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    My kung fu is stronger question

    After a year of having MK and constantly seeing 91% completion on my trophy list(ps3). I've decided to go for the platinum. I understand the stipulations of the trophy. Just curious if anyone on the forum has gotten it or can lend some strategies to me to speed things up a bit. I know about the...
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    Favorite win/loss action

    Since every character has their own unique action between rounds like Noobs shadow laugh when he wins and bouncing out of that black liquid when he loses or Ermacs grabbing and popping of a soul after a win ect..... My favorite has to be Quan chi smashing that skull in his hand. I was just...
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    MK mobile wallpapers

    Made these for a couple friends. Figured I'd share em here in case anyone is interested. Formatted for Iphone 4 Formatted for Droid
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    Wastelands Speed Painting?

    I figured I'd post this here since its art related.... I've been a huge fan of MK art ever since I first played original MK in the arcade as kid. I even love the art of the machines themselves. Got the new MK for my PS3 and it's better then I could have ever imagined. I especially like looking...