Lin Kuei Or Shirai Ryu, which would you join?

Tanyas Husband

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Brotherhood of shadow.

But if I could only choose between these 2, Shirai Ryu. I am working hard to keep up with abs, I'd like to not lose those abs for wires and circuitry.


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For those who've played through the MKX story mode, did anyone think the design of the Lin Kuei was similar to the uniforms worn by the League of Shadows in Batman Begins and Arrow (specifically Malcom Merlyn's "Dark Archer" costume?


League of Shadows Ninja


Malcolm Merlyn / Dark Archer


(also, if Netherrealm Studios were to licence a replica Lin Kuei katana, would you get one?)


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Hmmm... the clothes really are similar. And I would try to get the sword, if the thing was functional.

I feel I am not having much information about the topic at hand. I choose Lin Kuei, but that's because I like Sub-zero and I think the Blue Ninja would allow all kinds of people in the reformed clan. Doing good without the strict morals of the Shaolin. Blue is also my favourite color.

If I had to choose between the clans before mk4, I would still choose Lin Kuei still because... well, ice climate, cool clothes, being a robot is also fine since I would have an extended lifetime (if you say I would have no choice, then the purpose of the thread has little use, because dying and no free will... well, I don't see much difference. I would still want to live though).
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If I could choose only Shirai Ryu or only Lin Kuei characters in MKX, it would be Shirai Ryu. Why? Look at the characters in Lin Kuei.

Sub-Zero (Bi-Han)
Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang)/Cyber Sub-Zero
The Grandmaster
Unit 5
Hydro (Non-canon Character)
Oniro (Non-canon Character)
Yong Park (Non-canon Character)

^copied from wiki

Shirai Ryu:

too many to name.

Now lets see all the playable characters from each clan.

Shirai Ryu:


Lin Kuei:
Sub Zero

Shirai Ryu has more characters. Then look at Subby's special moves, he has barely any, while scorpion has 6.

Better variations.
Takeda: you can play with laser swords, laser whips, or Shirai Ryu stuff. Granted that Scorpion allows takeda to choose, Shirai Ryu has the better moveset in mkx AND has better weapons.


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I have a whole 6 chapter Fanfic dedicated to the Shirai Ryu. Even the OC members I've made for the Shirai Ryu are Mains in my MKMS2 Fanfic. Of course I'm gonna choose the Shirai Ryu.

Tarkatan Trash

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What about the original Takeda? The one who defected the Lin Kuei to found the Shirai Ryu in the first place?

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Lin Kuei: The newly Reformed one under the guidance of Kuai Liang that is. Redemption from a Dark Past while Protecting Earthrealm, Hell Yes!