Let's talk Cosplay.



Hey something topical!

This is my friend Shana debuting D'Vorah today.


She has also cosplayed Jade in the past.

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Hi all,

A friend has been hard at work making the Klassic Quan Chi costume for me. The green under suit is 1/2 way done, so I'm palette swapping to purple for the moment. Costume is still a work in progress. All feedback is welcomed.

For anyone who is interest untitled nerd podcast does a nerd girl of the week contest on facebook. The winner gets featured for a whole week on all our media pages.
My brother started to make his own armor for the Renaissance Faire, and he's gotten me and my boyfriend to want to make something as well.

Him and I would like to make something from World of Warcraft. Of course, with the kind of mindset that I have, I want to go to the extreme.


I would totally like to do this. It might take a long time to complete, but knowing what kind of materials that I need to get, I don't think it should be that hard to do.

Also, if my boyfriend doesn't want to do the Book of Mormon couple for this year's Halloween, I'm going as a female Psycho from Borderlands. I just need to find orange pants and make my own mask.
Eh, I like the Avatar a lot more. On my server, the Avatar is mostly used. But I do have the Absolution hood for my PvP set, only it's white instead of blue.