Let's talk Cosplay.

Welp, I've started putting together an Asuna (Sword Art Online) cosplay, her Knights of Blood Vice-Commander outfit. Styling the wig is going to be a pain in the butt, because I'm getting one that's wavy and need to straighten it before putting in the two braids for the back of her head. But, hiperlon fiber is nice to work with. I'm really stoked.
I really like the amount of details and effort that goes into some of the cosplay I've been seeing more recently. The accuracy and quality of some of them is very impressive.

I'm on a desktop so I can post this now :love:

My god she's so pretty... I have to see more of her.
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As of now my planned cosplays are BJ Blazkowicz and eventualy Shao Kahn.

Currently working out, if I can get to about 240-260 of muscle and toned I think I'll be good on doing SK
Hey everyone,
I just joined the forum, pretty much just to show off my cosplay for AVCon in Adelaide, Australia this year.
What do you reckon? :)

BARAKA! The arm blades are a bit crappy since i broke the others but meh, they do the job.
All made by myself. The sewing, the casting, the latex....ing.