Lin Kuei Or Shirai Ryu, which would you join?


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If the Shirai Ryu really were ressurected, and you were allowed to join one of those 2 clans, which clan would you join?

Personally, I'd try the Shirai Ryu.

Aldo Moreno

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I'd have to go with the Shirai Ryu. I don't want to be turn into a cyborg D:

If the Shaolin Monks were a choice, i'd go with that.

Flying Jinko

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If given a choice, I would have chosen The Brotherhood of the shadow against any other faction. Those guys are Elite Tier. :cool:

I also don't mind if it was Bi Han leading the Lin Kuei, since he too opposed the cyber initiative. I don't mind the bad assery, but being the idea of being turned into an android freaks me out :afraid:


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Lin Kuei all the way. They have better ninja costumes. :cool:

Besides that, I'd rather be a a cyborg or just an assassin other than an undead ninja.

Liu Kang93

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Lin Kuei Kill you if you leave if not that they turn you into a robot. Shirai-ryu I cant really say since I dont know a lot about them other then its past history. I would say Shirai-ryu only because by my understanding they dont kill you if you decide to leave


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Automation is overrated :mullet:

I highly doubt they'd keep your manly parts if you were automated.
That would just suck.

If I were to join either clan, it would be Lin Kuei to learn their freezing powers, but I'd join forces with Smoke and HUMAN Kuai Liang just say "Hey, let's get the f**k out of here."

3 of us vs Sektor and Cyrax?
We got dis bish. ;-)

Tarkatan Trash

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Well, if I joined the Lin Kuei pre-MK4, I pretty much understand that my services are for sale to the highest bidder, usually for sinister purposes, and if I quit the clan, I pay for it with my life, and I would eventually end up being turned into a soulless robot. Joining the LK post-MK4 means I know I'll be a hero of Earthrealm instead of a for-hire assassin, I won't have to worry about being automated, and I won't have to worry about being executed for leaving the clan (unless of course I go all Benedict Arnold on Sub-Zero the way Frost did)....but the trade-off is that I have to live in cold climates, and I hate cold climates

Joining the Shirai Ryu means I'll probably oppose everything about the pre-MK4 Lin Kuei, but then that means I'll get whacked along with my family and the rest of my clan, and I'll spend eternity doing the bidding of the man responsible while being deceived into thinking it was someone else.

Decisions, decisions...


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This is an easy question, Lin-Kuei.

The Shirai Ryu don't seem to be all that great. There entire clan was wiped out by Quan Chi. (Quan Chi who admitted twice in the MK games that he could not defeat Sub-Zero himself, hence the creation of Scorpion)

Personally I much prefer the Lin Kuei. I could try to list reasons WHY they are a superior clan, but instead I'll just briefly mention why I think they are cool. 1. They gave us some of the best MK characters. (Both Sub-Zeros, Smoke, Sektor, Cyrax) 2. They are based on a real Chineese legend.

Come on "more stealthful than the night, more deadly than the dawn." Lin Kuei for life! or Sektor and Cyrax will hunt you down like Sub-Zero in MK3


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No you ass, I meant packing my bags TO the Lin Kuei :laugh:
OR I could go and join the police force with badass mallcop Kurtis Madison Stryker :rofl: