Kano thread - "One dead Lin Kuei, in a tick!"

Why do you have Kano at such an advantage over Kitana? I think it used to be a struggle for her back in the day when knives were faster and upball wasn't punishable by 2,1~lift but why now?

Of course she's not going to be able to zone him with fans, at best she'll keep up, but what's his answer to her footsies? What's he going to do against max range d+1, check her with upball I guess?
4-6 as in her favor. He definitely doesnt have an advantage now, and I would think that her iAF and up close game would be slightly better than his.

Sorry for the confusion

edit: would you say a 4-6 or 5-5 would be more accurate 16 bit?
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LOL oops. I'm so used to reading the first number as her.

I have it as 5/5, although that's mostly based on theory and playing mediocre Kano players online. Knife does a good job against IAF even post patch. Ground fan can't keep up and if knife trades against IAF she's knocked down and you get projectile advantage. I think it being in her favor would depend on how a good Kano would deal with her d+1.
her d+1 is twice as fast as his d+4. He's going to have to block d+1 often and he'd need a fast, long range move to keep her in check after blocking d+1. Upball would work(and would even punish d+1 and d+1~cutter on block if you've got godlike reactions). Big risk just to stop her footsies though.

Man, now that I think about it Kano may be the character I've fought the least. I literally can't remember playing a Kano in a tournament since May.
The only tourney player I know who uses him is MaceWind and a local player named dark555(Dont think he travels though :S)

Upball could be a big risk but then again I could just back dash and throw a knife, I dont necessarily have to attack your d1 head on.
For anyone that wants to TRULY know what Kano is capable of, watch the below matches of BeeNeeWeeNees. He is the best Kano player out there right now, he knows all of his block strings, throw setups, good midscreen combos, corner pressure, when to punish with upball etc. It will also teach you how to approach matchups(hint: against Cyrax zone until you cannot zone anymore) anyway here is the guys post with the links to the stream archives.

"i'm _extremely_ happy to say that i beat the Noob that defeated me at the tournament before this one _twice_ convincingly. i feel like i'm getting better, so here are some new matches that i'd like some feedback on?~?~?

@ 14:30, vs. Walker (noob), CyusStrike (sub), Walker again, and CyusStrike again.
@ 29:30, vs. BeerGuyEd (kitana) and Viper (freddy)
and then the new match-up that i'm having a really tough time with...
@ 47:00, vs. Pig of the Hut (kenshi) and again @ 53:00. this ****in character x_x
@ 1:20:45, vs. Lord of the Fly (raiden), casual match

@ 16:00, vs. Lord of the Fly (nightwolf), D-Que Beats (cyrax), and Lord of the Fly again... then
@ 31:40, vs. Lord of the Fly once more.
Not online he isn't.

I just hate him so much, just everything about him I hate so much. His chest hair is pretty boss, but other than that he can suck it.
His knives need more recovery time. I always have to fight my way through a hailstorm of knives then as soon as I get close, I get upballed. rage.
His knives need more recovery time. I always have to fight my way through a hailstorm of knives then as soon as I get close, I get upballed. rage.

Are you serious? :laugh:

If you take away his Knives he has nothing at all.. He'll be the worst character in the game.
@Vital He already is bottom 3 lmao

No way, not at all. His knives are average and if you're jumping into the upball its nobody's fault but your own. Thats like taking bombs AND nets away from cyrax.