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Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

Mileena already has 4 costumes.

Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

She should get that costume as well, who cares if she has 4 costumes already.

Exactly! Especially considering it would be the her LAST klassic (since this is MK1-3). You would think from all the *****ing about her having four already, there'd be dozens more still to come! Kitana, Jade, Cyrax and Sektor are all completely finished with their klassics, so why not finish off Mileena too? Not like these are NEW outfits we're talking about. If they were, then the argument of her having four already would be valid (and I would agree with, unless everyone else was getting one, all at the same time). But they aren't.
Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

Hi OP and Ed Boon *waves*

My mains in this game are Jade, Nightwolf, Sheeva and Sindel.

Yeah as you can see, I only main one female ninja. Look at the other three. They only have 2 alts. Uh, you do know there are more characters in this game then your fvcking Ninjas, right?

Yeah, MK2 versions of Scorp, SZ and Rep looked good for a coupla days. Yeah we get it, you like nostalgia, I like nostalgia, but really...ALL THE NINJAS getting classic alts??
Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

eh if they already designed the costume why not recolor it for her, i would say do it for skarlet but i know they won't :(
Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

If NRS make more DLC after Freddy Krueger, then they may keep hold of this for another compatability pack.

If not, then the costume is already made, and some of the other ninja would also be "missing" some classic variants (also already made). Maybe a second classic skin pack is a possibility.
Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

She does have the "Best Alternate Ever" so maybe that's why she doesn't have it. In my opinion Mileena should get her MK2 outfit after all, or at least some of the characters who don't even have one classic skin get theirs first.
Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

But there's no need for MK2 Mileena, her Costume is actually her MK2 outfit -- modern day.

Uhhhhh...... no it's not. It's absolutely nothing like MK2. None of her outfits are. It's like you've never even seen an MK2 outfit before. Or are blinder than Kenshi. :p
Lets hope if there really is a MK3 outfit for subzero. its been on youtube, and i think it maybe true. but first we might half to wait for the MK2 outfit.
Re: Mileena's Mk2 costume

No he confirmed that Mileena won't get her MK2 costume in the fourth free compatibility pack. Nothing more nothing less
Well that's all I need to hear. We don't know if they'll do any Klassic Costumes after this one, unless they do more DLC chars.
Klassic Pack #2: MK2 outfits for Scorpion, Subzero, Reptile, Ermac, Skarlet and Mileena.
Klassic Pack #3: UMK3 outfits for Subzero (Masked), Reptile, Noob Saibot, Smoke (Cyber & Human), and Rain. (Didn't include Scorpion because I believe he will be in the next comp. pack)
Alt Pack: Cyber Subzero, Kenshi, Skarlet, Rain, and (Goddamnit) Freddy.
That's my wishlist. Make it happen, NRS.