Lin Kuei Or Shirai Ryu, which would you join?

Sgt. Stryker

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So basically the topic is asking if you are more of a Scorpion fan or a Sub-Zero fan. And while I'm not too big on either of them, I've always been more of a Sub-Zero kind of guy. So I guess this means I choose Lin Kuei.


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I would prefer Shirai Ryu because the whole clan was vanished except Scorpion and Takada. Takada is almost like the next generation of Scorpion, but he almost has the mind of Kenshi. Takada is a great warrior. Scorpion, you already know how Scorpion is. Forrest Fox is also a great warrior (friend of Takada). Forrest Fox was a young warrior with incredible talent. The reason why I would not prefer the Lin Kuei clan is because the clan already has Subzero, Frost, Cyrax, Sektor, and Cyber Smoke. Scorpion already can beat all 5 of them 1 on 1. Scorpion, Takada, and Forrest Fox combined, can probably beat the whole Lin Kuei Clan.