Loose Cannons (The Story line)

Moe: Mexico? *Speaking in between bites now* Is that the place you mentioned when we were on the train awhile back?
Kilik: Partly. I’m from California, I did my whole crime fighting business in Mexico. Well more like organized crime fighting but that sounds lame.
Moe: Hmmm. So like the Imperials then?
Kilik: Exactly.
Moe: Just like how I was.
Kilik: Yup.
Moe: Right… *Places the pink bento box on the table and gives a seldom smile while looking at his desk* I’m not really good at showing my thanks but you guys have really helped me out these past few days. Not just bringing me to the light so to speak but I really got to mend my relationship with my country again. I got something to fight for now. My dad, you guys, my mom. *Looks up* So, thanks, I hope I’m doing my share of the work with this team.
Kilik: You kidding me you mountain of meat? You’ve been putting in work this week. Remember how you dropped kicked that knife guy out of the air before he could stab Cev or how you closed line those two Imperials while yelling, “YAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGAAAAAAAAH!! *Pictures of the two events show up to correspond with Kilik’s words*
Moe: *With eyes closed and sheepishly rubbing the back of his head while grinning* Aw man do I really yell like that. Hahahahahaha. I didn’t even notice.
Kilik: Out of all the times I’ve seen you fight Moe, you roar like a roided up banshee.
Moe: Oh. *Back to his normal position* Well a man has no time to worry about the volume of his voice; only the obstacle in front of him.
Kilik: Quoting something your dad said?
Moe: Don’t be silly. *Jabs his thumb into his chest* That came straight from here.
Kilik: *Chews a bit of his lunch* … *Snickers*
Moe: Shut up! If I’m going to be an amazing man, then some quotes at the ready for people to live by.
Kilik: *On the verge of laughing but decides to be polite and waves off his comical reaction* Sure, sure. Well if it means anything I’m glad you turned a new leaf and I’m positive that Cev and Kasuka are proud of you turning good as well. Hell I wouldn’t even be surprised if Raj was secretly proud that a former Imperial was able to become a good guy.
Moe: *Smiles* Means a lot man.
Kilik: Awesome. *Holds up his blue lunch box* To second chances.
Moe: Yeah! *Picks up his unopened yellow lunch box* I couldn’t agree more friend.

*As soon as the two teammates touch boxes, a loud churning noise echoes through the room interrupting the two boy’s mood*

Kilik: And here I was thinking three lunches would be enough to feed a man like you. *Reaches for another stack of lunch boxes* Clearly not.
Moe: That wasn’t’ me. *the same sound echoes again followed by a muffled groan* sounded like it came from behind us.

*Both boys look at the rows of desks aligning to the back of the classroom to see a lone blond student with his head buried in his arms*

Moe: Hmmm. That’s the same guy from homeroom. Looks like he forgot his lunch.
Kilik: Say no more. Gluttony is a sin anyway.
Moe: Glad we agree. *Grabs three bentos before getting up from his seat* Excuse me, friend?
Mr. Vapores: *The student slowly raises his head to wearily look at the massive figure speaking to him*
Moe: *Calmly coughs in his fist* *Juts out his hands holding the lunches and fakes a blush as if he was doing a confession* I LOVE YOU! TAKE THE BOX LUNCHES I MADE! KUU!

*The entire class seemed to have stopped their conversations. Most of the girls were in shock, Kilik was choking back laughter and Vincent himself was opened mouth with confusion*

Moe:*Rears his head back and roars with laughter* aww man I’m just messing with you! *Smacks Vincent’s upper back with a loud thud*
Mr. Vapores: Guh!
Moe: In all seriousness me and my buddy over there heard your stomach sound off like an upset lion so we decided to share our lunch with you.
Vincent: *Looks at the bigger student with a surprised expression* R-really.
Moe: Most definitely. *Sets down the boxes in front of the blond to see the other boy’s expression lighten up* Trust me, there’s no way I would play a joke on a fellow student who’s in need.
Mr.Vapores: Th… Thank you, uhhh.
Moe: Higashi. Friends call me Moe. You?
Vincent: Vincent. You wouldn’t happen to have another pair of chopsticks would you? *Moe hands the wooden eating utensils to Vincent for him to break open before the blond student opens a tan lunch box and starts eating*
Moe: Well that’s just cool. *Places hand on his chin and turns his head to look in another direction* Considering how we both got our asses handed to us by Mad Dog this morning, we got something in common. So really what I’m proposing is that we should be good friends this year. Right? *Turns his head to see that Vincent had finished two of the bentos and was moving onto his final one by opening the lid* Whoa.
Vincent: Hm?
Moe: You just ate two fan girl-ed box lunches in the span of a minute…
Vincent: Well, you heard my stomach right? Got to feed the upset lion somehow.
Moe: … *Grins* I like you. Why don’t you sit with us for the rest of lunch?

*After finishing up the final hours of class for the day, we find newly acquainted friends Kilik, Vincent and Moe walking down the hallway after a class had let out*

Kilik: No kidding? So at the end of the game you choose to blow up the ship with the princess on it to save the human empire?
Vincent: It was my second play through after all.
Kilik: Ha! I didn’t do that till my third one. I just didn’t have the heart to do it.
Moe: *Laughs*I have no idea what game you guys are talking about but this is nice that we all can get along.
Vincent: Oh sorry, Moe. I hope I didn’t spoil the ending for you.
Moe: No worries. I don’t have one of those updated game consoles so I would never get this game that you guys are talking about.
Kilik: Me thinks that Sir Moe is missing out.
Moe: Sir Moe is not pressed to spend his hard earn money on toys.
Kilik: Alright touché. *The trio stops right outside the current team’s door* Vince where are you from anyway?
Vincent: Oh, um, the United States.
Kilik: A comrade!
Vincent: But as soon as I was born my aunt and I moved to Japan.
Kilik: Ah. I figured cause that blond hair has the states written all over it.
Moe: He could have dyed his hair.
Vincent: *Waves the remark away* No way, not cool enough to pull that off.
Kilik: Poppyc0ck Vinny. Why I bet you have to beat the girls off with a club you scoundrel you.
Vincent: Ohh *A sweat drop appears on the back of his head* how wrong you are on that.
Moe: Hehe, humble for a Casanova huh?Well that’s fine, we won’t press. Although you mind telling me why you and your aunt moved here?
Vincent: Well-
Karyn: *From down the hallway* Hi everyone!
Kilik + Moe: Hey Karyn!
Vincent: AAAH! *Jumps a few feet off the ground away from the group*
Moe: Aaah?
Vincent: N-Nothing. *Turns his back to the group to hide his terrified expression*
Karyn: Oh dear. Did I do anything wrong?
Kilik: Impossible. Karyn that’s Vincent, he’s a pretty chill guy and he seems to be weary of you.
Karyn: *Shows concern in her eyes* That doesn’t sound pleasant at all. *Bows her head* Please tell me how I am bothering you so that I may correct myself.
Vincent: No, no! You’re fine it’s just- *turns his head slightly to see Karyn’s worrying face before becoming all flustered and blushing* I-i-i-i-i-i-it is not your fault! Really… *Turns his head and rubs his neck*
Kilik: Come on Vince, Karyn here is harmless. She doesn’t bite. *Pauses then gives a sly grin to no one in particular* Well at least not during the day time anyway.
Karyn: Ah!? *Starts to wave her arms frantically with a panic expression on her face* Kilik you better not!
Kilik Hehe I was only teasing.
Karyn: Teasing? *Stops waving and sighs then follows up with puffing one of her cheeks in annoyance* You shouldn’t make fun like that.
Moe: You making fun of Karyn? *Steps forward so that he’s next to Karyn while looking more muscular than normal* You better stop teasing our adorable member or I’ll tease you with my fists.
Kilik: Eww re-word that one, please.

*Suddenly the PA system crackles to life catching the attention of the four students*

Jessie over the Intercom: Emergency notice to the team! Emergency notice to the team! Immediate action required downtown.
Vincent: *Turns back around* What was that about?
Moe: Oh forgot to mention that we fight crime.
Vincent: What, huh?
Kilik: You heard right dude. You’re looking at a squad of ass kickers.
Karyn: Kilik. *Swipes her card and opens the door before giving Kilik a stern look*
Kilik: Sorry, butt kickers. Gotta keep it PG around the lady.
Cervantes (with Kasuka being carried bridal style hanging on for dear life): *Down the hall skidding on his shoes* Hoooooo boy my favorite part of the day. Come on guys let’s get dressed! *Practically flies into the club room with his girlfriend in tow along with her alarmed expression*
Karyn: Another emergency. Too bad that I couldn’t make those sweets today. Vincent it was a pleasure meeting you. I hope that we can have a better acquaintance throughout the year.
Vincent: S-sure. *Karyn heads inside the club room*
Kilik: We should probably head out. See you later Vince, it was really nice to meet you today. *Heads inside*
Moe: What he said. We got some business to take care of but let’s definitely eat lunch together tomorrow.
Vincent: *His face eases up* Sure thing Moe. *Moe closes the door while Vincent walks down the hall* I have some business to take care of myself.

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