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  • Hey man good job with Fatal 8. I was hoping you'd win out of anyone there. You helped me a ton with my Cyrax in MK9 through messages on here and watching your videos. Too bad he's not in MKX though. But with that faction draft thing... are you really going to be part of Brotherhood of Shadow initially, or was that just something to show off the factions? ;D
    Thank for the vid -- I have to figure out how to get him unlocked on the PS3. Im sure there is a patch similar to 360.
    Dude you're a person on here??? I've been studying your youtube cyrax videos like a f***ing college final lol. I bow to you.

    Oh and I don't have a computer at home so when I practice them I have to use my iPod or phone youtube, which doesn't show the button imputs. So I gotta learn em the hard way.

    So hey man thanks for making me what my friends call the most crazy insane unbelievable Cyrax player lol. Represent MK3!
    Hey Tony! I think I watched your Cyrax and Jax videos at least 5 times each lol so amazing...hope you will update a new one soon! :)
    hey i watched your cyrax combo part 3 video, absolutely amazing, the thing is though how are u getting the timing down perfect on the bombs and what not lol
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