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I give that story a 13/10

****ing loved it!
NS died, I get knocked out by Yung, and the ending?
Shit was like some actual movie stuff mang.

Make it 14/10
Heh no one disputed my statement. I'll update the scoreboard with 10 points for Shirayuki.

In case I forgot to mention it, the poster of the challenge reviews the story.
I didn't know I started shit like that :laugh:
That was brillant Shira
Now you issue a challenge

Oh yeah I forgot lol

My challenge: Gotham City Impostors Bank Robbery

Write a story where the Jokerz are robbing a bank but Batman is no where to be found, leaving the job to the Batman impostors to save the day. The story should [don't have to] be humorous since the Batman impostors are a bunch of lovable losers and the Jokerz (Joker impostors) are a bunch of psychotic, criminal wannabes. The impostors don't use stuff like Batarangs and other things used by Batman since the gear is too expense so they use homemade gear and standard guns.

Bear traps
Grapple guns
Spring boots
Jack-in-the-box land mines
Bow and arrows
And anything you can think of that a wannabe superhero would use

Here is the cinematic trailer for reference:

Lol that was a kick ass story Shirayuki! Great Job!

I like how TaBB returns in the end.

Like a Boss :cool:

Edit: I liked your story too Bruzzard, can't wait for he next part.
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Sweet 8)

Good luck bro! =D


Thanks FJ lol yeah TaBB appearing is like an awesome easter egg
Hey Toxic. Am I allowed to replace my challenge? I'm not sure because someone already accepted it. Just asking.

Also, I might replace my story with Shirayuki's challenge, or anyone else's for that matter.
Shira!! You never told me I guest starred in one of your fan fics :mad:

I have to find a challenge to write about :D
*It was the 20th annual anniversary of TRMK being founded on 1996. There was a celebration being held at a party room in a Chuck E. Cheese's in Ohio and everyone on TRMK was invited*

Metal Overlord [Shorten to Metal]
Shirayuki Mizore
Sky Valley
Flying Jinko
Liu Kang234

*Everyone arrived at the party when the Chuck E. Cheese mascot arrived with the 4 pizzas and set it on the table. Jade opened the box, having to supervise all the members like the annoying ass kids they were and she had to do it all alone because none of the other mods could make it.*
Jade: Okay. Everyone gets at least two slices so don't be greedy, trying to grab another when people haven't had their second.
*All of the members nodded and started to chow down until only one slice was left. The members started to chat and ignore it when Yung decided to make a move*

Yung: Two slices? **** that. I didn't come all the way out here to only get two slices of pizza! *Reaches for it*
Bruzzrad: Woah! Hold up! Don't you touch that!
Yung: Bruzzy shut up! This one's mine!
*All the TRMK member's heads started to turn, hearing the commotion*
BBBLP: Yo Yung what the hell are you doing?!
Wraith: I bet you've always been that douche who takes a third slice and tries to get away with it!
FJ: Guy c'mon now. We can settle this peacefully.
Metal: Peacefully?! *****! That asswipe is about to get away with ma pizza!
Shirayuki: You mean my pizza. I helped pay for it. AND I gave you all my tokens to lose at ski ball over and over again.
Metal: That shit was rigged :oops:
Sky Valley: Ski ball? Wait! That's an awesome idea! Let's all play for it!
iVital: Wow I'm sure to win this. I already kicked all your butts at MK so I'm pretty sure I can at Ski Ball.
Toxic: Spamming with Mileena doesn't count as a win.
iVital: I wasn't spamming!
Jade: Hush! All of you, to the ski ball lanes. Highest score gets this slice so I can get home and stop babysitting you.

*All of the members gathered around the lanes, playing 4 at a time. The sound of the ski balls hitting the lanes echoed throughout the room as members tried to discourage each other. At the end, BBBLP became victorious.*

BBBLP: My slice.
NS922: You cheated you dick.
BBBLP: Cheated? ***** it's ski ball!
NS922: You're not getting that slice as long as I'm here.
BBBLP: I won that shit fair and square. Go home NS.
*NS922 became angry, punching BBBLP across the face, knocking him to the floor*
NS922: **** YOU!
Metal: Woah NS calm the hell down son!
NS922: You want some too?
*Metal clenched his fist and reached into his pocket, pulling out a knife*
Metal: Come and get me.
NS922: Knives? Fight like a man.
LiuKang234: Guys you're making a HUGE deal out of this!
*Metal ran at NS, stabbing him in the arm as NS struggled. Wraith ran for the batting cages and grabbed the strongest baseball bat, swinging it and smacking Metal upside the head*
Wraith: That's how you do it, Skyrim style.
Shirayuki: Oh hell no. This guy DID NOT just bring up Gheyrim!
*Shirayuki grabbed a ski ball, throwing it hard at Wraith but Wraith swung at it with the baseball bat. The ball flew in the air and blew right through NS922's face, killing him instantly*

Jade: Stop this! Stop this right now!
Shirayuki: He said Resident Evil sucks.
Jade: Oh....okay. Carry on then.
Shirayuki: :proud:
BBBLP: *rubbing his head* Give me that bat Wraith!
Wraith: Nope.
*BBBLP grabbed the bat and fought with Wraith for it. He snatched it and kicked Wraith into arcade machine. BBBLP swung at Shirayuki but he dodged it*
BBBLP: Shut the hell up about Resident Evil!
Shirayuki: Umad bro?
*iVital then jumped on BBBLP's jack, punching him in the neck*
iVital: Don't talk shit about RE! I love Jill!
Toxic: Tali is better. Nuff said.
*BBBLP grabbed Vital and threw him onto the ski ball ramp and turned around, getting socked in the face by Yung, knocking him out cold*
Yung: *Rubs his knuckles* Shit! That hurt!
Sky Valley: Serves you right, knocking him out like that.
*Sky Valley was holding a slice of pizza*
Yung: What?! When did you get that?!
Sky Valley: When you idiots weren't looking *Sky Valley threw it into the bottomless ball pit*
Yung: NO!!!!!!
*Yung, Metal, and LiuKang234, jumped after it, falling for eternity*

Shirayuki: I see what you did there. That was a fake rubber pizza that you earned with MY tickets! You know how much damn basketball I played for those?!
Sky Valley: It was worth it.
*Then suddenly a battle axe, skimmed Sky's face, drawing blood*
Bruzzrad: I earned this prize too. Figured I'd keep it to ensure I get the last slice.
Shirayuki: It's Chuck E. Cheese's pizza! It's not even good!
Bruzzrad: **** you Chuck E. Cheese's is awesome!
Shirayuki: Whatever you say... *leaves with Wraith and iVital*
Wraith: Have fun tearing each other to pieces over shit tasting pizza.
iVital: Jill wouldn't do that...

*Flying Jinko left home, hating to see his friends fight while Jade sat down with a bucket of popcorn*
Jade: If only this was Chris and Wesker fighting...

*Bruzzrad swung at Sky again, missing since the weight of the battle axe made it travel slow. Sky did a backflip, landing on the table being them. He jumped at Bruzzrad, kicking him in the chest. Bruzzrad stumbled back, absorbing the blow with his strength. He swung at Sky again, taking off some of his hair. Sky responded with another kick that kicked the battle axe out of Bruzzrad's hand. Bruzzrad tackled Sky to the ground, both their heads hitting the nearest arcade machine, making them groggy. Both of them looked up in horror as the battle axe fell back down quickly, decapitating both of them.*

*There was a knock on the door, a military jeep being outside. The person walked in....*

TaBB3rnackle: Hey Jade! Sorry I'm late, the Navy just dropped me off from basic training.
Jade: It's okay. I saved a slice of pizza for you.

The End


Thanks for putting me in your story, it was quite funny =)
I got one.

In a completely serious and suspenseful tone, write about one man's horrific discorvery that he is out of butter. Then write about his epic yet realistic quest to the corner store to get some before his toast pops out of the toaster.
I got one.

In a completely serious and suspenseful tone, write about one man's horrific discorvery that he is out of butter. Then write about his epic yet realistic quest to the corner store to get some before his toast pops out of the toaster.

I accept this Challenge.
Hey Toxic. Am I allowed to replace my challenge? I'm not sure because someone already accepted it. Just asking.

Also, I might replace my story with Shirayuki's challenge, or anyone else's for that matter.

You don't need to replace your story. You can have multiple entries.
Here comes a new challenge(r)!

Write a horror story involving a child wandering into a broken down horror house in the middle of a populated carnival.
The door disappears around him, he can hear the sound of a distant clown laughing, sees a feint light far off in the distance and can feel something staring at him.

Take it from there Johnnys :cool:
You should make a rule that only those who attempt challenges may issue them.
It encourages people to participate.

Anyway, my challenge is simple.
Create a scene in which TRMK members are at war with eachother.
You decide for what and who is evil and who is good.

And pull no punches :twisted:
Don't make it a happy hap hap sunshine land.

I'm going to be turning this into a mega-epic. You just inspired a new series.