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This thread, the one that is currently displayed on your computer, which you are most likely looking at, is the Fan And Non Fan Individual Challenge Thread I Optimized Now Challenge, or FANFICTION Challenge for short. The thread in which you challenge people to write something either incredibly stupid, or incredibly awesome. Given human nature, it's usually the prior. Anyway, it functions in a very simple manner. You write up a challenge. One challenge. If you come up with a new one, it replaces your old one. You cannot write two challenges, nor three. One is the key word... somewhere in this paragraph. I think.

Anyway, once you've written that challenge, somebody else can see your challenge, and say, "I see your challenge." Then after seeing your challenge, and feeling the need to announce their sighting to the world, they'll say, "And I shall attempt your challenge!" And then they will go somewhere, and type. With their fingers, or their toes if they want extra bragging rights.

Once they've completed their response to your challenge, they will post it in the TRMK fanfic section, and leave a link in this thread. I will look over their entry, and will give it points based on the quality, and the complexity of the challenge. Please keep in mind, that all challenges should be able to be satisfied in the form of a short story. Challenges requesting some major series, or a massive plot that requires a few hundred thousand words to work through will not be edited into the main post. Then, I will update the scoreboard, which will also be located on the main post, with your points. There's no real prize other than bragging rights (although it's not unforseeable that forum or fiction related prizes could appear later, depending on how big this becomes). This is just meant to give writers both new and old some cool, or ridiculous, or awesome ideas to work with, and act as a friendly competition as well.

I have no idea how well this will do. We'll just have to see what happens. I'll just leave a challenge, and the rest of you guys can add more, and answer them as well.

Challenge Number One: A Highly Improbable Scenario
Submitted by: Toxic, on January 29th, 2012
Description: Someone write a crossover involving Mortal Kombat, Mario, and Pokemon. There is no real length requirement. Aside from those specifications, you're free to do whatever you want.

Challenge Number Two: Beefy Bruisers
Submitted by: YungQ94, on January 30th, 2012
Description: Write an epic battle to the death scene starring Moloch and the Hulk

Challenge Number Three: Speed Of Light
Submitted by: GetOverHereDude, on January 31st, 2012
Description: Write a story about a race between the Flash and Kabal.

Challenge Number Four: War of the Webz
Submitted by: BBBLP
Description: Create a scene in which TRMK members are at war with eachother. You decide for what and who is evil and who is good. Pull no punches. Don't make it a happity-hap land.

Challenge Number Five: High Voltage
Submitted by: liukang234
Description: My challenge is for anyone to merge a story with Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS, Raiden from Mortal Kombat, and Thor from either Marvel or Mythology, your call.

The Highly Important Godlike Hype Score Table, or High Score Table for short:
1. YungQ49: Fifteen points
2. Shirayuki Mizore: Ten points
3. BBBLP: Nine points
4. GetOverHereDude: Seven points

Keep up the good work everyone!
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This thread is freaking awesome :D.

As for your challenge: Challenge considered


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I'll try to do something with this, I kinda have an idea. :laugh:

In a day or two it will be done.


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I accept. When is it due?

Whenever you want to post it. There's no time limit.

Remember, you guys can submit your own challenges as well!

Also, I updated the scoreboard. BBBLP now occupies the top position.


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Here's a challegne:

Someone writes an epic battle and death scene starring Moloch and the Hulk


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The scoreboard has been updated! To be honest, I've been pleasantly surprised by how popular this currently is.


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I'm somewhat new to writing. I have a FanFiction account like you, but not FictionPress (although I AM planning an all-original story). None of them are MK though.


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I'm somewhat new to writing. I have a FanFiction account like you, but not FictionPress (although I AM planning an all-original story). None of them are MK though.

I've got nine fanfics, and only one is MK. Trust me, anybody who's been on this site a while knows what I write about. And EVERYBODY knows what character takes the most precedence in my stories.

As for fictionpress... I just publish the occasional poem there, although I may be adding a short story to my online repertoire.


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How many challenges are you allowed to add? I have like 5 more in my head.

You can only ever have one on the list at a time. If I didn't have the rule than we'd be flooded with far too many challenges. You can replace your current challenge, but try not to do so too often. Otherwise it just gets confusing.


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My challenge is for anyone to merge a story with Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS, Raiden from Mortal Kombat, and Thor from either Marvel or Mythology, your call.


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You should make a rule that only those who attempt challenges may issue them.
It encourages people to participate.

Anyway, my challenge is simple.
Create a scene in which TRMK members are at war with eachother.
You decide for what and who is evil and who is good.

And pull no punches :twisted:
Don't make it a happy hap hap sunshine land.
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The Flash vs Kabal
Part 1

"Kabal, where are you?" Stryker shouted into his communicator. "We're under heavy tarkatan attack!" Kabal was just donning his black coat as his radio received the massage. He attached the earpiece to his helmet.
"Kabal to Stryker. I read you, I will be there shortly." He said in his raspy, respirator assisted voice.
"Shortly won't be fast enough!" There's to man-" Stryker's voice stopped.
"Strkyer? Stryker!" Kabal ran out his door and into the street. He set the new GPS device on his wrist to Stryker's location. He took another breath, then sprinted towards the coordinates. He easily ran past every speeding vehicle in the street. He even jumped over cars that were slower than him. The sun was high in the sky with no clouds to be seen. Kabal's vision was flawless as he ran onto the highway. As he crossed over to the mainland of New York, he looked to the edge of the coastline where all the patrol cars were. He was puzzled though, no tarkatan. He ran into the other side of traffic and jumped off the bridge. His momentum carried him all the way to the street. He stopped, looking around at the scene. All of the tarkatan were stacked on top of each other, unconscious. The lesser S.F. officers were all crowded around someone. Stryker was leaning on his car with his arms crossed.
"Took you long enough to get here." He said, gesturing to the pile. Kabal just realized each one had handcuffs on.
"What's that supposed to mean? My shift wasn't supposed to start for another 30 minutes." Stryker pointed to the group of officers. They parted as a man in red and yellow tights walked towards them. There was a yellow lightning bolt on his chest and he wore a red mask.
"It means, we found someone faster than you." The super hero laughed.
"More like, I found you. The name's Flash." He held his hand out to Kabal. He pushed it away.
"I'm not going to thank some nut-job in a red suit." Stryker pushed Kabal over to the side.
"He just saved all of us. You're not going to push him away like that."
"Uh, hello? I'm still here." Flash said. Kabal shook his head. Then he walked over to The Flash.
"You think you're faster than me?" He asked. Flash shrugged his shoulders.
"I DID get here before you."
"You could have been closer than me." Flash smiled at him.
"How about a race?" Kabal looked at Stryker. "If I win, you have to admit I'm faster than you."
"WHEN I win, you have to leave town." Flash laughed, holding out his hand. Kabal fiercely took it.
"It's a deal."
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Shirayuki Mizore

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Anyway, my challenge is simple.
Create a scene in which TRMK members are at war with eachother.
You decide for what and who is evil and who is good.

*It was the 20th annual anniversary of TRMK being founded on 1996. There was a celebration being held at a party room in a Chuck E. Cheese's in Ohio and everyone on TRMK was invited*

Metal Overlord [Shorten to Metal]
Shirayuki Mizore
Sky Valley
Flying Jinko
Liu Kang234

*Everyone arrived at the party when the Chuck E. Cheese mascot arrived with the 4 pizzas and set it on the table. Jade opened the box, having to supervise all the members like the annoying ass kids they were and she had to do it all alone because none of the other mods could make it.*
Jade: Okay. Everyone gets at least two slices so don't be greedy, trying to grab another when people haven't had their second.
*All of the members nodded and started to chow down until only one slice was left. The members started to chat and ignore it when Yung decided to make a move*

Yung: Two slices? **** that. I didn't come all the way out here to only get two slices of pizza! *Reaches for it*
Bruzzrad: Woah! Hold up! Don't you touch that!
Yung: Bruzzy shut up! This one's mine!
*All the TRMK member's heads started to turn, hearing the commotion*
BBBLP: Yo Yung what the hell are you doing?!
Wraith: I bet you've always been that douche who takes a third slice and tries to get away with it!
FJ: Guy c'mon now. We can settle this peacefully.
Metal: Peacefully?! *****! That asswipe is about to get away with ma pizza!
Shirayuki: You mean my pizza. I helped pay for it. AND I gave you all my tokens to lose at ski ball over and over again.
Metal: That shit was rigged :oops:
Sky Valley: Ski ball? Wait! That's an awesome idea! Let's all play for it!
iVital: Wow I'm sure to win this. I already kicked all your butts at MK so I'm pretty sure I can at Ski Ball.
Toxic: Spamming with Mileena doesn't count as a win.
iVital: I wasn't spamming!
Jade: Hush! All of you, to the ski ball lanes. Highest score gets this slice so I can get home and stop babysitting you.

*All of the members gathered around the lanes, playing 4 at a time. The sound of the ski balls hitting the lanes echoed throughout the room as members tried to discourage each other. At the end, BBBLP became victorious.*

BBBLP: My slice.
NS922: You cheated you dick.
BBBLP: Cheated? ***** it's ski ball!
NS922: You're not getting that slice as long as I'm here.
BBBLP: I won that shit fair and square. Go home NS.
*NS922 became angry, punching BBBLP across the face, knocking him to the floor*
NS922: **** YOU!
Metal: Woah NS calm the hell down son!
NS922: You want some too?
*Metal clenched his fist and reached into his pocket, pulling out a knife*
Metal: Come and get me.
NS922: Knives? Fight like a man.
LiuKang234: Guys you're making a HUGE deal out of this!
*Metal ran at NS, stabbing him in the arm as NS struggled. Wraith ran for the batting cages and grabbed the strongest baseball bat, swinging it and smacking Metal upside the head*
Wraith: That's how you do it, Skyrim style.
Shirayuki: Oh hell no. This guy DID NOT just bring up Gheyrim!
*Shirayuki grabbed a ski ball, throwing it hard at Wraith but Wraith swung at it with the baseball bat. The ball flew in the air and blew right through NS922's face, killing him instantly*

Jade: Stop this! Stop this right now!
Shirayuki: He said Resident Evil sucks.
Jade: Oh....okay. Carry on then.
Shirayuki: :proud:
BBBLP: *rubbing his head* Give me that bat Wraith!
Wraith: Nope.
*BBBLP grabbed the bat and fought with Wraith for it. He snatched it and kicked Wraith into arcade machine. BBBLP swung at Shirayuki but he dodged it*
BBBLP: Shut the hell up about Resident Evil!
Shirayuki: Umad bro?
*iVital then jumped on BBBLP's jack, punching him in the neck*
iVital: Don't talk shit about RE! I love Jill!
Toxic: Tali is better. Nuff said.
*BBBLP grabbed Vital and threw him onto the ski ball ramp and turned around, getting socked in the face by Yung, knocking him out cold*
Yung: *Rubs his knuckles* Shit! That hurt!
Sky Valley: Serves you right, knocking him out like that.
*Sky Valley was holding a slice of pizza*
Yung: What?! When did you get that?!
Sky Valley: When you idiots weren't looking *Sky Valley threw it into the bottomless ball pit*
Yung: NO!!!!!!
*Yung, Metal, and LiuKang234, jumped after it, falling for eternity*

Shirayuki: I see what you did there. That was a fake rubber pizza that you earned with MY tickets! You know how much damn basketball I played for those?!
Sky Valley: It was worth it.
*Then suddenly a battle axe, skimmed Sky's face, drawing blood*
Bruzzrad: I earned this prize too. Figured I'd keep it to ensure I get the last slice.
Shirayuki: It's Chuck E. Cheese's pizza! It's not even good!
Bruzzrad: **** you Chuck E. Cheese's is awesome!
Shirayuki: Whatever you say... *leaves with Wraith and iVital*
Wraith: Have fun tearing each other to pieces over shit tasting pizza.
iVital: Jill wouldn't do that...

*Flying Jinko left home, hating to see his friends fight while Jade sat down with a bucket of popcorn*
Jade: If only this was Chris and Wesker fighting...

*Bruzzrad swung at Sky again, missing since the weight of the battle axe made it travel slow. Sky did a backflip, landing on the table being them. He jumped at Bruzzrad, kicking him in the chest. Bruzzrad stumbled back, absorbing the blow with his strength. He swung at Sky again, taking off some of his hair. Sky responded with another kick that kicked the battle axe out of Bruzzrad's hand. Bruzzrad tackled Sky to the ground, both their heads hitting the nearest arcade machine, making them groggy. Both of them looked up in horror as the battle axe fell back down quickly, decapitating both of them.*

*There was a knock on the door, a military jeep being outside. The person walked in....*

TaBB3rnackle: Hey Jade! Sorry I'm late, the Navy just dropped me off from basic training.
Jade: It's okay. I saved a slice of pizza for you.

The End