Liu Kang's New Attitude - Yay or Nay?

I like Liu Kang and his new attitude. a humble and all around good guy with a y attitude. Its how I pictured him being in this new timeline. I love how it kinda started in the last game too. with his fight intro to his 1st meeting with Kitana and even that one scene in Kung laos chapter when Sheeva and Goro walk in. They just both give each other the "These mothertruckers bout to get wrecked" look. I hope that they continue this new Liu Kang once/if he is ever brought back to life.
I like the way he is now. I don't like how he has zero development in the story...
It does make me wonder just how bad Liu Kang is. To survive in the Netherrealm you have to be evil or be corrupted by evil ways. It's Mortal Kombat. Some sort of bad has to be in it. There have been hints of others who might come good in the future; we've seen that with Scorpion.
The story lines are going some strange ways, or are hinting at unexpected turning points since MK9. Cyber Sub-Zero FFS. As to the OP question, yay for a temporarily bad Liu Kang; unsure about long term. I'm hinting it won't be long-term with Kung Lao and probably Kitana heading back to the path of good. As I said, if the evil disappears then they disappear from the Netherrealm or it is absolute hell for them.
Like a Liu Kang with attitude but the idea that he'll be an evil and new threat to Earthrealm is like saying Shang Tsung will be their new saviour because he changed his mind; or Kano suddenly just wanting to turn to the good side and fight for them.
It doesn't work.