Let's talk Cosplay.

not only do i need a cig but i need to change my pants after seeing this...........................

also here is porn star tera patrick at the comic con i went to a few weeks back

not my photo but shes the one in the green costume in the middle


Nina Mercedez :love:
Alright so Destiny and Su-Wan are going to be at NYCC.

My friend is also jealous of me because some other cosplayer named Stacey Rebecca is going to be there as well (according to him).


Meh. But I'm going to take a picture with her, if I find her just to piss him off, haha.

Anyway, Ivy Doomkitty has been going to a lot of cons recently, having just went to Baltimore, and she already announced that Ohio Wizard World is the next one she's on her way too. So I'm REALLY hoping that she decides to go to NYCC as well. If Su-Wan, Destiny, and Ivy are all there, that'd be more than enough for me to make the day freakin' fantastic.

And if they all end up going, I'd love to have picture with me, Ivy, and Su-Wan. I don't care, haha I'm going to try as hard as I can to make it happen.
Well, it's official. Because my friend from Sweden who previously cosplayed Archer from Fate/Stay Night is bringing him back next spring, I've been roped into cosplaying Tohsaka Rin from the same. I photographed his Archer two years ago; it was a pretty good one.


So, since's he's doing that, I will be doing this:


:O I'm actually excited about cosplaying for once, and not dreading the work.
I would like to get another costume together, but I'm poor and Christmas is almost upon us.... (Plus, my next semester of college coming out of my pocket.)

If I did have the money, I would have ordered Aiden's coat from Watch Dogs. Since it got delayed, I could get the costume together and wear it to the midnight release.