Highest Combo u done??

Camilo Montoya

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They should really tweek the game's damage scaling. I don't think 60% plus combos should be happening, even with the existence of combo breakers, for a 1v1 or 2v2 game. That's almost as bad at MVC3. The damage scaling in Super Street Fighter 4 is perfect I think.


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16 hit 38% with X-Ray using Sonya
11 Hit 25 % without X-Ray using Sheeva
9 Hi, 39% wih X-Ray using Sub-Zero
7 hit 44% wih X-Ray using Smoke

Thats about it


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i dont really remember how much damage i did, but i remember doing somthing like 14 hits with Sonya (including x-ray)...
yeah i need practice :D but i do pretty sweet combo's with Johnny cage, ermac, jax and cyrax


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I did a 10 hit with kabal (without Xray). I dont remember the damage though. I actually thought a 10 hit combo/juggle was good until some of you said you've done 25+ hits lol

Aldo Moreno

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Do you actually use Liu Kang alot? I thought he was going to be a decent or even good character in MK9, but after trying him out idk...

Yeah I do but I don't play a lot kause the PS3 ain't mine. Its my brother's PS3. When I do play, I play mostly with him and Kung Lao but mostly Liu Kang. I suck with everyone else.


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Scorpion: 11hits 45% Damage
Noob Saibot: 6hits 45% Damage

EDIT: Got a new one.
Quan Chi: 8hits 60% Damage (With Damage Boost)
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