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  • Could you do me a sig please? With Altair and Ezio from the Assassin's Creed Revelation pic, and can it also have Josegtx13 in the middle? You could do whatever you want with the background and with Josegtx13 that you think looks cool. Thanks.
    Hey bro!!! Sorry it took me so long to reply, Ive been busy with so many things, I havent even had time to come on TRMK! Firstly I want to say thank you again for the concept that you made, absolutely fantastic!!!! Later today, I might make a Syphonius Concept using Soul Calibur 4's character creator and then Ill see how I can add a few distinct features. Ill post the image on the thread and then youll get a better picture of what Syphonius might look like, where after you can make the new look with the same background again, if thats ok with you. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for taking the time to help me out! All the best man!!!
    also i forgot to ask but idk how to use a sig honestly im new to using forums n stuff like this is confusing to me i rarley post but have been trying to be more active hence my request for the avatar n stuff but i never choose to go advanced when i do post cuz there are somany options i dont understand if you wouldnt mind givin me a heads up i would really apriciate it and ill add sum rep your way for it if i knew how outside of threads lol im soo retarded at this sorry...
    hey just now saw your message thanx i kno i didnt specify it but i was actually lookin for a animated avatar since i saw someone on here (dont remember the name) that had a kung lao mk3 victory pose and i wanted to find sumone who could help me get one like it only mkII style and a bit more complex but the sig is awesome i will use it from now on thank you so much i love it!
    oh & i have a great idea for a new signature too! :) i was hoping you could use these two renders & put kitana & jade back to back with my name above them & on the bottom could you put Dream Team. add a pink border to match the avatar. please use most of the renders! thank you so much for taking your time to make me these, i appreciate it so much <3

    hello again! :) soo i found a beautiful Kitana render which i would love for you to use in a new avatar for me, i took the liberty to MOD it pink for you ;) could you add a pretty pink border & put my name in a cursive type font somewhere, & please use most of the render, the fans look very pretty. thanks in advance <3

    thanks a bunch i will keep in touch with u if i need a new one, u know exactly how to make me great sigs & avatars :)
    Anytime you're ready for KOTH let me know. Message me on PSN 'cause I'm most likely on. Anytime between 12-3AM pct. Or my days off, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best.
    Hey, yay!!! Thank you soooo much. Yeah I can wait till your done. Just let me know when your done with mine.
    il take the sektor one actually and could you make me a sektor avatar thx il be back though to ask you for a rain sig and all when he comes back thx
    yes just a plane background. sry i dont mean to sound demanding i wish i could give u something.

    not white but like there rendered keep everything in the middle as it is just not the background.
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