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  • On the post would be great, whenever you have the time. I appreciate this, tough I don't know how you'll manage to answer questions which need "behind the scenes" information. Perhaps we'll share some idea. I also tried to make connections between canon info and wrote some stuff. Maybe you'll be interested to read it, though I can't say for sure I'm right. NRS might make up something new as they go along.
    But I'm really curious about what you'll say regarding the MK Encyclopedia questions
    Hey kadell! I saw that you might know some things about the lore, as you pointed out in the Encyclopedia topic. May I ask, do you work or have you worked with NRS?
    I would really really love to have answers to the questions I posted in that topic, so if you would care to take a few minutes and answer them, I would be much obliged and I guarantee discretion if you don't want to make it public
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