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  • It really depends on which one I can find for the cheapest price. I'm going to buy a used one. Did you get Tremor?
    My brother is on PS4. I've recently moved to another state by myself so I'm buying my own system when my next paycheck rolls around. What's up?
    Those towers are pretty fun! I did one yesterday where the screen keeps blacking out every few seconds, annoying!

    Yeah was a damn close score!

    I'd like the Liu Kang outfit too as hes generally my main at the moment!

    I probably won't be on tonight but I'll invite you whenever I see you're on at the same time
    How close was our results in the challenge tower! Think you were only about 1000 points off beating me haha, I did try to invite you the other day but guess you missed it / was busy at the time.

    Who do you like using at the moment?
    Not added you yet mate, I will tonight if i can get on. I usually appear offline though as I have mates who pester me to play Fifa if I'm online lol.

    I'll add you as a friend and invite to party if I'm on and we can have a few friendly fights. Would like to get decent with Jax at the moment. Got the basics fine for Liu Kang but no good combos
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