Loose Cannons (The Story line)

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Don't know if I'll write that something gets blown up or destroyed but the whole property damage thing will be for yucks.
*Kilik was the first to arrive at the warehouse district followed by Cervantes and Kasuka who floated down next to Kilik*

Kilik: Alright, where do we start?

Kasuka: Not too far it seems. *She points to a thug with a normal buzz cut casually smoking a cigarette* I’m willing to bet that’s where they’re all hiding.

Cervantes: Then let’s flush them out. Don’t worry about stealth because going off the picture there’s only a small group of thugs there. Nothing we can’t handle through a little brawling.

Kilik: Sounds like a plan. Oh! You mind if I introduce ourselves to the bouncer? I’ve been working on my people skills since you left.

Cervantes: I highly doubt that, but go ahead man.

Kilik: Nice! Let’s go introduce ourselves.

*The three casually walked up to the buzz cut thug who blocked the door way to the warehouse*

Kilik: What’s up buzz cut? Say, mind if we go in this warehouse and take your shipping schedule?

Kasuka: *Obviously surprised* (What!?)

Cervantes: *Blank face* (Not surprising really).

Buzz Cut Imperial: Is this some sort of joke? Who the hell are you guys?

Kilik: *Rolls his eyes* The Justice League of Hong Kong. Why do door guys like you always ask the most dumbest of questions?

Buzz Cut Imperial: *Glaring at the young hero* Because I don’t have to answer to pipsqueaks like you. Do you know who you f!cking with right now, Shorty?

Kilik: Yeah, a really dumb motherf!cker to call me short. *Equally returns a glare of his own*

*Within a split second, the Buzz cut thug c!cked his fist back and threw it at a blinding speed impacting with something hard. However, that hard surface wasn’t Kilik’s face but rather his sneaker blocking the fist from reaching his face*

Kilik: A sucker punch? Man you punks are gonna be easier than the suits back at home.

*Before Buzz Cut could attack again, Kilik quickly spun counter clockwise with a low backwards left sweep leaving the thug stranded in the air. Keeping the momentum going, Kilik bounced off his left foot to keep spinning, planted his right foot on the ground and delivered a powerful left roundhouse to the Imperial’s stomach. Buzz Cut himself was still spinning as he hit the warehouse’s door taking the large metal sheet off its hinges. Both the warehouse door and Buzz Cut flew into the building*

Cervantes: I thought you said you worked on your people skills.

Kilik: Yeah couldn’t you tell that I made a great improvement today? What do you think Kasuka?

Kasuka: I uh. *Looks at the now gone warehouse metal sheet*I think you might need some work.

Kilik: *Shrugs arms* Yeah well.

Voice Inside the Garage: What the f!ck!?

Cervantes: Come on team, that’s our cue to get that shipping schedule.

*Entering the garage the three heroes see a medium sized group of thugs gathering around the unconscious body of Buzz Cut*

High Pitched Thug: Hahahaha! Damn man I didn't know you could let doors hit you on the way in too! Hahaha!

Sunglasses Thug: *Takes notice of the trio standing not too far from the rest of the thugs* Who the f!ck are you?

Kilik: Are you serious right now? I just kicked that guy through the door and you want an introduction? Are all of you this f!cking stupid.

Sunglasses Imperial: *Grits teeth in anger* Piece of shit! Do you know who you're-

Cervantes: Yeah, yeah low level Imperial grunts. *Points at the group with one hand and clenches his fist in the other hand* We're shutting you punks down. Resist if you want it to hurt more.

Sunglasses Imperial: ... BWAHAHAHA!! *The other thugs laugh as well following their leader. As if a silent command was ordered, Sunglasses Thug pulled out a switchblade. Following suit the rest of the thugs pulled out different weapons like switchblades, pipes or bats* You're going to need back up then punk.
Cervantes: *Smirks* I was going to tell you the same thing. Kasuka, I need you to go get the shipping schedule. Kilik and I can handle this trash and it’ll be much faster.

Kasuka: Understood, be careful you two. *Jogs over to the door to the left near the group of thugs*

Cervantes: Same too you.

High Pitched Thug: didn’t you just hear what the boss said? *Raises his crowbar above his head and swings it* You’re gonna need an army to deal with us bit-

*Instead of the crowbar connecting with Kasuka’s head as she passed by, the thug’s crowbar was stopped by a purple hand leading to Cervantes own outstretched left arm as he glowed the same purple aura. Kasuka disappeared through the door way leaving the High Pitched Thug to nervous glance at Cev. Leaving the thug without much time to react, Cervantes pulled the crowbar with the punk still attached to it in his direction. Cervantes pulled his right fist back and then floored the thug with powerful punch to the face knocking him out before he even touched the ground as he sailed over his other gang members*

Cervantes: Like I said, *Cracks his knuckles and gets into a fighting stance with both fists up* my friend and I will deal with you trash.

Kilik: What he said, *Outstretches his right arm, keeps his left arm close to his body and lowers his stance by a tad bit to get into a fighting stance*And guess what day it is?

Sunglasses Imperial: Grr, making us look like fools. Tear these b!tches apart! *The all of the thugs rush forward at the duo ahead*

Kilik: That’s right! *Close up of his face* Garbage Day motherf!ckers!
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*A dark skinned Imperial yelled and charged at the already charging Kilik with his raised nailed bat followed by the two other thugs behind him. Dark Skinned Imperial swung the weapon horizontally aiming for Kilik’s head, yet completely missed for Kilik had jumped over the attack. The airborne Kilik brought his right foot down on the Imperial’s face then did a front flip over to the other side to confront the two thugs behind Dark Skinned Imperial. While he was still in the air, Kilik curled into a ball and sprung out like a jack in the box with his legs in a split position. Each foot had connected hard with both Imperials face’s knocking them quite a few feet from the force of the kicks.

Kilik balanced his landing onto his left hand and swung himself with momentum into a standing position. However, Dark Skinned Imperial was already behind Kilik with an anticipating vertical blow with the spiked bat. Unfortunately for the Imperial, Kilik heard the thug once he already landed and performed a spinning right kick stopping the Imperial with his shoe on his face just before the weapon could reach his head*

Kilik: Hm? You had something to say dude? *Removes foot from thug’s face*

Dark Skinned Imperial: Hurrrr, burr. *Drops his weapon and falls on his face unconscious*

Kilik: I know, I know; my skill is just too good that it leaves you speechless.

Imperial #1: Bastard! *Gets up from being kicked earlier and grabs his crowbar along with the other Imperial who does the same. Both rush at Kilik intending to hurt him*

Kilik: Oh gooood! You two are still conscious! *Chargers at the two and leaps in the air to engage them*

*Meanwhile Cervantes was on the other side dodging and weaving a Pale Imperial’s vicious knife assault. He dodged left, then right and when the Imperial went for a big horizontal slash, Cev leapt backwards to avoid the attack. The Imperial thug immediately charged forward with his blade outstretched intended on stabbing Cev in the chest. Cervantes dodged to the right leaving the Imperial wide open for a big right body blow from Cervantes. To put Pale Imperial down for the count, Cev swung back around with a powerful left hook promptly knocking the Imperial out.

In Cervantes peripheral vision, he saw two Imperials rushing at him ready to fight. Instead of having a 2-on-1 match up, Cervantes created a purple metal bat with his aura and got into a batter’s stance. The Imperials kept their stride until Cervantes increased the bat’s width and length twice its size when the thugs were within range. The two were unable to stop as Cervantes raised his right leg, stepped into his swing and crushed the two Imperials through one of the warehouse’s window with a mighty swing of the bat.

Once the bat dissipated in the air, Cervantes glared at the Sunglasses Imperial challenging him to make his move. The Imperial met his glare with an equally pissed off glare and a “Tch” noise. The two wasted little time in rushing at each other ready to fight. Cervantes was the first to jump in the air and attempted a lunging punch on Sunglasses Imperial. Sunglasses dodged the attempt and retaliated with a knife attack aimed for Cervantes face while Cev deflected the intended blow with aura coating his hands*

*While Cervantes was fighting the leader, Kilik was busy with the two thugs we had kicked earlier. Currently both Imperials were on opposite sides trying their best to hit Kilik with their crowbars. Unfortunately the two could not hit their marks as Kilik was proficient in dodging their intended blows. After missing for another consecutive time, both Imperials went to attack at the same time with a high-low attack hoping for a successful strike. However, Kilik was able to dodge both attacks simultaneously as he ducked the high attack and raised his right leg for the low attack.

After the dodging maneuver, Kilik was ready to retaliate with a sharp standing right kick to the Front (First) Imperial face then followed up with an explosive back right kick to the Back (Second) Imperial’s stomach. Since the First Imperial was farther from Kilik’s reach, he sprang off his left foot to give himself a spinning motion and proceeded to come around at full force with a huge right kick to the side of Second Imperial’s head. After landing on his feet, Kilik dashed at First Imperial while he was still stumbling from the previous blow and elbowed him in the solar plexus. While First Imperial was trying to regain his breath, Kilik hopped to the backside and did an improvised soccer kick with his left foot striking the thug’s neck. As the two Imperials lay on the ground not moving, it was safe to say that the pair we’re unconscious*

Kilik: Sees Cervantes still dodging and deflecting the Sunglasses Imperials* Yo Cev, share the workload brother!

Cervantes: Sure thing man!

Sunglasses Imperial: You stupid b!tch! Don’t you dare look down on me!

*Sunglasses went in for a lunging stab to the chest but his wrist was caught by a purple hand emerging from Cervantes’s shoulder blade. Cervantes’s aura hand widens the opening to Sunglasses already unprotected face. Sunglasses eyes widen as Cervantes came across with a fierce right hook breaking the latter’s sunglasses and made him stumble away from Cev.

Before Ex-Sunglasses could land, Kilik was already under his body with his super speed anticipating his opponent in a crouching position. Kilik put all of his power into his left as he jumped from his crouching position and raised his right knee for an explosive strike under Sunglasses chin sending the Imperial several feet in the air*
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*Speaking of several feet in the air, we switch to a long hallway with a bald Imperial flying through the air. Once the hairless thug fell to the ground, we see an extended bandaged hand from Kasuka which was a result from a nasty crouching right uppercut*

Corn Rows Imperial: *With three other Imperials, they all looked at their unconscious comrade and looked back at the girl with the extended arm* Ah shit, this b!tch knows Kung Fu.

Long Blond Hair Imperial: No you dipshit that’s obviously Muay Thai.

Green Mohawk Imperial: I could have sworn it was boxing.

Grown Man Face Imperial: You’re all stupid. She’s obviously using the ninja arts.

Kasuka: *Sighs and face palms* Gentlemen as much as I want to correct you on your ignorance I really don’t have any time to do that. *Returns to her stance with her left arm and fist close to her body and her right arm slanted up and palm pointing* I have a job to do and if you don’t want to get hurt, I suggest you move out of my way.

Corn Row Imperial: Who the f!ck are you trying to threaten b!tch!? *Rushes at Kasuka first*

*When Corn Rows was within range, Kasuka sent a strong right low kick to the Imperial’s leading leg stopping him in his tracks. Kasuka then followed with a fierce left punch into the thug’s diaphragm and finished the Imperial with a crushing right leg kick to the temple. As the Corn Rows Imperial fell to the ground knocked out, Kasuka returned her to her fighting stance and beckoned the remaining three to charge at her with her hand*

Both Grown Man Face (GMF) and Long Blond Hair (LBH) looked at each other and charged at the same time at the idle girl across the hallway. Green Mohawk Imperial seemed to be the only one too scared or smart not to rush Kasuka. When GMF Imperial was within range, he threw out a wicked haymaker only to be ducked by Kasuka. While the thug’s back was turned, Kasuka did a right step kick to the Imperial’s back making GMF fall on his face. However, LBH Imperial was quick to attack with a three kick combination of a right low kick, a left middle kick and a right high kick which were all blocked by Kasuka. LBH then followed with an intended spinning right overhead kick to the collarbone area but was unfortunately caught with Kasuka’s left forearm.

Keeping her opponent off balanced, Kasuka sent a straight right to LBH’s face making the Imperials head rocket backwards. At the same time that the thug’s head would return back to its original position, Kasuka let go of LBH’s foot, spun on her left foot and sent the Imperial into the nearby wall with a strong right roundhouse.

Her last opponent, Grown Man Face, came rushing behind hopping to catch Kasuka in a bear hug yet Kasuka dashed out of GMF’s range. The Imperial attempted the grab once more but was met with a standing right uppercut to the chin. To properly finish off the Imperial, Kasuka clamped down on both his wrist and shirt collar and proceeded to hoist the thug an over the shoulder Judo throw. While the Imperial was sprawled out on the floor, Kasuka finished GMF with a right ground punch to the face*

Green Mohawk Imperial: H-Holy shit.

Kasuka: *Raises to her full height and slowly walks toward the last Imperial* I have a question if you don’t mind me asking.

Green Mohawk Imperial: Wait a minute! *Puts his hands up* I’m not like those guys! This is only my first day! Please don-

Kasuka: *In one quick motion, Kasuka launched her fist at Green Mohawk’s face and stopped inches from his nose* I said I had a question. No not interrupt me again. *Gives a glare to emphasize her point*

Green Mohawk Imperial: *Nervously shaking* Yeah o-ok.

Kasuka: How do I get to the main office from here?

Green Mohawk: Oh, uh, go past me then take a right at the third door to the staircase and at the tip of the stairs just turn left.

Kasuka: How nice of you, thanks. *Rears her fist back*

Green Mohawk: No please don’t hit me! I’m sorry please!! *Sniffles a little bit*

Kasuka: *Awkwardly pauses with her arm in the air. Eventually she decides to take pity on the thug and puts her arm down * Hmmm. *Sighs and points at the Imperial* I’ll let you off easy today. Get a haircut, re-dye your hair and if I see you again I will not go easy on you. Got it?

Green Mohawk Imperial: *Nods vigorously with a long drop of snot coming out of his nose* Yes ma’am.
Kasuka: Alright then, go ahead and leave.

Green Mohawk Imperial: Okay. *Runs past Kasuka and over the unconscious thugs*

Kasuka: *Rubs the left side of her head in thought* Ah jeez I’m starting to go soft. Then again I just started. *Chuckles at her comment and heads to her destination*
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*Meanwhile, our other team of Loose Cannons was in the beginning of interrogating Ex-Sunglasses Imperial*

Kilik: *Grabs Ex-Sunglasses’ collar while Ex-Sunglasses is still on the floor* Mwahahahahaha! You are defeated!

Ex-Sunglasses: Uh mufrr. *Aka grunt sound*

Kilik: Hey English man! *Slaps Ex-Sunglasses*

Cervantes: *Leaning against a wall next to a door entrance* He’s probably still knocked out,

Kilik: Yeah well we don’t have all day for Sunshine to take a nap. *Intentionally brings the Imperial close and whispers* I wonder how far that broomstick will go up his ass.

Ex-Sunglasses: *Immediately, Ex-Sunglasses shot his head backwards in an attempt to get away from
Kilik* What the hell!?

Kilik: Oh good you’re awake. I was going to see if you were loose or tight had you continued that little fake nap.

Ex-Sunglasses: Get away from me homo!

Kilik: Not gonna happen shit breath. *uses both hands to raise Ex-Sunglasses by the collar* Where is the shipping schedule?

Ex-Sunglasses: *Glares at Kilik8 I ain’t telling you shit pipsqueak.

Kilik: *Glares back at the Imperial* Look here dumbass, you don’t have the luxury of being so goddamn
stubborn with me right now. *Takes Ex-Sunglasses to the same wall that Cervantes is leaning on and slams him against the wall to have the Imperial on his feet while maintaining his grip on the collar* Since I’ve some time, I’m willing to stand here and listen to any information you have about this shipping yard. Now of course if you just want to be stubborn and keep shut, my friend and I will beat the facts out of you.

Cervantes: By the way, *A purple aura broom appears in his hand* we weren’t lying about the broomstick.

Ex-Sunglasses: *A far shot shows a moment of silence between the three until Cervantes enlarged the broom by a “considerable” amount*Gah! Ok damnit I’ll talk! The schedule is in the office, second drawer on the left.

Cervantes: *Taps his earpiece* Kasuka, the schedule is in the office second drawer on the left.

Kasuka: I’m actually on my way to the office right now, but it does save me the time from rummaging the entire office. Ask our suspect what they’re shipping in the first place.

Cervantes: Yeah good idea. *Points the broom at Ex-Sunglasses while keeping Kasuka on the line* Hey buddy, what are you guys shipping anyway? *Makes the broomstick throb once*

Ex-Sunglasses: *Winces* Damnit. My boss is mostly shipping cocaine and other narcotics to various countries. When it’s time for a delivery, me and the others take the product to the ship.

Kilik: Separated deliveries?

Ex-Sunglasses: Yeah three Imperials per route.

Kilik: Sounds like you’ve been here a long time to be doing this. How has your group been able to ship drugs through the sea so easily? The Coast Guards should be all over you pricks.

Ex-Sunglasses: *Gives a smug smile* Because the ship’s crew is paid to transport the product and a Coast Guard ship’s crew is also paid off. They look the other way and the drugs reach their destination without any trouble because their pockets are nice and full.

Kasuka: That’s disgusting. How can Coast Guards turn the other way like that?

Kilik: Crooked officials are more common than you think Kasuka. Money leads to power and even the law wants power.

Cervantes: That’s exactly why we’re putting a stop for this. Kasuka have you reached the office yet?

Kasuka: Yes I’m opening the door now.

Cervantes: Ok good. Afterwards come down here so we can search the place. I’ll call the police while we
tie this guy up.

Kasuka: Roger that.

Ex-Sunglasses: *While Cev presses the button on the earpiece to signal the police, Ex-Sunglasses decided to talk shit* You think you can stop us!? The Imperials!?We’re a newfound army baby and three uptight shits ain’t gonna stop us! Maybe if you guys pulled your heads out of your asses and learn from your last crew getting slaughtered by the Emperor, then maybe- *Kilik lifts up his right knee in a quick rising motion and makes contact with the thug’s stomach. Hard.* -Guh! *Kilik lets the Imperial clench his stomach and fall to the side in pain*

Kilik: We already got what we need so shut up dude. Yo Cev can you make any duct tape with that power of yours?

Cervantes: No but I can make some handcuffs. *Sure enough Cev makes a pair of purple handcuffs appear in his hand*

Kilik: … *Grins* You’ve been experimenting Cev?

Cervantes: No shut up I knew you would think that, but you have no idea what I had to do to go through to memorize these. All the shops I had to go through to fine strong, suitable cuffs.

Kilik: *Snickers* If you wanted some strong cuffs then I know a good BDSM shop back in the states for you in your lover.

Cervantes: What did I just say!? These cuffs are for justice damnit!

*While the two continued to banter each other, Ex-Sunglasses looked to his right and saw his knife in arm’s reach. Ex-Sunglasses decided to take the bolder option and reached for the weapon. Cervantes noticed this and was about to speak up until the door leading to the hallway rapidly swung open and crushed him against the wall. The Green Mohawk Imperial from earlier rushed out and ran through the opening which distracted Kilik entirely. Taking advantage of the confusion, Ex-Sunglasses grabbed his weapon and violently stabbed Kilik in the side of the neck. To ensure his escape, Ex-Sunglasses kicked Kilik in the stomach and launched himself off the ground and left the garage*
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Cervantes: *Slowly pushes the door off of himself and holds his nose* Ah damn that was embarrassing.

Kilik you good?

Kilik: *Sits up, winces as he pulls out the blade and tosses it to the side* I’m just salty right now. That was pretty amateurish of me to take my eyes off the guy. Shit. *Holds side of his neck to slow down the bleeding until he heals*

Cervantes: I was going to warn you but… well you saw what happened. *Suddenly a motorcycle roared past the garage with none other than Ex-Sunglasses on the vehicle escaping* What do you want to do about him?

Kilik: *Stands up and wipes his blood on the shirt of an unconscious Imperial* Well considering that we don’t know where the hell this other hideout is, I figured I just bring him back here to make him tell us. Not before I beat the shit out of him though.

Cervantes: Fair enough. *Let’s go of his nose to reveal a red mark* I’ll tie the rest of these guys up then search the place.

Kilik: Ok cool, later Cev. *Sprints out the garage opening and speeds in the same direction as Ex-Sunglasses motorcycle. In no time Kilik matches the motorcycle’s speed thus surprising the Imperial* Let me tell you a little spoiler alert Sunshine: there’s no way in hell you can outrun or outdrive me.

Ex-Sunglasses: *Regains his look of confidence and looks straight ahead* Heh heh! So what if you can run as fast as my bike! An American foreigner like you can’t possibly know the city’s streets. Let me give you a tour!

*From a side compartment in the bike’s makeup, Ex-Sunglasses pulls out a silver handgun and starts shooting in Kilik’s direction. Kilik evasively dodged the two shots Ex-Sunglasses’ fired with a duck and a spin move then retaliated with a jumping roundhouse. Unfortunately for Kilik, Ex-Sunglasses was able to duck the kick and proceeded to drive off while Kilik’s foot connected with the concrete wall Kilik landed on the grounded and grunted at his mistake. He dashed off in the Imperials direction and immediately passed another figure on a motorcycle similar to Ex-Sunglasses*

Kilik: *Turning his head while running for a brief moment to see the figure turn into the warehouse district where he just exited from* (Could that guy be an Imperial too? I better warn Cev.)

*Before he could do so, Ex-Sunglasses fired two more shots in Kilik’s direction which almost injured him had he not narrowly dodge the bullets. Thus the chase continued*

*Back at the warehouse, Cervantes was finishing tying the knocked out Imperials with chains he found around the warehouse. After tying the last of Imperials, Cervantes began searching around the warehouse*

Cervantes: (Considering that most of this place contains boxes means that there has to be something here.) *Produces an aura crowbar and begins opening wooden boxes*

Kasuka: *Over the earpiece* Cev I found the up to date shipping schedule. It looks like the next shipment is actually today at 7:30 located at a boating yard. That must be where the Imperials hold their operations.

Cervantes: Alright good work. Next we just need to find what they’re selling for proof of evidence. *On cue, Cervantes rips open the third box and finds exactly what he was looking for* Actually dear I just found it. Cocaine, just like the guy said.

Kasuka: Great job, Cev! I’m making my way down there now.

Cervantes: Alright see you then. Kilik how is the chase going?

Kilik: *Through the earpiece* Not too hot Cev. Fvck I missed another turn!

Cervantes: Kilik pull out if you can’t chase him, you don’t exactly know the layout of the city.

Kilik: So I’ve been told, but give me a couple of minutes to see if I can catch him.

Cervantes: Alright good luck.

Kilik: Yeah thanks. Oh yeah I almost forgot! Watch your back Cev cause a guy was pulling into the district
and he had the same bike as this guy. So you might have some company soon Cev.

Deep Voice: *A large shadow engulfs Cev as the figure stood behind him* Yeah Cev, you might have some company to deal with.

*Before Cervantes could respond to the unknown figure, large hands wrapped around his waist as he was launched backwards and slammed on his back in a result from the powerful suplex. The figure continued the assault by gripping Cev’s right foot and picked him up with ease. Suddenly Cev was rocketed forward and was smashed face first into the ground then picked up again to be slammed onto his back in rapid succession. Finally, the attacker took Cev’s airborne body by the waist and delivered an explosive jumping power bomb smashing Cev in the ground. Kasuka heard the heat of the battle and rushed back into the main part of the warehouse ready to fight. However, she was shocked as she recognized the figure as her first friend she made in Japan*

Kasuka: M-Moe?

*The large and muscular figure was surprised to hear his name from someone who recognized him. He turned his head from the unconscious Cervantes and looked at the doorway with equal shock*

Moe: Kasuka? *Looks to Cev again and back to Kasuka registering the fact that they were teammates. The look of shock was gone as it quickly turned into hostility* You’re one of them. Of course you’re one of them.

Kasuka: One of what Moe? I’m your friend.

Moe: No, *Gets into his fighting stance of bending his knees and keep his arms inches from his waist*you’re a good guy and you stop bad people like me right?

Kasuka: Moe… *Gets into her fighting stance as well knowing she couldn’t justify her point with words just yet* It doesn’t have to be this way.

Moe: *Looks down for a moment but quickly gets over his hesitation and shoots Kasuka with a glare of determination*Come!

End of Episode 1

15,408 words of the first episode finished! Woo! Woo! Hell yes!
Ok return to your normal lives now
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Loose Cannons Episode 2 – New Beginnings Pt 2

*Back at the school’s principal office, Principal Raj looking over various documents before picking up a brown briefcase and heading out of the office doors to meet up with his Vice Principal Jessie.*

Jessie: Looks like a promising school year sir.

Principal Raj: Indeed so, Jessie. The teachers have no complaints with new students so far and general school atmosphere is sound. I would like for things to stay that way.

Jessie: Certainly sir. *The two make their way through the sunlight hallway to the elevator at the end of the hall before Jessie begins speaking again* Do you think they’re alright Raj?

Principal Raj: *Checks his watch* It’s only been an hour and a half Jessie, I’m positive that they’re finishing up their mission as we speak.

*Of course as he says that we cut back in on the stand over between Moe and Kasuka*

Moe: Kasuka you better come at me with all you’ve got. I’m the bad guy remember?

Kasuka: Moe you’re not one of them! Don’t you realize you have better options than being some thug?

Moe: *Gives a frustrated sigh* Kasuka don’t drag this out longer than it has to be. Either I hurt you or you stop me.

Kasuka: *Tenses up her stance* Don’t make me do this.

Moe: If you’re not gonna start then here I come! *Charges forward and then the scene goes black*

*Cue non-existent intro music*

*Moe’s large fist rocketed towards Kasuka and was reflected as a result. As Kasuka circled around Moe, Moe retaliated with a spinning back fist which Kasuka successfully dodged yet was not prepared for the huge vertical kick Moe sent her way. Having just barely blocked it, Kasuka was sent a couple feet back despite her guarding the blow*

Moe: I’m not pulling my punches for you Kasuka, I know what you’re made of so stop delaying and fight me!

Kasuka: *Shakes her hands to nullify the slight pain. She returns to her stance and sends a determined look towards Moe* Fine.

*In a blink of an eye, Kasuka dashed forward and was in Moe’s space before he even realized it. To create some distance, Moe threw out a basic left straight punch to Kasuka’s face but was met with air. Instantly Moe felt the explosive blow of Kasuka’s crouching right punch straight into the side of his stomach. Kasuka immediately followed with a standing left uppercut that connected with his chin to further stun her opponent. Her next move was to take one of Moe’s arms and swing him onto his back to finish him off with a ground strike to the face. However, when she touched his left arm with her hands, Moe quickly used his arm to toss Kasuka away from him. Having to roll to recover from the throw, Kasuka was not prepared for Moe to recover so quickly from her earlier attacks or to be charging at her at full speed so quickly. Unable to dodge the attack, Kasuka did her best to block the incoming shoulder charge yet it still did a good amount of damage to her.

Moe’s powerful charge was able to carry Kasuka to the other side of the warehouse and began to pressure the girl with multiple punches aimed at her upper body once they clashed with the wall. Kasuka’s defense was able to block most of the punches, yet some of the blows were able to hit their mark. Hard. While Kasuka was trying her best to survive Moe’s onslaught, Cervantes was coming to from the earlier assault he took from the muscular attacker. He raised his head from his downed position and saw that Moe was mercilessly raining blows on his girlfriend. The situation instantly made Cervantes grit his teeth in anger as he slowly began to rise into a standing position while glowing with his purple aura.

Moe was so set on dealing blows to Kasuka’s rapidly deceasing defense that he was barely unable to prepare himself for the lunging attack from Cervantes. Fortunately, the big guy was able to pull off a last second dodge avoiding the fierce left diagonal punch that crashed into the wall behind him. Despite missing his first strike, Cervantes twisted his body for a powerful right hook to Moe’s cheek promptly knocking the big guy back a few feet*

Cervantes: *Resuming his fighting stance with Kasuka behind him lowering her guard* Suplexing me into the ground is one thing but trying to hurt my girl is one hell of a way to get you knocked out, punk.
Kasuka: *Appearing by Cervantes with slight bruises on her forearms and shoulders* Cev I’m fine. *Notices the blood steak coming down the right side of his face* Are you feeling alright? Not many people get up after Moe slams them.

Cervantes: Then again. I’m not most people.

Kasuka: *Breathes a sigh of relief before noticing that Moe was returning to his feet* Well since you’re awake, I’ll need you to give your all to beat Moe.

Cervantes: What makes him a threat besides strength and size? We’ll just overpower him with the two of us.

Kasuka: It’s not that simple, Cev.*Resumes her fighting stance as well* Moe has ridiculous reflexes and great mobility for his size. He can steam roll both of us if we continue to take him lightly.

Cervantes: Ok I hear you. I’ll give it my all, just like normal.

Moe: *Stands to his feet and takes off his shirt to reveal his physically sound physique* Two against one isn’t fair. But I guess “heroes” gotta bend some rules to beat the bad guys, huh?

Kasuka: If we fight together as a team then we can surely beat you Moe.

Moe: Fine, quit talking and show me!

*With the challenge thrown out towards the fighting duo, both parties charged for a two on one brawl. However, we now direct your attention to Kilik struggling to keep up with Ex-Sunglasses motor bike and Japanese alleyways*
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Woot violence to start it off

damn now this ain't a fighting game you can't get away with hitting a girl like that.