyes in his bathroom as the day begins*
Cervantes: Feels like it’s going to be a good day today!

*A montage of Cervantes showering, brushing his teeth and putting on deodorant along with his black uniform jacket, white dress shirt, blue tie and black uniform pants. Stepping out of his room and closing the door, Cervantes is met with the site of Kilik cooking eggs at the stove already dressed in his school attire and ready to go*

Kilik: Mornin’ Cev!

Cervantes: Morning Kilik! *Sits down at the table* I thought I had to wake you up but here you are up and early cooking breakfast.

Kilik: Eh don’t get used to it friend. The fact that I’m awake is a miracle. I always get a little nervous before starting a new school year so I woke up early.

Cervantes: Not to mention your cooking breakfast for the both of us. I could die happy right now.
Kilik: Oh yeah, why’s that?

Cervantes: I haven’t had breakfast in a while. I was mostly eating noodles or toast for breakfast.

Kilik: I noticed you had a stockpile of instant noodles that would make doomsday fanatics look like amateurs. *Smiles devilishly* Thankfully for your well-being I threw them all out and replaced it with healthier choices.

Cervantes: *Ghostly expression* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

*In one quick movement, Cervantes knocked over the chair and ran to the pantry door swinging it wide open to reveal the heavy amount of stacked noodles untouched*

Cervantes: *Stares at the pantry for a moment then turn’s his head to a smiling Kilik* You shouldn’t play with my emotions like that Kilik, I could have killed you. *Closes pantry door*

Kilik: Hahaha. I just figured I just crack a joke to wake you up this morning Cev.

Cervantes: *Returns to his seat*I think I’ll crack a joke myself and pour holy water on you while you’re taking a shower. You know, to make sure your on your toes.

Kilik: … *Looks at Cev with no emotion and starts to tilt the eggs out of the pan*

Cervantes: *With hand outstretched* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

*Transition with bread popping out of the toaster nearby*

Cervantes: *Puts hands together* Thank you for the meal. *Grabs a knife and starts putting jelly on his toast.

Kilik: Praise God. *Starts eating his eggs*

Cervantes: Is Scythe still asleep?
Kilik: *Overshot of a drooling Scythe* Yeah the little fiend is sleeping like a rock. Probably jet lag or pure laziness.

Cervantes: Yeah jet lag is fierce after a flight from the states. *Takes a bite out of his eggs* Holy hell these eggs are amazing!

Kilik: Haha I knew you would love ‘em! I put all the right spices, pepper and cheese to make the ultimate egg! No one can touch this man’s cooking!

Cervantes: Actually Karyn can.

Kilik: Karyn?

Cervantes: You’ll meet her after school before we go on our first assignment. Besides Karyn is a goddess at cooking, trust me.

Kilik: Pfft, I guess a challenge will be amusing.

*After finishing breakfast the two friends exited the house and began their walk up the hill to school*
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Cervantes: How’s my mom?

Kilik: Oh my soon-to-be-wife is doing just fine Cev?

Cervantes: Kilik… I know where you live.

Kilik: Oh calm down you. Anyway when I went to visit your house she asked me to tell you to call her more, she knows that you’re going to be doing some dangerous work and she would like to hear from you more often.

Cervantes: *Nodding* She’s right; I haven’t called her in over two weeks, a lot of thinking to be doing about this whole vigilante business.

Kilik: Yeah I can see how this can affect you. But don’t worry; we got each other’s backs of course.

Cervantes: Heh, now I feel reassured. Did my mom say anything else?

Kilik: Nah that’s it for you. Me on the other hand… *sighs*

Cervantes: What? What did she say to you?

Kilik: She denied my marriage proposal again! *Wags his finger* Still working on winning her heart and becoming your dad Cev, just takes patience.

Cervantes: *Drops his bag and starts to violently glow a purple aura while cracking his knuckles* Kilik!

Kilik: *Backs away* Okay, okay! Just jokes man.

Cervantes: Tch. *Still frowning while picking up his bag* How would you like it if I wanted to take your mom huh?

Kilik: You want to have sex with a lady who’s already popped out six kids?

Cervantes: …

Kilik: Thriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisty.

Cervantes: Shut up! Gah, one day I’ll punch you into the galaxy Kilik!

Kilik: Whatever you say man. *The two start walking once again*

Cervantes: How’s my dad doing?

Kilik: He’s fine from what I’ve seen. Hell he was even playing the old Wii console with your sister. He told me that the doctors declared his condition stable.

Cervantes: Yeah he told me the other day as well. Well it’s good to hear he’s still moving.

Kilik: *Nodding* Uh huh. Also your sister called you a dumb head.

Cervantes: What kind of insult is that?

Kilik: A middle school insult, the worse kind too. I remember I hit this kid with that kind of verbal assault and his parents got divorced.

Cervantes: Pffft you evil bastard that’s terrible. *Stops in front of a house and sees Kasuka coming out of her own home* Hey Honoka! *Kasuka waves back before fully putting on her shoes*

Kilik: Ohhhh you two on first name bases huh? *Nudging Cev with his elbow* Mind if I be the Godfather.

Cervantes: Oh shush you. *Kasuka arrives* Good morning.

Kasuka: *smiles* Morning dear. *They peck each other on the lips*

Kilik: You look different. Where are your glasses?

Kasuka: Oh I took the, off and wore my contacts instead. I did not want to break the later on for our first outing because my father would definitely kill me.

Kilik: I hear ya on that. *The group starts walking down the road past all of the houses on their way to school* (First day of school and back to kicking ass.) *Wide grin* (I’d be while to say if I wasn't excited!)

*Elsewhere at Fuijisaki’s principal office. A fairly large man wearing yellow suit and sported a long mane of white hair sat in a large brown chair behind an equally large desk was facing the window viewing the school’s fairgrounds while his blond female vice principal read off certain school updates*

Jessie: *This blond women’s name is Jessica Leonhart (but likes to go by Jessie most of the time) who had long hair with bangs, red lipstick, wore a black skirt and white dress short sleeved button up. She read off particular school business from the piece of paper in her hand as she paced in front of the principal, Varatharajah Raj* It seems the school has accepted more than 600 more freshmen this year sir.

Principal Raj: That’s good.

Jessie: We were able to keep the entire faculty from last year so no need to hire anyone else.

Principal Raj: Excellent.

Jessie: Also – *She stops pacing and looks up from here paper* Kilik downing has arrived and starting his first day of school as we speak.

Principal Raj: Splendid, thank you Jessie. I believe that’s all for your second day report?

Jessie: Yes sir, I’ll be outside if you need me. *Begins to leave but faces Raj’s chair once again* Sir, I rarely question your decisions but do you think it’s the right time to start up this program again? Maybe it’s too soon to release another team considering what happen to the last time. Especially what happened to your son…

Principal Raj: Jessica.

Jessie: *Slightly jumps* S-sorry sir! I mean I had this debate with myself for weeks and had to discuss it with you. Please forgive me if I stepped out of line sir!

Principal Raj: Oh Jessie it is quite all right. *The large man finally faced Jessie to reveal a tan man of Indian descendant with a large white goatee, yellow eyes and a yellow suit. Standing up behind the desk he continued to speak* I can understand your concern and you have every right too. I should let well enough alone after my previous team and son’s passing but I cannot allow that to happen, Jessie. It may be insane but I must continue forward with a clean slate. These Loose Cannons will succeed, that I can guarantee.

Jesse: *Awe inspired and amazed she simply smiles* Inspirational as always sir.

Principal Raj: *Smiles back* Thank you Jessie. *Turns back to the window while sitting down in his seat*
Their first mission is after school meaning we will have our definite answer on their success and functionality as a team. This day will be the day to determine if we can stop those blasted Imperial thugs.

*In a classroom where the school bell has just sounded, the students are seated in perfect rows talking among their friends until the door opens revealing a dark skinned woman with short spiky black hair and a ponytail stopping at the middle of her back. The obvious female teacher name was wearing a white business blouse, a black business jacket on her shoulders and a black skirt with tan pantyhose and black heels. She also wore a rather imitating expression silencing the class immediately with one stare and cross of the arms*
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Miss Sergeant: Welcome to your second day of class maggots. I am your teacher Miss Sergeant and I believe that you students are privileged enough to know my name until your grades impress me. Normally I would not introduce myself for the second time in a row because I expect you “capable” students to remember such details by yourself. However, today is a special occasion because we have a new student joining us today. Please let us get this introduction out of the way to resume to our scheduled learning. Mr. Downing, if you would please introduce yourself.

Kilik: Yes ma’am. *Gets out of his seat in the middle of the class room. Arriving at the front, he takes a breath and speaks* My name is Kilik Downing. I was born and raised in the United States and I am happy to be in a different country such as this one to attend school.

Cervantes: (Not a bad introduction at all).

Miss Sergeant: Thank you Mr. Downing you may –

Kilik: Also one more thing. *Pauses for effect drawing the attention of the entire classroom* If any of you are a part of these gangs I hear about then me and my team are gonna fvck you guys up! *He says that part with so much cheerfulness by the way*

*The entire classroom was stunned. Kasuka had a blank stare and Cervantes had his mouth on his desk in disbelief*

Kilik: *Turns his attention to Cervantes (who is one seat diagonal to the left in front of Kilik) and gives a thumb up* Nailed it.

Cervantes: *Exploding out of his seat in anger* YOU DIDN'T NAIL ANYTHING!!

Miss Sergeant: *Walking up behind Kilik she places a hand on the young man’s shoulder causing Kilik to look back at the teacher* I admire your enthusiasm Mr. Downing however, *Gives the most life threatening glare ever. There is no life in her eyes man!)* If you ever perform an outburst like that again I will dispose of you. And once you've healed your wounds I will repeat the process more thoroughly. Is that clear?

Kilik: *Gulps* How did you know about my-

Miss Sergeant: Sit down.

Kilik: Yes ma’am.

Miss Sergeant: Good. Also Cervantes if you create a similar outburst like that again *zoom in on the life-less eyes* I will dismember you.

Cervantes: Y-yes ma’am. *Sits back down*

Miss Sergeant: Great. You may take your seat Kilik.

Kilik: *Kilik walks backs to his desk while Miss Sergeant began to call the roll* By Hades pubic hair she’s intense.

Cervantes: No kidding, we better watch our asses.

Kilik: Agreed. I thought thugs were the only thing to worry about here?

Miss Sergeant: Kasuka Honoka?

Kasuka: Present.

Miss Sergeant: Moe Higashi? *Dead silence as she glances to the second row from the window to see an empty desk behind Kilik and Cervantes and next to Kasuka* [Second day this boy has missed class. So help me it better not be a delinquent].

Kasuka: *Looks at the empty desk and sighs*(You’re skipping school again? Moe, where are you?)
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