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  • I see. I liked her alt alot. It reminded me a bit of Rayne from Bloodrayne lol. She will probably be in MK10 and definitely will have a unique moveset and won't be a copy of Kano or Sonya. Yeah I agree tho that she is the best MK chick. She is deadly and I love her personality. Definitely a character with a lot of potential.

    I disagree, I think NRS did a great job with the female faces and they do look great but everyone different tho. I never liked any of the female characters from post-umk3 lol just never did. I always liked Tanya, Li Mei, Ashrah, and Kira more than the original MK female characters because well they were unique. I would like to see these characters comeback.
    Heh, I can't stand her alternate but Kira's primary outfit makes her best MK chick. 100% she'll gain brand unique moveset in MK10 and people accept her in the game. Only worry about how NRS doing female faces - their pretty ugly in MK9, I hope they won't spoil Kira's this way.
    Hey there. I see you are a Kira fan. At least I think you are lol. I think Kira is an awesome MK character and should be in future MK games as she has lots of potential to be a great character. Only problem I think people had with her was that she had a move of Sonya and Kano's. Her projectile was still good tho which was her original move. Her design was great. If she returns I think they will totally give her some good moves.

    I liked both of her fatalities in MKD. The one Mileena uses in MK9 is from Kira's MKD fatality.

    I liked her alt costume the best tho but her default costume was also great :)
    not being a huge fan of S.O.D (prefer Nuclear Assault) but IMHO it fits perfect the time when freddy hate are spreaded :p
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