Kano thread - "One dead Lin Kuei, in a tick!"

Kano's greatest enemies online:
Sub-Zero: his ice clone always stops Kano's aggressive gameplay. When charging a Sub, be advised of that wakeup attack, I know it has screwed me over more times than not.
Kung Lao: Kung's spin not only can stop a Kano charge as a wakeup, but also can pick up the Kano upball. For example, if I used the upball to wakeup with, he can just take a step back, and spin when I fall down.
Rain: Found this out recently, but Rain's F4, 3 kicks can pick up a falling Kano after an upball.
OFFICIAL changes to Kano's gameplay:

• If you don’t charge and hold the Enhanced Kano Ball it will now keep its armor.
• Kano’s Knife Toss recovers slightly faster.

Finally his enhanced ball is gonna be sick!!! Having armor can severely punish whoever tries to attack you and, plus, his knives are even sicker than before!!! Crazy! Two huge buffs for Kano IMO I can see him being more used now...
I haven't tested myself, I'm on PS3, but here are the reported findings from 360 players.

His regular knife hasn't change, the recovery is better on his ex knife.

he can have both, a regular and an ex knife on screen at the same time, and ex knife can be done in juggles followed by a ball.

jiP, b+1,1,2 dash 2,1,2 dash 1 ex knife ball- 40%

His juggles are also easier on his 2,1,2 very realiable now to connect after b+1,1,2. also 2,1,2 doesn't drop anymore more after another the first 2,1,2 or f+3, b+2.
Kano is one of the character that i hate the most..i hate the way he look, his personality, and his game play style...i recently finished playing the challenge tower and i found him to be a very easy character to play..he have very fast and aggressive combos too..and i quickly become a fan of his gameplay lol
How can you hate his personality? the dude is a bad-ass. He don't give **** what you think anyway, he'll be too busy drinking some foster's and watching rugby. If his team loses, you better get out of his way.
I am here for Kano!

Kanos knives don't scale, which means you can do things like this in the corner:
Jp, F4, ex knife, d2 ex knife, d2 ex knife for 52%


Jp, f4 ex knife, d4 ex knife, d3 ex up ball for 50 % (you can do regular up ball and save a bar and still get 49%)

I think he can probably do more in the corner.
So Flagg, me and you must have some pyshic connection shit going on because I decided today to try Kano out as well.
So Flagg, me and you must have some pyshic connection shit going on because I decided today to try Kano out as well.

Just started using yesterday.. He's good. I like him. His normals are a bit slow, but then so is Baraka. Up ball is 8 frames :D
I hate the upball with a burning passion, its 2nd on my list right under cage :mad:

Not that I think its cheap or anything. Most of the time it catches me off guard :laugh:
Just taken him for a testdrive, this is my new main for sure!

I play rush down Kano, but man..his knife kills Sub Zero!lol
I play him pure zoner. Knife knife knife until they get close, then upball, knife knife ball, repeatXD. I like to trick them with his 2,1,2 and b,1,1,2 string combos as well. He also has one of the best X-rays in the game, although I use so much meter I really dont use it very often.