Highest Combo u done??


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23% with Reptile LOL keep in mind that im just learning combos. Well make that learning how to chain and cancel etc etc
EDIT: Make that 30% cant figure out how i did it
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I have a few,but my Ermac kombo's are my fav so far. 36% , 46% and a few others I cant remember right off without Xray, then 50% and 56% with X ray


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52% Sektor (mid, without xray)
45% Reptile (mid, without xray)

don't remember the others ..going to try again tomorrow and look what dmg they did..


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With Scorpion, 40% reliably from a jump in without X-ray, think it was 9 hits.
With Liu Kang, 42% reliably with X-ray (10-14 hits). Without, it's 24% reliably.
With Kung Lao, 61% highest ever (13 hits), but 45% reliably with X-ray, 28 reliably without X-ray.
With Kitana, 29% reliably without X-ray, 41% reliably with X-ray. haven't played around with her too much.
With Ermac, from a jump kick: 29% reliably without meter, 45% reliably with X-ray. From a jump punch, 40% reliably without meter, 56% reliably with X-ray. Guy has the easiest bread and butter combos ever, comboing with his teleport is even easier than Scorpion.


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Subzeros BP,fp combo is a great combo extender although your good at 9 hits above that and the damage gains arnt worth the effort