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  • I tried to game share MKAK, and is considered piracy here so I was banned.
    Just tell me what chars and the order, Ill do it tomorrow, im heading bed right now. =)

    PS- dont worry, ask, I have no problem.
    You might consider using a medkit cause Isaac's health is severely low :laugh:
    Sorry, I was taking a shower.

    here it is (59,8kb) =)

    I dont have facebook anymore but is nice to talk at least with you at least here.

    and yes Im heading bed too, is 5.13 here... fortunely is Sunday so I dont need to get up early lol

    C ya Camo.
    lol No i dont have one, but you would be surprised of how good is my english =)

    PS - added to the shopping list :p
    We should play some day, we can since I have the american game hence I use the US server, I played some of teh guys on this forums liek SaibotMK, Criss and tittiemcnuggets, so yeah we can, and we will =)

    The region lock is between america and europe, and we both live in the same continent so no problem =)
    I just said that I dont have original movies, all piracy lol they are too much sensitive, I dont care what they think so I decided to leave the chat.

    You Camo are one of the nicest guys I inter-met on the forums lol along with kaballer and Edenian Royalty.
    lol thanks for the recommendations, also tell me more lol what "not nice" things they say? I wont tell them you told me ;)
    I decided to leave it, what do they say about me?

    Wich one is better FO3 or FONV? and wich one do you recommend me to get?
    lol what a coincidence I just logged in to see if there was some new stuff before go to bed.

    Nothing much, im probably buying FallOut 3, was up to you camo?
    Hey camo, do u want to join our private chat?

    Is this one:

    Just click the link and put ur nickname there and enter.
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