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  • Alright mate, you up for some lobby games at some point? I'd like to farm some respect points if possible, for Rev. Kitana skin.

    Also, some flawless victories for Rev. Jax.

    Obviously I'd be happy to return the favour.
    Yep, thanks mate. I got that and another one to try. Not been on XB1 much for the past few days, I'll probably try them both later today.

    LOL I know right? I was like 'WTF, how is this fair?' ;D

    So far using Goro, JC and Jax mainly. I like A-List and Pumped Up in particular.

    I'll send you a tower or two later. I'm trying to do 10 so I can unlock Dark Emperor Liu Kang costume.

    I'll be on later to play a bit. I did get your invite, yeah, but by the time I finished the tower I was doing you were offline. Sorry!

    Throw me an invite later if you see me on.
    Go to the one player menu, then it's probably under towers > challenge towers. I forget now, but it's easy enough to find. Basically, you do a tower which involves fighting opponents and doing various in-game challenges, and then you send me the tower and I have to match or beat your score. It's pretty simple to work out. So far I've won one and lost one. You don't have to send challenges to anyone (you can just repeat new towers yourself) but I think you get an achievement for doing so.

    See how you get on anyway. It's basically the same as doing a normal klassic tower, but with challenges like not jumping during a match, or getting X number of sweep attacks.
    Sounds good. I might give Johnny a try, as he and Jax are two characters I've been pleasantly surprised with.

    We should do challenge towers and send them to one another. I've done three so far; when you do ten you can unlock Liu Kang's Dark Emperor costume, which I'd like. :)
    Did you add me? Not logged on since Tuesday (?)

    I should be on for a bit later, yeah. I missed my faction challenges yesterday. :(
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