Liu Kang's New Attitude - Yay or Nay?


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This is not about Revenant/Emperor Liu Kang specifically, it's about Liu Kang in general.

Liu Kang vs Kotal Kahn intro dialogue.

I thought this dialogue was really funny, and a great bad-ass boast, but it's just one example of Liu Kang's new attitude in this timeline. He doesn't take any shit from anyone, and he's not above throwing some insults around.

What do you guys think about that?

On the one hand, it's the most entertaining the character has ever been to me... but on the other, I can't shake off the feeling that there's something very wrong with Liu Kang being a wisecracking bad-ass. I thought Liu Kang was supposed to be the sort of guy who will respect his opponents to the end, even if they don't deserve it, because he has too much respect for himself to lower himself to their level. The kind of guy who... if he's telling you to shut up and throw down, you know he really means it. You must have kicked a puppy or something.

So I think I'm leaning towards Nay. I think I want him to sound more like an actual monk. But of course I'm not convinced that NRS could write a character like that, and make him not seem like a piece of cardboard...

I wanna know what Liu Kang fans think most of all.
Like you said, he doesn't give a shit anymore about how he was taught to act due to Raiden's actions. I love the new Liu Kang, really shows some good character development.
Seriously liu my main too and i love his new attitude they didnt overdue it like we all thought might happen. He is still very warm to kitana in one of their pre match dialogues. Also to kung lao and to some of the kids. But he has to him *buh dum teesh* his dialogue with mileena had my dying from laughter
Johnny: "I got somethin' for ya"
Liu Kang: "Whatever it is, I am returning it."

That alone makes me now appreciate Liu kang, I always hated him until that line.
I liked him better when he was humble. This overbearing prick is annoying.

Liu Kang: Do you know me?
Jacqui: Like Liu Kang, but with an ego
Liu kang: I will show you why
I liked him better when he was humble. This overbearing prick is annoying.

Liu Kang: Do you know me?
Jacqui: Like Liu Kang, but with an ego
Liu kang: I will show you why

More like,

Liu Kang: Jacqui Briggs...
Jacqui: I don't want to fight you Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I don't blame you...

Yay on the attitude nay on the fact that he's dead, still in the game and will most likely be the main protagonist in the next title.
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his dialogue with mileena had my dying from laughter

Liu Kang: Please close your mouth.

Mileena: I will not be silenced!

Liu Kang: That is not what I meant.

Oh what a joker, lol.

Besides his witty banter, I've see some combo videos with this dude and they're insane. So much damage!
Yay to Liu Kang's new attitude. This game made me a much bigger fan of him. One of my new mains that kind of took me by surprise.

I've always liked Liu Kang as a character. He may of been generic but his ideology behind the character, good for the sake of good, is always compelling to me. But now with his story progression, though him being alive or not, his change in atitude makes him a more fleshed out character. The pissed fallen hero. Its awesome to see him break down after what happened and be edgier.

Scorpion kind of went the opposite rout, being an evil character, whether intentional/manipulated or not, and converting to more of a good character.

Glad to see Sub-Zero be the grandmaster again and fight for Earthrealm but I hope he rides frost dragons in MK11.
well I'm a diehard Liu Kang fan, and since the intros are basically not cannon, since he is a revenant still, I liked all of them. I would hate the fact that it would be possible to escape the spell, like kung lao is doing with the aid of kung Jin, which you can see in their both endings and if that only applies to kung lao. I like his combos, they're insane, but I hated how story mode showed us his weird progression. quan chi being slaped by everyone, jaquie and takeda holding their own against liu, lao, kitana, sindel, smoke, like seriously? how? I really hope mk11 does him justice storywise, don't get me wrong, I didn't need him to be the focus of this game, it's just too much of a side note, then it should've been. but he had this kind of attitude anyway, also in mk9, like the pre-fight talk with shao khan showed. I hope he gets justice in the next installment
Well... I don't know what to think of his behaviour because he is still a revenant, and say what you want, but the Liu Kang we have is not him, not entirely, but his negative impulses driven to an extreme.

"Oh, but Raiden killed him." It was an accident, a weird accident that involved flames and lightning. The revenant is probably saying what Liu wanted to say, if he was not the person he is: humble, heroic monk. Of course, the years of fighting may have depleted his morality, especially at the end. But his anger comes from a big misunderstanding that was born from a tragedy corrupted Sindel caused. If everyone could just sit down and talk, but this is Mortal Kombat, things are solved with the fists, and maybe your spine.

I particularly don't like the new attitude because it justs halts the whole lineage of his character. He has always been good, just. Other than that, the sassy trait is not even playful, it is downright bitter most of the time. It seems that all the hate from older games it's flooding in.

Well, for me it's just strange, but one can get used to it.
I think his new attitude is pretty cool. Like someone said above, it's a nice character development. It's obviously not canon. But makes me wonder how he'll be in the next game if he is revived as a human.
I don't mind this non-canon human Liu Kang attitude in MKX.
It confirms the way that I more or less thought he would act, if he was revived / human again in MKX; bitter and arrogant.
Fits him in MKX, though.
Yay, I think it's awesome, and it reminds me of my little brother who mains Liu Kang.

Also his dialogue with Kotal Kahn is great :laugh:! After most of his quips I just want to yell: